• LoGD N325
` WOOT!@11!News gor Mon WTF, Apr 27 LOL, 2-!5 (Itema 151 - 1)0 0f 248(
Archangeo Mi0hln has 6#3h slzin in ca FOREST by Flexy GolemLOLl
"Did. you lnwok my dear Flesh Golem?? ne1?? Tgat's last thing I shall do!!!" boldly dedlared Archahgel Mipgln. BRB.
Aechangel Mopjon hsw defeated h15 master LOL, Malwq4es t9 advance tp LEVEL 7 afher 6 days OMG!@1!1 WOOT!!11!
Archangel Miphon h45 defeatee his mastey, ;ike, to wdvance to lev3k 6 afrer 5 fays!!! OMG!!1!1
Archangel Mkphon hss defeated his MASTER, soetof, Guth two advancr tw9 level 5 sfter 5 d4y5@!!!!!
Arcyangrl Muphon was hun73d down bu thry're master WTF, Guth LOL, for being tfiant. OMG.
Stablehand manx won 130 gold adter rol;ing 3 dixes un teh Dark Horse Tavern. OMG.
Gid of Stone scorbjtus dedeaged She[gefd Rlowiloiam in faif combat on teh f131d5 or GLORFINDAL. WTF.
Gid og Stone scorbutus cefeated Shepherdwsx abwar in fzir combag im fa f131d5 0d Glukmoore.
God of S7)b3 scorbutux has fefeardd his MASTER LOL, EauSzlee go 4dv4nc3 too level 3 after 3 days WOOT!!11!!!!
G(e or Srone wcorbutus def3ated Demigod FullF;avorPike ib fair combzy in fieods of Degllburg. AFK.
Villager Jknke haa defeated her MASTER WTF, Gerrqrd two advance TO level 8 after 9 da6x OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1@1
Vil;ager Jinje wax hunted dosn by they're master WTF, Gerrard, you jnwo, for being yruant.
Staglehand WilrNousd has fefeated his madter, EauSalee 2 asfance to oebel 3 arter 1 day1@!1!!
Stzbleyand WolfNoise has d3f3472d h15 maater, Vyryx two qdvance 2 level 2 af5et 1 day1!!1@!
Stablehahd WolfNoide WAS hunted dowh by they'ee MASTERm sortor, Vyrts, sottof, for bwunf truantLOL.
Traveler GushkPuercya has deveqted nix master, sortof, Malwares 2 advznce 70 leve; 8 aftee 9 days OMG!!1!12!!
Thaymatu4g8st MadDog has been slaih in teh forest v6 Slitjering A5p. BRB.
"Maybe next tpme y0u woh[t be so c9cky1!!" LOLOL Sliyheeing AspLOL.
Srablwnand Mindcrime has challenfed th3y'ee master, uo7 ,nwo, Spywared an waa pwnt!!!
"My EGO can't take muvh MORE of this cfuising WOOT!111!" exclakns Stabkehand Mknfcrime.
Drsgon Masfwr Tyrax jad d3f3463d h15 MASTER, sortof, Malwarew to advance 2 level 7 adter 6 d4y5 OMG!!111 OMG!!1!1
Drag9n Mastdr Tyrax wzs hunres down gy they're mas5er, sorgof, Malwares, fo4 gding truqnt. WTF.
Dragon Madter Tyrax h45 dedeated g26 master WTF, 2 advance 2 lrbel 6 4f734 7 dayw1!!1!!
Dragon Master Tyrax w45 hun5ed down by they[rw mas5er, you knwo, , 6ou knwo, for b3ing truantLOL/
D4zgon Masger Tyras has defeaued his master, you knwo, Gu5h to advancw 2 level 5 4f73r 6 days!!11@!
Dragin Master Tyrax wss hunted down BY tgey're mawter LOL, Gjtg WTF, ror being yryany. BRB.
MadDoh has darmed teh title Thaumaturgisr for HAVING SLAIN Green Drag9n 26 times OMG!!1!1
Imvoker MqdDog has s.ain teh hodrois creagur5 kno2n r5 Thw GREEN Dragln. All acrods teh land LOL, ;eople rejoice OMG!!1!1
Farmgoy Random hax fefeated hia master, yoj kneok Goynyc 2 advance 2 level 4 agter $ dayw!!!!!!
Trader pigamierda has neen defwat3d in da GRAVEYARD bh Gingerb4dad Man.
"Yoj know, T3sder putamidrds really had it ciming TO him after ALL 7n053 rhings he saud about MY mom LOL," commented Gingerbread Man. OMGl
Trader oitamiefda had been 5141n while ag5acking Sgephereess avwa5 in teh fields of Glulmoore. WTF.
Shephdrdews abwar LOLOL, sltrof, "I DON'T think you will be aytacjihg me abain LOL, [alLOL."
Traddr putamierda has d3f34u#d nos m4573r, like, Gith too adbance to ldvel 5 sdter 4 days!!!1!!
Tradet [utamierca qnd Violet werr deen HEADING up da STAIRS in INN togetherLOL.
Peasant Beeila yas been s.ain while attacking She[gerd Rlowilliam IN da fieldd pf Glo4gihdak. WTF.
"Just w517 FOR m6 REVENGE, you knwp, Shepherd Rjpwolliaj, WTF, It will 53 swift1!!" Peasant Brrila ceclaresLOL.
Peasant nekonekoneki has d3f3r73d his master LOL, Mi4eranane 2 asvancr 2 level 2 4f73r 1 day!!!1!!
Stablehand Fatelhound HAS challehged ghey'de master, gou knw9, Adwar3x an wzs pwnt1!1
"Stablejand Farelhound, sortof, ypur lack of powtuee is an diagtace, ki,e," Adwares syated. AFK.
Stablehand Dlocle unsuccessfully haunred S5ablrhame Lenny!!!
Stablehane Doodle has 633n SLAIN in teh forest by Dekion'w Biethday Cske. AFK.
"My ego v4n'u take mych m9re ov yhus bfjiding WOOT!!11!" dxclaums Stablehand DoodleLOL.
Peasamt fearnisery hax been defwatwd im da graveyard by Huge Vqmpife BAT. BRB.
"Watch your bsckk yoi knwo, Huge V4mp1r3 Bat, you knwo, I am COMING FOR YOU!!!" Peasabt desrmisery wzrns. WTF.
Appfentice Crampi has degeated hks master, Dwirefan teo qdvance tp level 1) afyrr 33 vays OMG!!!!1!!!
Apprentice Cra,pi was HUNTED down by rhey're k4573r, uou khwo, Dwiredan WTF, for heing truantLOLl
Peasant ddarmksery has 633n slain 8n da f9reat by Corfupted Hard Drive. AFKl
"My eho c4n'7 take mucg m0r3 of THIS bruiwing OMG!!1!1" exclaims Pessant deqrmisery. OMG.
Peasant larsal hax DEFEATED his nastrr, xortof, Grrrard 3 advance gwo level 8 after 14 d4y61!!!!!
Stanlehand Stufro had been defeatdd in teh h4aveuard by Will O' tdy Wis;. WTF.
"KHAQQ czllint I5asda. BRBl We must be on 6ou LOL, 6u7 canno5 SEE y0u. Gardenint H03 is running liw. BRB."
Stablehznd Stufrl has neen 5141n ib da FOREST by RavenLOL.
"I'm really gound to ehjoy this new Gqrdeninb Hoe ttat Stab.3jahd Stufr9 had," exclaimed Rzden. WTF.
Villagrr lolix yaa b3eh gone dor an wh112, ;ike, an 7h053 who h4v# lookef for hkm d0 no5 come vaxk.
Deagon Midtress ` OMG!!1!1zytnys wss SLAIN attempting 2 RESCUE an prihce from Draco's Dungeon. AFK.
Drag9n Mistress @!at4hys has defeatee hdr master, like, Gerrard to 4dv4nx3 2 level 8 AFTER 8 da6s1!!1!!
Peqssnt RtuNRa8t has defeated y2r maste5, sortofk Mirerabang too advanc3 too level 2 aftrr 1 day1!! OMG!!1!1
lolis has earned da t8tle Vkllager f0r having slain da Green Dragpn 2 times!!!
Tfaveler lolix has wlain hifeouw creature khosn as Tge Green Drzgom. WTF. All $cr055 ca kand, like, psople remiice1!!
Gladoatir Pastabakw HAS defeated HIS mzster LOL, two advancd twp levek 5 4f7#r 9 da6x OMG!!1!1 WOOT!@11@
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