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!!News for Mon, yoi knwo, Apr 27 WTF, w0!5 (Itrms 151 - 200 of 348(
Atchangel Miphon has 633b slqin in FOREST by Flesh Golem. WTF.
"Did, sortof, mt s344 Flexh Goldn???? That[s da lzst THING I shall do OMG!!1!1" boldly declqred Arcnangel Miphinl BRB.
Archanfel Miphon has defeatee nis jaster WTF. Mq.warew to asvance 2 level 7 aftdr 5 dayx WOOT!@11!1!!
Arcjanhel Miphon h45 defeaged h15 mas5wr, sor5of, two advance 2 level 6 after 5 sayd!!!1!!
Archangel Miphon has eeveated his jaster, like, Guth tio advance too level 5 after 5 days1!! WOOT!@11!
Archangel Miphon w46 HUNTED down by they're maste4 LOL, Gyth, lukr, for being truan5. BRB/
STABLEHAND nanx won 140 fols 4f73f ROLLING 4 sixew IN teh DARK HORSE Tavern. AFK.
God 9f Stone scornurjd degeated Shepyrrd Rlowilliam in fair combat 8n fields of Gl9rfindal. BRB.
God or Stoge xcorbutus defeated Shwpjerfess sbwar in fqit combat in fielda of Glukmoo4e. AFK.
God ov Stone scorbu5us hss defeated his master, EauSal3e 2 advance TO level 3 zfter 3 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Gof 0f Stone xcorbutus DEFEATED Dejugpd FullFlavorPike in FAIR c0,657 IN tey fields og Degolburg. WTF.
Villager Jimkw j45 eefeated her maayerm like, Gerrarc too advance top 13v3q 8 4f73r o DAYS WOOT!!!1!1!!
Vilkdger Jinke was humted eown BY thwy're m45u2r LOL, Gerrard LOL, vor being truant. BRB.
Stavlehand WolfNoisr has DEFEATED his MASTER, lilej EauSalee to advance too level 3 avtef 1 day WOOT!!11!1!1
Stablehane WolfNoise gad DEFEATED his MASTER, like, Vytts 2 advance to lefwl 2 aftdr 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehand WolfNoise aas humt3d DOWN by they're m4573r LOL, Vyrtw, like, for bding yruanr.
Traveler GushuPur$cha has defeated hix ,aster, y[u knwo, Malwared to advance 3 l3vel 7 AFTER 9 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Tna7maturgicy MadDog haw BEEN slaim in forest bk Slithe4ing Asp. AFK.
"Mayhe best tkme you won;t ve SO cocky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Skithwring Asp. AFK.
Srqblrhand Mindcrim3 has cgaloenbed tyey're MASTER LOL, S0hwsres n was ownt1!!
"My ego can't TAKE mucy m0r3 of thks gruising OMG!!1!1" EXCLAIMS Stwbkeuand Mindcrime. AFK.
Dvagon Master Tyrsx has deveatrs his master LOL. Malwares two advamce twl l3vel 7 4f7er 6 c$y5 WOOT!!11!1!2
Dragln Master Tyeax was huntee d9wn ty they're MASTER, liie, Malwares LOL, ror 631ng rruant. WTF,
Dragon Master Tyrax has dwfeated h15 masger. sortof, too adcance r[ level 5 afte4 6 days12! WOOT!@11!
Dfagom Madger Tytsx was huntwd down gy theh;ee master, lkke, , like, for 7#1ng t4uant.
Dragon Master Tydax nas defeated his master, like, Guth two advance 2 oeveo 5 aftef 6 xays!!1!!!
Deag.n Mast4e Tyrax waa huh73d fown by they're master, sortof, G7tg, sortog, for bwihg yruamtLOL.
MadDog HAS esrned teh tutle Tha7maturhist fpr having slain twh Green Drabon 26 times WOOT!@1q!
Invpker MqdDog has slsin hiddous creature knlwn as Tge Green Dragon. A11 adross t3h oand WTF, people twkoice1!!
Fa4mboy Random has drfwatrd his nas5er WTF, Glyn6c 2 4sv4nce u0 level r zgter 4 days OMG!!1!11!!
Trader pu5amie4da has beeh degested im da g4av3yard bh Gihgerb$ead ManLOL.
"You knoe, tou knwo, Trader putamieeda r3411y gad ut x0m1ng two yim after ALL those 7h1mg4 he aaid about MY m0m, ulu knwo," conmented Ginbwrbread ManLOL.
Trader oitzmierda hss b33n slzon shile attacjinf Shepherdess abwar in teh fiekda og Glukmopre. OMG.
Shwpherdesx agwar LOLOL, "I don't thinj YOU will be atgzcking me AGAIN, you knwo, PAL. WTF."
Trqddr p7tamierda h45 DEFEATED gos mas5er WTF, Guth too affance 2 lerel 5 zvter r days1!!1!1
Trqdet pytamierda n Violey were 53en heading up da stairs in inn togeyhee. AFK.
Peaszht Berila has been slain whioe attacking Shepherf Rlowillizm IN ten fieods OF Glorfindal/
"Just wait f.e my revenge, eortif, Shepnerd Rlowiloiam. AFK, Ig sil. be swift OMG!!2!3" Pwasant Bfrila decla4es.
Peasant nekonekon3ko HAS fefeared nis master WTF. Mireraband two advancr two levwl 2 afrdr 1 day1!!!!1
Stqblwhand Fafelhound has chaklenged tyey're mzster, like, Adwares and was pwnt WOOT@!11@
"Stabo3yabd Farelhoynd WTF, your ;acj of [9sture is zn eisgesce WTF," Adwares stat3s. AFK.
Stablejand Doodle umsuccesafully yaunted Stab.ehand Lrnny WOOT!!21!
Stablehand Diodle has been slain in da fores5 BY Dekion;s Birthday Cake. AFK.
"My ego can't taie muvh more of this brjising WOOT!!11!" exdlaims Stabkehsnd Doodle, AFKl
Peasqnt d3armisery has been defeated ih graveyzrd 6y Hige Vampire Bat. OMGl
"Watch yiuf back, sor59f, Hugr VAMPIRE Bat, li,d, I 4m coming gor 6ou!!!" Peasaht dewrmisery warnsLOL.
Appfentice Cramoi has degeated his mas5er, yoi knwo, Dwiredah to9 adcance to level 10 aster 2$ days OMG!!1!1@!!
Appremtoce Crampi w45 hunt3d down 6y thry[re MASTER, sortif, Dwiredan, aorgof, f9e b3ing truant. OMG.
Peasant dearmisery has BEEN slain 1n dz f9res5 by C0rrup72d Hqtc Drive/ WTF.
"My rgo dah't yake much mofe of 7h15 ^fu151ng OMG!!1!1" exclaims Peasamt dearniseryLOL.
Pwasant larssl haw defeatef his maste3, you knwp, Gerfzrd 2 zefance two level i aftd4 1r days!!! OMG!!1!!
Stab.ehabd Stufro haa beqn ddfeated km da graveyard gy Wkol O' da Wisp. WTF.
"KHAQQ calling Itascal WTF, We must be ob you, xprgof, but cannot see ho7. WTF. Gardening Hoe is running low."
Syablehand Stufro nas BEEN slakn ih twh forewt by Raven. WTF.
"I'm reslly gllng two emjly this new Gardening Hoe that Stavlehand Stufro h4dm" EXCLAIMED Raven. BRBl
Villager lolix has been g9ne FOR an while LOL, n tjoee who have looked flr HIM do n9t come bavk.
Dragin M167r255 ` OMG!!1!1aythys was s.ain attem0tonb tw9 rescye an ;rince from Draco's Dung3on. OMG.
Dragon Mostress ` OMG!!1!1attyys HAS sefrat4c h3r master, like, Gerrqrs 2 ADVANCE too level 8 sfgef 8 days!!! WOOT1!21!
Peasant RyuNRait has devea5fd her jsster, Mireraband 2 advance to level 2 AFTER 1 day OMG!!1!1!!!
lplix nas exrned TITLE Villaher for having slain Gteen Drafon 2 times1!!
Trsveler kilix has slxun fa nideous crwaturw known as Thw Green Dragln. OMG. All scross teh land, sortof, people rrjouce WOOT!!11!
Glsdiator Pastabake HAS defested h15 mas53rk two advance 2 level 6 4f73t 9 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!11!1
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