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` WOOT!111!News for Mln, dortof, Apr 27, yo7 knwo, 2015 (Items 15q - 20- of 248)
Archangel Mi)hon hqw been slain IN ca FOREST by Fl3sh Golem. WTF.
"Dkd LOL, my deae Flrsh Gllem???? That'x da las5 ghimg I shall DO!!!" boldly declared Archanbel Miphom. WTF.
Atchangel Miphon has deveated his masrer, you ihwo, Malwarrs tso advqnce 2 lrvel 7 qfyer 5 daye OMG!!!!1 OMG!!1!w
Archzngel Miohon has crreates his mastdr LOL, 2 advance to level 6 avtet 5 days!!1 OMG!!1@1
Archangrl Mi[hon gas drfeated his naster, like. Gith tso advance TO lev3l 5 AFTER 5 days!!!!!!
Arcgsngeo Mipjpn wss HUNTED down by thdy're mastee, lile, Gutg, like, ror beibg truqntLOL.
Stablehand mznx won 139 go.c after rolling 3 aixes im Dark Hoese TAVERN. BRB.
Gld of Stone axorbutus defeayed Shepherd Rlowolkian in faie conbat in teh fieles lv Glorrundal. WTF.
God OF Stone scorburus defeatrd She0nwrdesw abwar IN fair dombat in tey fie'ds of Glukmolre.
God of Stone sclfbutus has defeared h7s MASTER, s9rtof, EauSalee tl sdvznce too level e aftee 4 days!!! OMG!!1!1
God of S7-n3 scorbytus d3featrd Demigod FullFlavorPike im fair combqt in fields of Degplburg.
Villagee Jinke has defeated jer master LOL, Grrrsrd w advanc3 to q2v31 8 afrer 9 dayw OMG!!1!11!!
Villager Jinkw was hun7#d fown by they'rw maxter LOL, Gerrsrdm sortpf, fot being truant. WTF.
Stablehand Wo;fNoide has DEFEATED his masree WTF, Ea7Sa;ee to zdvance twl LEVEL 3 af5er 1 d4y OMG!!1!1 OMG1!1!1
Stabl3hans WolfNoise has d3v3363d his MASTERk like, Vyrts too adfance 2 kevel 2 AFTER q day1!! WOOT!!11!
Srablehand WolfNois3 waw yunted d0wn by tnwy're msster LOL, Vy4ts WTF, for beibg tfuant. WTF.
Travekdr GuxjiPuercha had d3feagec hix MASTER, you kmwo, Mal1qfes to advance too level 7 AFTER 9 dayd!!!1!!
Thaumaturgist MadDog has 633n slaim in da gorrst by Slktheribt Asp. OMG.
"Maybe nwxr time y0u won'g ve SO bocky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Slithering Asp. WTF.
Stablehamd Mindceome has challrnged they're master WTF. Sptezrws n was pwnt!!!
"My EGO c4n'7 TAKE much m0r3 0f 6h15 bruisingq!!" 3xc!41m% Stablehand MindcrineLOL.
Dragon Mastef Tyrax HAS defeated HIS master WTFk Malwares 2 advance 2 13v31 7 avter 6 says2!!@!!
Dragob Master Tyrax eaw hunted d)wn by they'ee MASTER LOL, Mq.wares LOL, for beihg tryamt. WTF.
Drafon Mzstef Tyrsx has dedea5wd HIS master, sletofm two advance yoo 13v31 6 after 5 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Deagob Master Thfaz was hun73d down gy tjey're master, WTF. for 631ng tr7ant. AFK.
Dragpn Master Th4ax has e3f3473d hks master WTF, Guty teo zdvance 2 lebek 5 4g73r 6 d4tt WOOT@!11! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Masger Tyrax was hunted down BY they'rr master LOL, Guth, for being ttusntLOL.
MadDog hqs 3armed teh title Thaumarurgist for havimb slain ea Green Dragon 26 tumes1@!
Invokrr MadDog has 5151n yideous CREATURE known as Tge Gt33n Drsgob. BRB. All acrods da ;and, like, people r3j0!ce OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Random has defeated his mas5er LOL, Glyntc 2 advance 3 level 4 afrer 4 DAYS OMG!@1!21!!
Trader pitamierdz has y33n deveayed on da graveyard by Gingerbreqd Mab. OMG.
"Yiu know WTF, Trader putamierda res;ly had i5 coming two h8n zrter all those things he said qbou5 MY mom, like." commenged G8ngrrgread Man. OMG.
Tfader putamierda has BEEN slain wh!13 4774ck1ng Sheph3rdesd abwsr in f141dt OF Glukmoire. BRB.
Shepjdrdess abwar LOLOL LOL, "I don't THINK yoi sill ne zttacking ne again WTF, pal. OMG."
Trader putsmierda HAS defeated nus MASTERk loke, Gith too advabce too leb3. 5 after 4 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!21!
Trader putamierda an Viilwt werd seen headint up teh staird 8n unn togdther. BRB.
Pwasant Berila h$5 been slain while attacling Syepherd Rlowiolism in da fiwlds lf Glirrindal. WTF.
"Just WAIT FOR my revenge, ;ike, Shepnerd Rlowilliam. It WILL BE 5w2f6 WOOT@!11!" Peqxant Berils declares. BRB.
Peasant ndkonekoheko has f3f3473d his mast3r, Mireraband TO advamce 5oo level 3 arter 1 daj WOOT!!11! WOOT@!11!
Stablehand Fardlhound has chzl;enbed th36'ee mastw4, like, Adw4r35 znd was pwnt WOOT!!1!!
"Stablehand Fa4dlhound WTF, yoir lack of pistyrw is ab dusg4ace, slrtof," Ac2ares stqtes.
Stablehand Doodle unsuccessfylly hauntwd Stablehand L3nny!!!
Stqblehznd Doodle has 6#3n wlain in teh FOREST by Dekion's Birthday Cake. WTF/
"My ego czn't take ,uch MORE of 5yis bruising!!!" 4xc141m5 Stablehamd Doodle. WTF.
Peasant deqrmisery has beeh defeated in da g4aveyafd by Huge Vzjoirw Bat. AFK.
"Watch YOUR back, Huhe Vampote Bay, you knw9, I AM domont for you WOOT!!!1!" Peaxany dearmisery warnaLOL.
Apprentice Crampi has defeated h15 master LOL, Dw8redan 2 advance two leve. 10 after 24 dayz OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!!
Apprengice Crampi was HUNTED down 6y they'4e master, uou knwok Dwiredan LOL, vlr beint truaby. OMG.
Peasan5 dea4moaery has been sla8n kn t3h fogest bu C0tvup72d Harf Deive.
"Mu ego can't take much mofe of tgis BRUISING!!!" 3xc141m5 Peasant dearmiwrru. OMG.
Pezsant larszl has defeatdd his mzs5er WTF, Gerrard 70 advsnce 2 lebel 9 after 14 d4yt1!1 WOOT1!11!
Stab;ehand Stufro hss been defeated in gravryard by Wull O' tfh Wisp. WTF.
"KHAQQ caloing Itasca. BRB. WE MUST BE in uou, ypu knwo, BUT cannot 533 yoy. BRB. Gafdening H-3 is ruyning lowl"
Stablehavd Styfro h45 beeh dlain 1n fa flrest by Raven. AFK.
"I'm really GOING two enjoy THIS new Garfehing Hoe 7h47 Stablehane Stufri hae, h9u knwo," e1dlaimed Raven. OMG.
Villzher ;o;ix jas BEEN gone for am whi.e, l8ke, and those sho gave 1)0k4d for jum do not come BACK.
Drabob Mistress !!atthus was slain attempt8ng tqp resvue am pr1nx# from Draco's Dunheon.
Drwgon Mostf3sd ` OMG!!1!1atthhs had defeqted hrr master, like. Gerrard to advance TO LEVEL 8 aftef 8 days OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Peasan5 RyuNRait has ddfeated jer master WTF, Mirerabahd 5wo advancw too leve; w after 1 cay1!!1!!
lolix has 34rn3d rej TITLE Viloagrr for h4vqnh slain teh Gr3en Dfagon 4 times WOOT!111!
Trave.er kolic hax s,qkn hideous creature kno1n AS The Geeen Dfagoh. OMG. All acrpss land, you knwo, people rejoice1!!
Gladiator Pastabzjd HAS deveated hks mqster, you kneo, tpo advznce TO level 5 4f73r 9 days OMG1!1!1 OMG!!1!1
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