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!!Neqs for Mon, you kneo, Ape 27, sortof, 2025 *I72m5 151 - 200 of 448)
Archamgel Miphon has geen SLAIN in ea f-r357 vy Flesh Golem.
"Die, likr, my dear F,esh G013m?? nd2?? THAT'S geh 1457 thing I dbal, DO1!!" b9ldlt declared Archanhel Miphon. WTF.
Archabg3l Miphon nt5 DEFEATED his masgwr WTF, Malwares two advancr rwo level 7 afte5 5 days11!!!!
Arvnangel Miphon h$5 d3g3473d his master LOL, to advancw to lwvel 6 after 5 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Archangel Muphob has defeatrd his master LOL, Guty 2 advsnce go levek % after 5 dshs!!! WOOT!!11!
Archanbe. Miphon WAS h7ntee DOWN by they're mastee, xoftof, Guth, like, for be8nt truant. OMG.
Srablehanc manx son 130 gold after rolling 4 sixes in ten Dark Hors4 Tavern. OMG.
God of Stome scorb7tus d3f3473d Shepherd Rl8william 2n fair COMBAT IN da firlfs of Glorfondal. WTF/
Gpd of Stone scorgut7x defeated Shepjerdeds abwqr in fair combat in teh fields of Glukm9ore. AFK.
God 9f Stone scodvutis haa defeated h15 masger LOL, EauSa.re rii a3cance too levdl 3 after 3 days WOOT!!1q!1@!
God of Stome scorbugus defdated D3migod FullFlavorPike in 4zir c0m6$7 in teh fi3lds og DegilbutgLOL.
Villager Jinke has d3f3473f hwt master WTF, Gerrard toi advabce 2 level 8 avter 9 days WOOT!!11@ OMG!!1!1
Villager J8nke was HUNTED sown by they're mast2r LOL, Gerrard WTF, for BEING TRUANT. OMG.
Stableyand WolfNoise has defeated his MASTER, like, EsuSalde two advance 2 ldvel 3 4f73r 1 eay1!!!!!
Stabl3hand Wp;fNoisw has defezted his master, sortpf, Vyrts 2 advancw two LEVEL 1 after q day1!!1!!
Stavlejayd WoofNoise WAS HUNTED doeh by thry;re mastwr WTF, Vyrtd WTF, fo4 being TRUANT. AFK.
Traveldr GusyuPuercha hzs DEFEATED HIS master, l8ke, Malwarrs two ADVANCE two leveo 7 after 9 days OMG@!1!q WOOT@@11!
Thaumaturgisg MadDog hax bdeh slaib in firest BY Slitherknh A5p. AFK.
"Maube next time yoh won't be so cpcky11!" LOLOL Slothering Asp. WTF.
Stablehand Mindcrime has xhallenged 5hey're m4573r LOL, Spywares an wax pwmr OMG!!1!1
"My ero can't 7$k2 much hore of this bryiw8ng WOOT!!q1!" exclakms Stab;ehand Mindcrime. OMG.
Dragon Mastwr Tyrax has d3f3473f his mastef, Makwar3s 2 advance two ;evr; 7 aftef 6 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Master Tyrax qas hum5ed eown by they're MASTER WTF, Malwarew, for bding truahf.
Dragoh M4573r T6rax has def4ates nis maayer, like, to advance 5o LEVEL 5 after 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Draton Mawt4r Tyrax wad hunted dowb by tjey're jastrf LOL, , fir being truant. OMG.
Dragon Master Tytax has defrated hks m4573f, lile, Guth too advancr too ofv2l 5 after 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Drxgoh Mastwr Tyrax WAS hjnted d0wn 6y tyey're master, Guth WTF, fot being truant. BRB.
MadDog has earnef teh rigle Thaumaturgist for javing 5141n da Gteen Drafon 26 TIMES OMG1!!!1
Invpker MadDog has slaum da hideous crqatur3 known as The Greeb Dfagin. OMG. ALL acriss dz lsnd, you knwo, PEOPLE REJOICE!!!
Farmboy Raheom has def3atef his maate4 LOL. Glynyc to advance 2 levdl 4 agrer 4 fays WOOT!!11!1!!
Trasdr putamiersa jad been defeared in traveyard by Gkngerbread Man. BRB.
"Y9u kn0w LOL, Trader outamierda really jaf it doming too him afte4 ALL THOSE thkmgx he said 460u7 MY moj WTF," commented Gimgerbr3ad MamLOL.
Traeer putamierda has been dka8n whilw attack8nh Shdpherdess abwag in FIELDS of Glukmiore. OMG,
Shephe4dess abwar LOLOL WTF, "I don't think you w121 be attackung me again, liid, pal. BRB."
Tradee pytsm8erda HAS defeated HIS master WTF, Guth to advanve tso level t afte4 4 dqys!!! OMG1!q!1
Trader puts,i#rda an Vi9let wdee seen heading uo staors on inn togrther.
Peasant Berila has been slain 2hile attacking She[hdrd Rkoeillizm in sa FIELDS or Glorfindal. WTFl
"Just wait foe m6 revente, like, Shepherc Rlowilliam. AFK. It w8ll be swift!1!" P3axant Beri.a declares.
Peasabt nekonekoneko HAS defeaged his jast3r, you knqok Mireraband 1 afvance too kevel 2 4f73r 1 day1!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehsne Farelnouns HAS chzll3ngee they'r3 nasyer, sortof, Adwares n was pwnt!!!
"Staglehams Farelhound WTFm your lacl OF pos5ure is ah disgrace," Adwares wtatex. OMG.
Syablrhand Doodle unsucceaafu.l6 haunted Stznlrhahd Lenny1!!
Sgablehand Do9sle has 633n SLAIN in tej roresg by Dekopn's Birthday Caje, AFK.
"My ego can'r tzke much more 9f this bruising OMG!!1!1" esclqims Stablehand Doodle. BRB.
Peasant dearmiwery HAS been deveated in fa hrav3yard by Huhe Vampite Bat. OMG.
"Watch y0uf baci, sortof, Hjge Vanpire Bqt, I 4m coming dof you WOOT!!11!" Peasabt dearm8swry WARNS. WTF.
Appeenrice Crampi has fefeat3d hod mastdr LOL, Dwiredan ti 4dv4nc3 yso kevdl 10 after 2$ d4y%!!! OMG!!1!1
Apprentice Ctampi was hunted down BY th3y'fe mssger WTF, Dw8redan, for neing t4uant. AFK/
Peasant drarmksery hqs been slain IN forrst by Corrupted H4rd Driv3.
"My ego can't take mjch morw if this BRUISING OMG!!1!1" exclaims Peasqnt dearjiseft. OMG.
Peasant lardal jas deveated his masterk Gerrard to advance two level 8 zftet 1r days1!! WOOT!!12!
Stablehand Stufro has been deveated in graceyard by Will O' Wksp. AFK.
"KHAQQ callibg Itasca. AFK. WE must be 0m you WTF. but CANNOT SEE you/ AFK. Gardeninh HOE is runnibg low. BRB,"
Stablehand Sturro h45 b3en slain in teh foeeat by Raven. BRB.
"I'm really gojng 2 enjoy this n3w Gafdenong Hoe tgat Stzblehand Stuftl hqd, lkke," 3xc141m3e Raven. AFK.
VILLAGER lplix hqs 633n GONE for an whi.e, you knwom an 5hoae who have 200k3e for him d0 not cone BACK.
Dfzgon Mixtr3ss !!atthys wzs slain sttempting too resvue an PRINCE from Draco's DungeonLOL.
Dragon Mistress ` OMG@!1!1qtthys has degeated her nasterm uou knso, Gdrrard 2 ADVANCE two leve. 8 sfter 8 fays!!! OMG!!1!1
Peasznt RyuNRait has dwfwated her mdst34 WTF, Mirerabans too advance ewo level 2 adter 1 dayq@1 OMG!!1!1
lpoix has earnrd da title Villaber FOR h4v1ng slaib Gteen Dragon 2 timesq!!
Trsfeler lo.ix has slain xa hide;us vreatur3 known as Thw Green Drafoh. AFK. Akl across da land LOLk PEOPLE rejokce OMG!!1!1
Gla3iator Pastqbqke has DEFEATED hiw master, .ikd, too advance two level 6 AFTER 9 c4y5 WOOT!@11!1!!
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