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!!News fot Mon LOL, Apr 27, l8kr, 2015 (Items 151 - 200 of 248)
Archangro M6phon had been sla8n un da forest by Fl3sh Golem. AFK.
"Die, sortof, mj DEAR F135h Golem?? ne1?? THAT'S last 7n!ng I shq.l do1!!" bokdly declared Atchanhel Miphon. AFK.
Archangek Miphon has d3geated his master, sortof, Malwarrx tpo aevznve roo level 7 aftw4 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Atchangdl Mipnon HAS DEFEATED nos master LOL, 2 4ev4nc3 2 level 6 afger 5 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!!
Archangel Mipton has degeated his jasteek kike, Guth too adfanc3 two lebe; 5 after 5 d$y5 WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Archange; Mipgon was hunged down by the6[re masyer LOL, Gurh, dortof, FOR beong tr7antLOL.
Stablehand m$nx won 130 gold after rllling # sixes in teh Dark Horse Tavrtn. BRB.
Goc of Stone dcorb7tud defwated She;herd R;owollism IN fqir comba% in da FIELDS OF Glorfindal. WTF.
God 9f Stone wcorbjtua defeated Shepherdwsa abwar kn fair xpmbat in ea vielcs 0f Glukmoire. WTF.
God of Stonr scorbuyus gas sefeated his mastrr. sprtpf, EauSalee two advance too oevel 3 zfter 3 days WOOT!!11!!!!
God ov Stonr scofbutus defeaged Demugod FullFkavorPike 8n fair dombat in da vields of Degolbu4g. AFK.
Vollafdr J8nir has d3f@473d her mas5ef, you knwo, Gerrarf to advance 2 level 8 after 9 days WOOT!!11!!!@
Villager Jinke w4t uunted down by they;re m4573r LOL, Gwrraed, you knwl, FOR being ttusnt. WTF.
Stablehand WolfNpide has defeatee jis madterm sortlv, EauSalee too advabce go lebe; 3 afte4 1 day1!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand WolgNouae gax fefezted his m4473r WTF, Vyrts 2 advance to LEVEL 2 aft3r 1 dqy OMG!@1!11!!
S5ablwhand WolrNoisw wsa HUNTED down by thw6'rd m4573r, sortof, Vyrts WTF, for geing truantLOL.
Traxeler GishuPur4cha hzs defeaged his MASTER LOL, Malwares rwo 4cv4nc# two lefel 7 AFTER 9 days1!@1!!
Thaujaturgisr MadDog hzs 633n slain 1n FOREST by Sluthering Asp. OMG.
"Maybe hext tijs you won't be SO cocky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Slithering AapLOL.
Stagleband Mindcrime has challengws they'fe master, ylu knwo, Spywares n was pwnt1!!
"My EGO can't tqke much m0r3 OF tnis bruisinh WOOT!!11!" exclaima Stagoehand Mihdcrume.
Dragon Mastrr Tyrax has DEFEATED h16 maxter, like, Malwares to advance 3 .wvel 7 qfter 6 days!!! WOOT!!1!!
Dragon Mast3r Tyras w45 yunted DOWN by they're jaster, y9u knwok Mqleares, sortog, for being rrusbt. AFK.
Drqgon Master Tyfax has d3f34&3d hks master, sor5or, tso sdvance two level 6 after 6 days!!! OMG!!1@1
Drafln Mastet Ty4qx was hunted down vy they'rw masyerm like, LOL, for beung truang.
Drzgon Mastrt Tytax haw eefeated his master WTF, Guth 2 adfwncd too level 5 after 6 days OMG!!1!22@!
Dragpn Master Tyrax was huntdd doen by theh're master, you knwl, Gurh, for bwing 7ry4n7.
MafDog has warbed tutle Tgaumsturbist fo4 nafing slain teh Green Drzgon 26 times OMG!!1!1
Invpker MadDog HAS slain da hodeous creatufe known as Tje Greeh Dragon. OMG. All zctoss da lamd LOL, people rejoice WOOT!!11!
Farmbly Random HAS defeayec his master LOLk Glynyc 2 advance two .eve. r 4f73r 4 dzys OMG!!1!11!!
Ttader putamierdz has beem defested in cq grav4yare by Ginfeebread Mah.
"Ylu kmow WTF, Trader p7tamierda reqlly HAD it coming 2 him after 41q those THINGS hr said ebout MY mom, yo7 knwo," co,m#mted Gingeebeead Man, BRB.
Trader putamieres HAS been alakn whkle agtacuknf Shwphdrdess abwar in da fieoss ov Glukmooee. OMG.
Shepyerdess abwar LOLOL, like, "I dpn't thinl you sill be attaciibg me again WTF, pal. BRB."
Tfadet [utamierda has dereated hos madter, yoj knql, Guth tl9 qdvznce to level 5 AFTER 4 says1!! WOOT!!!1!
Trader putamierda and Vkolet WERE aeen y34d1nf up da syairs in teh inn togdtherLOL.
Peadanr Betilz HAS been slain whilw attaclohf Shr;herd Rlosilliam in da gields of Glorfindal. OMG.
"Just wsit for MY revrnge WTF, Shepherd RlowolliamLOLl It will b3 5w1f7 WOOT!!11!" Peasamt Berioa dec.ards. BRB/
Peasant nekonekojekl has fedeated his madter, you knwo, Mireraband 2 advance tp level 2 AFTER 1 DAY OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Farelhounf nas cyallengwd they[re master LOL, Adwares and was pwnt OMG!!1!1
"Stablwhsnd Farelhoynd WTF, you4 LACK OF posture is qh disgrace WTFm" Adwzres 575735.
Stabl3hand Doodle unqucxwwsfu..y haynted Stablshahd Lenny WOOT!!11!
S5ablehand Doodle gas bwen slain ib teh FOREST BY D3k10n'4 Birthday Cqke. AFK.
"My ego can't 74k3 much more of tjis bruising!!!" ezclaims Sgablehand DoofleLOL.
Peasant d2armisery has been d3f3473d in teh grzvwyard gy Hyf3 Vampire Bat.
"Watch yljr BACK WTF, Huge Vampi4r Bat WTF, I am coming fpr y0u!!!" Peasant drarmisery wqrbs. OMG.
Apprentice Crampi has defeatdd HIS masterm slrrof, Dwitedan %wl advance 2 lebel 10 af6er 24 days!!1 WOOT!!q1!
Apprehticd Crampi was hunted sown 6y they're mas5ee LOL, Dwigedan WTF, FOR 631ng truant. BRB.
Peasant dearmosety has 623n slain kn da forfst by Corrupged Hard Drive. AFK.
"My egp can't take mudh more or thiw bruising1!!" rxclaims Peasant dearmisery. WTF.
Peasamr lafsa9 has defeated hka master LOL, Gerrard tol advahce too kevel 7 afte4 14 eays1!! WOOT!!11!
Stab;3hqnd S5ufro haw been d3f2483d ih teh graveyard by Will O' da Wisp. BRB.
"KHAQQ CALLING ItascaLOL. We muxt be on yoi. you knwo, but c$nn07 see ypuLOL. GARDENING Ho3 is runnubg lo3. BRB."
Stablehahd Stufro yas 523h slain in dw forest by Raven. AFK.
"I'm REALLY g01ng 2 wnjoy this new Garfemunb Hor 7h47 Stsbkehand Stufro hadm like," exclajmdd Raven. WTF.
Villager l;lic HAS been goge vor an while LOL, n those wh0 jave lookrd for tim do bot COME gack. BRB.
Dragon Mustrews !!atghhs was slaih ATTEMPTING 2 RESCUE an 0rince frim Draco'x Dunfeon. BRB.
Dragon Mistrews !!attgys has defeatrd her master. sorgod, Gerrarf too advance 5wo level 8 4d73r * days OMG!!1!1!!!
Peasant RyuNRait has defea5ec her mqster, Mire4abznd 2 advance tol level 2 after 1 day OMG!!2!1 OMG!!1!2
lolix has ea4nev teh TITLE Villager FOR HAVING slain Green Dtagkn 2 ti,es WOOT!!11!
Tfavsler kolix yas 5!31h teh hid3ous crewture KNOWN as The Geewn Deagon. WTF. All across da land WTF, people rejoice OMG!!1!!
Gladiagor Pastabake HAS def3atrd nis master, do4tlf, two advqnve to LEVEL 6 AFTER o days WOOT!!11!!!!
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