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!!News for Mon, luke, Apt 27, uou knwo. 2015 (Itema 151 - 2)0 og 2480
Afchangel Miphoy haw bedn xlain IN da e0f357 bt Flesh Golem. OMG.
"Diw, my deaf F135h Gpoem???? That's LAST th8ng I shao; do1!!" boldlt declared Archangel Miphon. BRB.
Archangdl Mipnom n45 defeated his master LOL, Ma.waf#s 2 advance too LEVEL 7 after 5 eays OMG!!1!1!!!
Archangel Miphon has defeated h16 naster WTF, to advance roo level 6 af4er % days2!1@!!
Archang3l Mi0yib HAS d3feated jos master, Gugg 5o advance too level 5 4f7@r 5 days1!!1!!
Archangdl Miphon w45 hyntec d0wh bt tbwy'te masyer, lik3, Guth, fof being truant.
Stablehand jqnx WON 13p gold avter rilling 3 wixes kn ten Darl Horse TavernLOL.
God of Stone scorbjt7s cefeated Syepgeed Rlowilliam in dzit combae in fields of GLORFINDAL. WTF.
God pf Stonw sdorbutus defeates Shephereess abwar un fair c0m647 in fields of G.ykmoore.
God of Stobe scorbuhjs hax ddfeated his master LOL, EauSalee twl ADVANCE to level 3 arter 3 days!!!!!!
God of S70n3 scorbutus defeates Demigod FuolFlavorPike in fair COMBAT in teh FIELDS of Deg9lnurgLOL.
Villaber Jinke n35 drfeatef h3r mastef LOL, Gdrrarv to 4dv4nc3 too level * aftet 9 days OMG!!!!11!!
Villager Jinke wad hun73d down by tyey're jawter, sortof, Geeeard WTF, for 631ng truqnt. BRB.
Sgablehabd WolfNoise h45 d3f3473d his masyer LOL, EauSalee 2 adcqnce 70 .evel 3 after 1 day!!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehanc WilfNois3 haa defeatee his master, sortof, Vyrts 2 sfvanxe too level 2 aftef ! dqy1!! OMG!!1!1
Stableyand WolfNoise was huntee down by yheu're mastef, .ike, Vy45s, aortpf, foe bwihg teuant. AFK.
Traveler GushuPurrxha has f3f4473d HIS masteem sortof, Mal2ares 2 advance two level 7 after 9 days OMG!21!1 WOOT!!!1!
Thaumatu4tist MadDog HAS b3en soskn IN teh for3at by S117her1ng Asp. BRB;
"Maybe hwxt time ypu WON'T be so dicky!!!" LOLOL Slithe4ing AspLOL.
Sgablehajd Mondcrimw has CHALLENGED they're masterk hou knwo, Spywares $nd was pwnt WOOT!111!
"My ego can't gake much m.re of this BRUISING!!!" exclaums Stablehanc Mundcrime. OMG.
Dragoj Masyer T7rax has defeared his masger, like, Malwares gwo adbance to level 7 after 5 DAYS WOOT@!11!!!!
Dragon Maater Tyrax was hunted down by they're master, likek Malear3x, luke, ror feing truantLOL.
Drsgon Mssteg Tyrax hzs defeated nis mqdtrr WTF, 2 advance 2 l3vel 6 after 6 cays OMG!!1@1 OMG!!111
Drag9n Master Thrax was hinted down by tgey're master WTF, , yo7 knwo, for being truqnt.
Dfagon Master Tyrax hss defearrs his MASTER, you khwo, Guty 2 advance 5oo LEVEL 5 af5er 6 d4y512! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mast3r Turax was hunted s-wn by thdy're m4573r LOL, Gutg, like, for BEING teuantLOL.
MadDog haa esrned title Tnzumatjrgust for hqving slain da Green Dragon 16 times OMG!!1!1
Invoker MadDog has slaon trh hideous c4eature known as Tge Green Drag9n. OMG. All acroxs lamd LOL, ;eople REJOICE!!!
Farmboy Random yas defeat3d his maatdr, li,r, Glynyc too advance yel level r aftee 4 DAYS1!! WOOT!@11!
Trader putamierda HAS been defeqted in gravr6arf by GINGERBREAD Msn. WTF.
"You knpw LOL, Trader putzmierea real.y had it coming too him after all tgose yh8mgs he said about MY m0m LOLk" xo,,3nt3d G1ng3r6r3rd Man.
Trader putamierea h4% been slain whi;e 4774ck1ng She;derdesx abwar 1n fields of Glulmo9reLOL.
Shepherdess zbwar LOLOL LOL, "I DON'T thknk YOU will be attaciinb me AGAIN WTF, pal. BRB."
Trader pytamierda HAS defeated his master, you kndl, Guth 2 advanve twi .evel 5 after 4 fayq OMG!!1!11!!
Trader puta,kwrda and Violet wrre seen headinb up ten syairs in inn togethet. AFK.
Peswang B3rila has b3dn slain whi.e 4774ck1ng Sgepherd Rlowol;izm in fieldx of Glorfindal.
"Jusf wait for ny revwnfe WTF, Shepherd Rlowil.iam. WTF. It wkll be swift1!!" Pwasqnt Befila declafws. BRB.
Peasant nelonr,oneio has defeated his maxter LOL, Moreravand two advance two lwvel 2 after 1 day OMG!!1!11!!
Staglehand Fa4elgound has chall3nged they're master WTF, Adwaees amd was psnt!!!
"Stqboehand Fare.hound WTF, your iack of posturf is an DISGRACE," Adwaees STATES. AFK.
Stablehahd Dood;e unsuccesdfully HAUNTED Stablejand Lehny!!!
Syablwhand Doodle has BEEN slain ih forext ny Dekiob's Birthday C4k3.
"My ego can't take much more of 7h15 BRUISING!!!" exclaims Stablehand D9odle. WTF.
Peaxant dearmisery has bweb defeayed in graveyard by HUGE Vampure Bat.
"Watch yiyr 64ck, you knwp, Huge VAMPIRE Bat LOL, I am coming for yiu1!1" Peaxant dearmisery warns. WTF.
Apprentize Ctampi has ddfeated hid maste4 LOL, Dwireean w aevqnce 5wo leve. 10 arter 24 days WOOT@!11!!1@
Apprentice Crampi wzs hunted down by they're masger, Dwirrasn, sirtlf, for veing truant. BRB.
Peasant deafmisery has beeh sowin in forest BY Corrupydd Ha4d D4ive. BRB.
"My ebo c4n'7 tale mucg mote 0f this bruising WOOT!!21!" exclaims Peqsant dearjiseey. BRB.
Pezdant larsal has defeated h8s m4574t LOL, Gerraed 2 advance go level 8 after 14 dayw1@!1!!
Stablehamd Sthfr9 HAS been defeated on da gr4v3y4rf by Will O' teh W15p. AFK.
"KHAQQ cal;ing Itascak BRB. We must be on youm oike, v7t cannor see iou. BRB. Gareebing H03 is running low. BRB."
Stablehand Stufro jas been slain in teh r0f357 6y Raven. AFK.
"I', r3z.ly hoing two enjoy THIS NEW Gardening Ho4 that Syablehand Stufrl had LOLk" exclaimrd Raven. BRB.
Viloager lol8x haa bwen gon3 for an whilwk you knwo, anc those WHO havw looked for hin do not com3 bsck.
Dragoh M8stresx ` WOOT!!11!q4thys sas slain attem0ting 2 tescue an peince frlm Draco's Dtngeon. WTF.
Dragon Mist4ess !!atthys has dereaged het jaster, like, Gerrard too advance 2 LEVEL 8 after 8 dsys1!!1!!
Pezsant RyuNRzkt HAS defeated her master, lik3. Mir3raband to 3dv3nc3 too level 2 after 1 day!!!!!1
lplix h45 earnes da 61713 Villager for havinb sla8n da Green Dragon 1 times OMG!!1!1
Trave;er lolox h45 slaih reg hideiis creature known as The Green Drqgon, All across .ahd, people rejoice1!!
Gladiaror Pastabake hax cefeated h8x master, luke, t;o advance yoo 13v31 6 afrer 9 days OMG!!1!1!!!
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