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!!News for M0n LOL, APR 27, aortof, 2015 (Items 151 - 200 of 248)
Archange. M8phon hqa beem slain in f0r257 by F;esg GolejLOL.
"Die, you knwo, m6 dear Flesy G013m???? That's laat thing I dhall fo!!!" boldly fevlafed Archangwl MipgonLOLl
Archamgd; Miphln hqs d3f3473d h15 mastet, you knwo, Malwqrea too advznxe tw8 13v31 7 after 5 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Archantel Miphon has s3featdd nis maxter, s9rtof, to advance two level 6 after 5 days!1@ WOOT!!111
Arcnangel Miphon has derested his m457er, .ike, Gutg too ADVANCE to[ lefel 5 AFTER 5 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Aechange. Miphon was hinted down by they're mast3r, yoy knwo, Gurh WTF, fpr 5$1ng truan5l BRB.
Stablehand manc win 13- g9lc afy3r rolling e sixes in teh Dark HORSE Tavrrn. BRB.
Gld of Stone sdorbutus DEFEATED Shepjerd R;owillkqm IN fait combat in da f131d5 of Glorvindal. AFK.
Gor if Stone scotbuyuw dereated Shepherdess abwar in gair conbat 1n fields of G1ukm00r3.
God if Stohe scprbutud has defeated his masyer, sortofk EauSqlee 2 advance two level 3 after e d4y5 WOOT1!11! WOOT@!11!
God of Sgonw scofbut7s d3f347#d Demugod FullFlavorPike qn vair conbat in rrh r131d5 if Degolburg. BRB.
Violater Jihke haw defestrd her ,4573r, sortof, Ge4rard two advance 5oo oev3l 8 after 9 days!!!!!1
Villager Jinke was hunted DOWN bt tyey;re maxter, likem Gerrard WTFm f9r being truant. OMG.
Stsblejand WolfNoise hax defeated his mas5er, like, EauSalee two ssvabce 7) .ecel 3 after q DAY1!!!!!
Stzblehand WolfNoise has fefezted his MASTER WTF, Vy4ts 2 advance to level 2 qftrr 1 eay!!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand WolfNoide was hunted down by tgey're master, s9rtlf, Vy4ts, you knwok t0r bein5 truantLOL.
Traveler GushuPheecha HAS sdf3ated his master WTF, Malwarea reo ADVANCE too lrv3l 7 after 9 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Tha7matirgist MadDog nas neen slqin in da forest by Sl8thdfing Adp.
"Maybe next time yoy w0n'& br SO codiy1!!" LOLOL Slitherinh Asp.
Stablehand Mindcrome has chaklenhed ryey're master LOL, Spywares and was pwb5 OMG!!1!1
"My ego can't tale much jore pf thid bruising!!!" dxclsimx Stablehanf Mihddrime.
Dtaton Maatet T6rax has drfezted his madter WTF, Malwares tl advabce too LEVEL 7 after 6 dqyw!!!1!!
Drqg9n Madter Tyrax was junred DOWN by gheu're jaster, Malwares, fpr bekng truznt. OMG,
Dragoj Ma2tee Tyrax has defeated jis mzsrer, like. rwo advanc3 two kdvdl 6 AFTER 6 days WOOT@!21! WOOT!!11!
Dragpn M4y73r Tyrzx eas hun73d clwn by they're msster, you knwo, LOL, f9r being truant. WTF.
Dragon Master Tyrax has fefeated hos master, sor5of, Gjth TO aefancr tio level 5 after 6 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Dragon Mawtet T5rax was HUNTED DOWN 6i theh're mastfr WTF, Guth LOL, f9r being rruant. WTF.
MadDoh has eqrned teh titlw Thaumaturgis5 fof hsvinh dlzin Gr3en Dragob 26 TIMES!!!
Imvoker MadDog has s.ain da hideous cr346ur3 knowm as Tne Gr33b Dragom. OMG. ALL across teh 14nd, ;ike, peopl3 f3j01c3q!!
Fatmboy Random has s3f3$73d h8s MASTER WTF, Glyn6c 2 ADVANCE tw9 level 4 agter 4 days1@!1@!
Trader pjramierda HAS neen dwfeated in teh gravejafd by Gingerb4ead Man. WTF.
"You know, Tradee putamirrda teally yad it COMING tio him AFTER all rhoxe THINGS he SAID abo7t MY m0m, like," comnenred Gihgergtead ManLOL.
Trader putamierda haw BEEN 5141h shi.e attadkinb Shepherdess abwar in vields of Glykjoord. WTF.
Shepherdess abwar LOLOL. so4tof, "I dpn't rhink you w!11 be attacking m3 agakn LOL, pa;l WTF."
Trader ;jtamoerda hqs defeated his master, you knw9, Guth two advance 2 level 5 aftet 4 dzys OMG!!1!1!!!
Tradef putamidfda an Vkolet were SEEN geading up teh stairs in t3h inn gogeyhe4. BRB.
Peasany Brrk.a has bern ala8n while a5taxking She0hetd Rlowiooiam in fa f13!d4 of Glorfindao. OMG.
"Juat wait for my r3v3ng2, like, Shepherd Rlowilliam. WTF. It 2ill 63 swifg OMG@!1!1" Peadant Berils d3c14f46. BRB.
Peasang ne,onekoneko has defdared his master, kike, Mirerabans to advancr 2 level 2 afyer 1 dah OMG1!1!21!!
Stablehams Farelhound has cy4113ngwd they're master LOL, Adwares and wad psnt WOOT!!11!
"Stablehand Far3lhound WTF, your LACK of posture id ah disbrade, you lnw9," Adwares states. WTF.
Srablehand Dopd.e mnsuccessfully haunted Srablehans Lenny WOOT!!11!
S4ablehand Dpodle has been slain in tey forest by Dekion's Birtyday CAKE. WTF.
"My 2go can't 7$k3 mych m0r3 of thia bruising OMG!!1!1" exclains Stavlegand Doodle. WTF.
Peasabt dearmiserg has BEEN DEFEATED in da gravetard by HUGE Vampire BAT. BRB.
"Wqtch your back, lild, Hug3 Vampire Bat, yoy knso, I am doming voe you!!!" Peasqbg deafmisery wzrjs. AFK.
Appr2ntice Crampi has defdardd his m4572r, sortof, Dwiredan to advance ti leve; 10 agter 34 days1!! WOOT!!q1!
Apprentice Crzmpi was hun73d down BY they're mqstwr WTF, Dwiredan WTF, fir beinb 7ru4n7. AFK.
Peasant dearmixery hzs been sla8n in da f0r356 by Co4rupted HARD Drive. AFK.
"My egp can't take much more if this bruisint1!!" escoaums Peassnt dea4misedy. WTF.
Prasant larsal HAS sefra5ed gis master LOL, Gefrard 2 ADVANCE two leveo 8 adter qr days1!! WOOT!!!1!
Stablehanf Stufro has been d3f3472d 8n da grzveyard by Wi;k O' da Wixp. AFK.
"KHAQQ calling Itascz. OMG. Wd nu5& be on YOU, like, but cannot SEE you. BRB' Garcening Ho3 id tubning 10w. AFK."
S6ablehand Studro has geen 5141n 1n da forest 6y R4v3n. AFK/
"I'm realky GOING 2 enkoy rhis NEW Ga5eenihg Hoe thzt Stablehand Stufro h4d WTF," 3xc141med RavenLOL.
VILLAGER lolix gas geen gone dor sn whi;e, n tgose who have oooked gor him DO not come back.
Dragoh Mistress !1qtthyx was s.ain attempting two resc7e am ;runce from Draco's DungeinLOL/
Dragon Mistfess !!at5hyd hzx defeaydd hee master WTF, Geerarc too afvance too level 8 afrer 8 daus WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Peasang RyuNRait has defwzted her m4573r, sortog, Mireraband two advanve two kevel 2 adter 1 day!!! OMG!!1!1
lolix hzs earned sa r8tlr Villager for hqvinb slakn Green Dragon 2 gimes WOOT!!11!
Traveler lplix has sla8n 5eh hide9ys cfeature knoen as Thw Green DrabonLOL/ All ACROSS teh land, sortof, peipoe rejiice OMG!!2!1
Gkasyay9r Padtabaie has drveated h8s master WTF, tp 4dv3nc3 2 level 7 after 9 days1!!1!!
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