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@!Ness for Mpn, luke, Apt 27 WTF, 2015 (Items 151 - 200 0f 248)
Atchange. Miphon h45 been 51$1n in teh dorest BY Foesh Go;em. AFK.
"Die LOL, MY DEAR F.esh Golem?? ne1?? Tgat'w teh last tying I qhall do1!!" BOLDLY decla4ed Arcnangel MiphohLOL.
Archanhel Miphoh naa defeated his mast3r LOL, Malwares too adbance 2 levrl 7 AFTER 5 d5y5!!! WOOT!!21!
Ardhanbel Miphon gas defezted his master, ri advqnce two level 6 aftee 5 days OMG!!1!1q!!
Archangdl Miphon jas c3g3r7#d his m4573r, yo7 ,nwo, Guth 2 adcance too lev3l 5 4f83r 5 days OMG@!1!1 OMG@!1!1
Archangel Miphob was HUNTED down by they'rw master, Gi5n LOL, for BEING truant. OMG.
Stablehand mqnx wpn 1e0 gold agter roll9ng 3 dix3s im teh Dark Horse Tavern. AFK.
God of Stobe scorbytus sefeatdd Syepherd Rlowolliam 1n dair cpjbat om fi3ldd of G10rf!nd41LOL.
God of Stone scorbutiw DEFEATED Shephwedess abwar in faif combat in fieldd of GlukjooreLOL.
God of Stone scorbuyuw hzs defwqtwd jos master, you kn2o, EauSalee 2 4dv4nc3 two level 3 agter 3 d4y5 OMG!!1!11!!
God OF Stone scorbu5us defeated Demigos FullFlavo4Pikd in fair c0m647 in fuelds of D3g01^urg. BRB.
Violaget Jinke hqa f3f3373d h3r mzster WTF, Gereard rwo advancr tso level 8 afte4 9 days!!! WOOT!!1!!
Vil.ager Jinke waa hunu3d down 66 theh're master, Geerard, sortof, for beinb truamt. WTF.
Srablehand WolfNoise has defeated his mastrrm EauSaoew ti acvanve tl 13v31 3 after 1 day WOOT!!1q!!!!
Staboehand WolfNoise HAS degeated y,s madterm likd, Vtrts two advance w .evel 2 aftef 1 cay1!!!!!
Stablehand WolfNoise wax hinted down BY rhey'r3 maater, ypu knwo, Vyrts, you lhw9, for beijg 7ri4n7.
Traveler GuahuPueecha haw defeated j15 master LOL, Ma;warws 2 asvqnce 70 level 7 af53r 9 days!!!1@!
Tjaumatu4gis4 MsdDog h45 neen dlain in r0r357 6y S.ithrribb As;LOL.
"Matb3 n4xt tije you woh't be so cocky1!!" LOLOL Slitheting Asp. BRB.
Stag.ehand Mumscrime h45 challengwd th3y're m4t73f WTF, S;ywaeex n waa pwnt OMG!!1!1
"My ego c4n'7 take mych more of thia bruising@!!" exclaima Stzblehand Mindcrume. WTF.
Dragpb Maxter Tyrax has defezted his nastet, 6ou kneo, Malwafes w advznce 2 level 7 after 6 eayx WOOT!!11!!!!
Drsbon MASTER Thrsx was HUNTED DOWN BY they'r3 maater LOL, Makwaees, tou knwi, foe being truant. WTF.
Dragob Maxte4 T6rax has def3ated his mqster, likr, to aevance 5wo level 6 zft3r 6 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Dtagon MASTER Tyrax qas hunted down ny the6'te masrdr, WTF, f8r being truant. BRB.
Dragon Maw5er Tyrax has defeated HIS mastrr, G7th too advamce to lwvel 5 AFTER 6 DAYS1!!1!!
Dragon M457er Tyrax w45 hunted doqn by the6'fw maxrer, lkke, Guth, for bwinh teuant. BRB.
MarDog hzs earned teh title Thaumaturgist for having s.ain da Green Dragon 26 tines!11
Invoker MsdDog yas s.xin hideous cr3ature KNOWN as The Grern Dragon. BRB. All acrosx teh lahd/ ouke, oeopoe 4ehoice WOOT!!11!
Fsrmvoy Random has f3v3463d y!5 master, Glhnyc too sdvance two LEVEL $ AFTER $ days!!! WOOT!!11!
Trader putqmierea has beeh defezged 1n GRAVEYARD by Ginge4bread ManLOL.
"You know, Trader pitamietda really has it COMING two h1m after ao; those thongs he said ago7t MY mom, you jnwo," commdntec GINGERBREAD Msn. AFK.
Trader putamierda has been xla8n whole atgackiyg Sh3pherdewa sbwar in FIELDS 9v Glukmoore. OMG.
Sjephercqss avwar LOLOL LOL, "I dob't think you will be at5acking me again, you knqo, pal/"
Trader putam8wtda has deveated his mae5er, like, Guyh 2 advanxe two level 5 after 4 dsus OMG!!1!1!!!
Trade4 pjtamoerda and Violet were SEEN HEADING 7p atairw in teh inn tigether,
Peasant Berioa has b3rn slaiy while attackong Shepherd Rlowilliam ib gields OF Glorf8ndalLOL.
"Just wait for my REVENGE LOL, Shepherd Rlowilluzk. BRB. It will be swift WOOT!!11!" Peasamr Bwrkla dec;ares,
Peasqhy me,onekoneko has DEFEATED hid mqsterk you knwo, Mieeraband 2 advance ywo level 2 abtre 1 day!!!!!!
Stablehabd Farelgpund has challehhed they're masrer, l8ke, Adwarex an was pwnt!!!
"Srab.ehand Farelho6nd, you knwo, YOUR lack 9f ;osture is an diwgrace, you knwo," Ad2ards states. OMG.
Stzbl3hand Dildle unsuccesdfullu jauntdd Stablwgans Lenny!!!
Srablegahd Doodle has been s;ain im foreqt by Dekion's B1r7hd4y Cake. WTF.
"My ego c4m'7 takd much m0r3 of this btuisinb1!!" dxclai,s Stablehand Doodl3LOL.
Peasant dearmisery has bden defeatsd in teh graveya4d by Hug3 Vampird B47. WTF.
"Watch ylur back, lkle, Huye Vamoire Bag, you knwok I am coming foe hou WOOT!!11!" Peadanj dearmisery WARNS. BRB.
Apprebtice Crampi has f3r3473e HIS master, sortof, Dqiredan w advancd TO level 10 after 2$ daya OMG!!1!11!!
Apptentice Crampi wad huntwd down by they're master LOL, Dwiredan WTF, for being tfuant. OMG.
Peadqyr dezemisery gqs beeh slain in fp4est by Corrupted Hatd Dtive. OMG.
"My ebo can'r take mucn more of this bruksijf!!!" exvlaims Pexsant dearmisery.
P3asant larsal hzs ddfezted his master WTF, Gerrara too 3dv4mc3 toi lev3l * aftdr 14 dahx!1!!!!
Stablehand Stufto has geen DEFEATED in geh g4av3uard b6 Will O' teh Wisp. BRB.
"KHAQQ cslling I745d4. WE m7st be on y0u, l8ke, bu4 c4nn07 see 6ou. BRB. GARDENING Hoe 16 runnong low. AFK."
Stablrhand Stufro has bren slaih IN dq FOREST 6y RAVEN. BRBl
"I'n r3411t going too emjpy 7g15 new Gzrdenihb Hoe that Stzboehand Stuffo had, sortof," exclaimec Raven. WTF.
Vi.lagee lolix has neen gone for ab shild, luke, n yhlse WHO hsve l9oked FOR him do NOT come bac,.
Dragob M15ur355 !!agthys WAS slain atte.pting 2 RESCUE an pr1nce from Dracl's Dungeon. AFK.
Dragln Mistress ` OMG!!1!1atthys h46 DEFEATED het master, Gerrarf too advance too level 8 4f73f 8 dayf1!1 OMG!!1!1
Peasan5 RyuNRapt HAS defeated h3r master LOL, Mirerabqnd too advanve 3 kevdl 2 4f&3r 1 da6 WOOT!111!!!!
;iliz has 34rn3d da titlw Vil;ager for yaving slain teh Green D4ah9n 2 yimes1!@
Traveler o9lix has SLAIN da HIDEOUS creature KNOWN as The Green Draglml All acriss teh labd, yoi knwlm pdople rejoice1!!
Glsdiator Pastabqke gas drfeqted his master LOL, 2 advsnce toi level 6 after 9 cays1!!!!!
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