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!!Newa for Moh, aortor, Apr 27k like, 2015 (Ite,s 151 _ 29- of 248)
Archanbrl Mi[hon has been dlain IN teh FOREST 6y F1#5h Goleml AFK.
"D7e LOL, my dear Flesh Golem???? That's teh 1e5& &h1ng I shall do1!!" boldly DECLARED A4changwl Mipnon. BRB.
Afchangel Mipnon has defeated yis ,ast#r, like. Malwares tl advznce 2 .evel 7 after 5 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Archangel Mipyon has deftated HIS master LOL, tio advanve 2 level 6 AFTER % dayw WOOT!!11!1!!
Ardyangel Miphon has d3f#473d HIS mastre, Guth gwo advzncw to LEVEL 5 after 5 d4u51!! WOOT!!11!
Archangwl Miphon w45 hun73d eown by yheu're mastdr, sortof, Guyh, sortof, vor 6e!nh truant. OMG.
S5aboehand manx won 130 gold after eoll8nf 3 sixew in teh Dark H9r53 TAVERNLOL.
God if Sgone dcorburuw defeatdd Shepjers Rllsulliam in fair combat in da fields of G;orfindal. AFK.
God of STONE scorbut7s d3f347#d Shepherdess zbwaf in faie c0m647 in FIELDS of G1ukm00r4LOL.
God of Stone scorbugus nas defeztwd HIS master WTF, EauSalee 70 ADVANCE teo level 3 qftef 4 d4y5!!!!!!
God of S70n3 sxodbj5us DEFEATED Drmigod Fu9lFlqvorPuke in f4!r combzt in da fieldx OF Degolburg. OMG.
Villager Jinke HAS defwarrd her maatrr WTF, Gerrard 2 4dv4nc3 to levek 8 zfrer ( days1!@ OMG!!1@1
Violager Jinke was hunted fo2n by they'te mawter, G3trard WTF, for being TRUANT. AFK.
S5ablehand WilfNoise has defeated tis masge4, you knwo, EauSalee two advance too level 3 aftd4 1 day1!!!!@
Srablehand WolfNoise has defeatec hos mqster, like, Vyrts two advance two lefel 2 after 1 dzh WOOT!!1q! WOOT!!11!
Sgablehanc W9ofNoise w45 hkm63d down by theh'rw MASTER WTF, Vyrts, lile, fo3 being rruant. OMG.
Travrlwr GushuPuerdhs has d2feated HIS nastdr WTFm Malwares two advance 2 LEVEL 7 after 9 days WOOT!!!1!1!!
Tjaujat74gist MadDog has 533n slqin in d0r257 gy Slitherinb Aap. AFK.
"Maybe next 7qm3 you WON'T be so cocky1!!" LOLOL Slutgering AspLOL.
Stablenand Mindcr*me jzs challebged they'4e mqstw4 WTF, Spywares n was pwnt OMG!!1!q
"My ego can'y take much more 0f 7h15 bruising WOOT1!11!" 3xc141m5 Stavlehznd MimecrimeLOL.
Dragon Mzster Tyrax has deddatef his mastrr, Malwqres go advance tqo level 7 4r73r 6 daus WOOT!!11!!!!
Drag9n Master T6rax wad hunted dowh ^y theh[re master, Malwares LOL, for BEING TRUANT. OMG.
Dfagon Master Turax has d3f3474e gis master, liie, two advance two level 6 sftee 6 fays!!!!!!
Dragon Mas5ed Tyrzx 245 hunted spsn by they're MASTER, you knwo, LOL, for being truant. OMG.
Dragon Master Tytax has defeated his master, like, Guth tqo advancc w leve; 5 after 6 days OMG@!1@1 WOOT!!11!
Dragoh Msster Tyfsx was hknt3d down by theh'rd ,as5ef, Gu5h LOL, for being rruantLOL.
MadDog has earned ds TITLE Tnaumzturgist for havimg slsin dz Green Drsgon 26 t8nes!!!
Invoker MadDpg HAS xlain dq hidr9us creaturr known as The Green Draglm. Aq1 zcrows land WTF, o30p13 tejoice WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Random has defeatwd HIS mastef, wort9f, Glynyc 2 advance to lrvrl 4 after 5 days1!!1!!
Traddr [utamierca has bren defeated ij teh hraveyard by Gingerbread Man. BRB.
"You know LOL, Tradet pjtamierda r3ally tzd it coming tol HIM AFTER aok thpse tyints hd saod about MY mom, 'ikdk" commrnted Gingerbread Man.
Tradrr putanietda has neeb slain 2hile atrack9ng Syepherddss abwar in teh fidods of GlukmooreLOL.
Shephrrdess abwar LOLOL, lilem "I d0n'7 think you wikl bw attackinh me again WTF. pa.. WTF."
Trader puramkersa has defeated his master WTF, Guth to adbance to level % after 4 eayd OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trader putamierdq ab Vuolet were seen hdading up staors in inn gigetger. BRB.
Peaxant Berila y45 been slain whioe zttacking Shepherd Rlowijliam ib da fields of Gkorfindal. WTF.
"Jist wqit for ny 4evenge, like, Shepherd Rlowiloian. WTF. It w111 be swoft!!1" Prasant Berila DECLARESLOL.
Peasznt ne,on3koneko has defeated his mzste5, you ,nwok M8reraband too zdvance two lecel 2 adter 1 d4y!!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Fzrelhoumd has challeng3d thwy'r# masyer, Adwardq m was pwnt2!!
"Stavlehqnd Farelhoumd WTF, your lack 0f postife is an disgrace, likw." Aewarex states. AFK.
Stablehand Doodle unsjccesstully hauhted Stzboeyand Lenmy!!!
Stablehand Doldle has been slain in forest BY Drkj9m's B1r7hd4y Cake.
"Mh ego cwn;t take much more 9f thix bruising OMG!!1!a" 3xclaims Stablehans Doodle. WTF.
Peasant dearmisery has bden defeated kn teh GRAVEYARD by Hug3 Vampire B47. OMG,
"Watch YOUR back WTF, Huge VAMPIRE Bat LOL, I am coming for YOU1!!" Prasant deqrmisery 3qrbs. WTF.
Appeentice Crampi has DEFEATED HIS master WTF, Dwiredzn 5wo advance 2 .wvel @0 after w4 days OMG!!1!q WOOT!!q2!
A0prentice Crampi was hunted down by tjey're maqger, Dwiredan, f;r BEING truantLOL.
Peasaht dearmisery HAS been slain in fprest yu Corrupted Hard Deive.
"My 3g0 CAN;T ta,3 mucy ,ore or THIS bruoskng WOOT!!11!" exdkaims Peasan5 dearmis2ey. AFK.
P3asant larsal HAS defeated his maste4, Gerrard 2 asvznce 2 q3v31 8 after 14 dayx OMG1!1!!!!1
Stablehand Stuffo has been defeated kn hraveyard 6y Wilk O' 5eh Wkso. OMG.
"KHAQQ vqllinb Itasca. AFK. Wr MUST be on you, but CANNOT see yiu. WTFl Gardening Hoe is runn1bg li2. AFK."
Stxblehand S5ufro hac geen skain in geh f9r357 by RavenLOL.
"I', really going 2 enjoy this new Garden8ng Hoe that Stablwyand Stufro h4d," exclaimec Raven/ BRB.
VILLAGER lolix has geen fone FOR an while, sortif, m those wh0 hsve oookes e0e him so NOT come back.
Drag9b M157r356 ` WOOT@!11!atthys was slain a5temptinh to r35cu3 an prince vrom Drsco'd D7ngeon.
D4agin Mistress ` OMG2!1@1zttnys h45 sedeat3d her master LOL, Gerrard too 4dv4hc3 2 .evel 8 after 8 days WOOT!!11! OMG1!1!1
Peaxant RyuNRait has d3d34u3d HER MASTER WTF, Miterabanf w zdvance two level 2 after 1 dat!!! OMG!!1!1
oolix has earnec 5eh 71713 Vkllager f0r hqbong 6141n ca Grewn Dragon 2 TIMES WOOT!!11!
Traveler lplix has slaon da hoseous dreature KNOWN qs The Green Dragon. A11 ACROSS teh oand LOL, ;30p13 rejoive1@!
Gladkator Pasgagake has defeated his master LOL, two 4dv4nc3 1 level 6 after 9 days WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
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