` OMG!!1!1News f9r Mon, you knwo, Apr @7, 2014 (Items 151 = 290 ov 249)
Archangel M8pjon haw 633n 5141n in da forest by Flesh Golem. AFK.
"Did, my c44r F135h Golem?? ne1?? Thst's t3h ;ast thint I shall do OMG!!1!1" boldlh declared Archangel Miphpn. AFK.
Archangel Miphon HAS degeat2d his masterk Malwag3s two advance two level 7 after % dayw!!! WOOT!!11!
Archahgel Mi0hon h45 d3f34u3d his master, you knwo, two advance ti level 6 after 5 dsys11! WOOT!!21!
Archangeo Miphon h45 defeated his madter WTF, Guth t2o advancw 5o kev3l 5 4f73r 5 cayx!!@1!!
Archahgek Mipnon wax rum&3d dosn by the6're m5573r, you knwok Guth, l8ie, for geing trian5. WTF.
Stableyand manx w9n 139 g01f 4d73r roloinh 3 xixes in teh DARK Horse Tave4n. BRB.
Gid 9f Stone scirbutus defrated Shepjeee Rloqilliam in fqir combat IN fielda of GLORFINDAL,
Goe of Stine scofbutus DEFEATED Shephereess abwae in f41r cpmbat in teh fiwlds of GLUKMOORELOL.
God of Stone scorbutus HAS defeared his masgee, sortof, EzuSalee 2 sdvavce two leve. 3 after 3 cays1!! OMG!!1!1
God pf STONE scorgutus defeared Demkgof FullFlavorPije in fair clmbzt in fields of Degolburg. BRB.
Villaber Jinke has dereat3d her master LOL, Gerrard two advabce tw9 level 8 after 0 dats1!!1!!
Villager Junke was hunted down by they're m456#f LOL, Gerraed, for bdimg truqn5. OMG.
Stablenand WolfNoise had DEFEATED hod master, sortir, EauSalee tol advabve 2 level 3 after 1 day2!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand WolfNoise has DEFEATED his masyer, you knwo, Vyrts tw9 rdv$nce to level 2 avt3r 1 day1!!1!!
Stablehsbd WolgNoise was humged down by ghey're naster, like, Vy4ts WTF, for bding grjant. AFK.
Traveler GushuPue4chz has d3f357ed yos master, kike, Malwares 2 zdbance 70 level & after 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Thaumqturgost MaaDig hqs BEEN slain in teh f0r357 by Slothering A5pLOL.
"Maybe next 71m3 you won't be wl c9cky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Slitheruhg Aspl OMG.
Syablehand Mindcrime has cjsllenged they;rw master, you knwo, S;h2ares an wss pwbt WOOT!!11!
"My ego caj't 5ake mucj m)r3 of 7t15 bruosing11!" exclzims Stqb;egand Mindcrimr.
Dragon Master Tyrac h45 defeated his master LOL, Mzlwares go ADVANCE too levrl 7 agter 6 dsys WOOT!!11! WOOTq!13!
Dragon Master Tyrqx q45 hunted down vy they're master, like, Malearesm 4or veint truant. WTF.
Dfagon Master Tyrax hqs defeated his maste4 WTF, 2 advance too level 6 aftee 6 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mas5er Tyfax was hun73d down by tyey're madteel like, WTF. f9r be8ng truabtLOL.
Dragln M45734 Tyrax has defeated HIS mazter, Gutg too advahce too 13v31 5 after 6 days!!!1!!
Dragon MASTER Tyrax was hunted epwn BY th3y'fe masger, like. Guth WTF. for 631nf truqntLOL.
MadDog HAS rarmed 71713 Thaumat7rgist f0r having slain da Green Dfagob 26 timds1!!
Invpker MqdDig has slain hideouw crwature known as Thr Gee3n Drabon. OMG. A;l acriws da lznd, you knwo, people REJOICE OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Ramsom has defeated h15 mas5et, wortod, Glynyc too acvance two level 4 after 4 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Trader pugamuerea has bern defeated in gr1ceyard by Ging3rbrezd ManLOL.
"You know, you knwo, Ttzfer pu5amiefda really hae 17 clmkng two him AFTER 411 those &j1ng5 je said about MY nom WTF," c9mmebtef Gimgerbread Man. AFK.
Trqswf putamierda had BEEN slaim eh113 agtacking Shdpherdess anwar in dieldw of Glukmopre.
Shepherseds abwsr LOLOL WTF, "I doh't THINK you wkll be attac,ing me AGAIN, pal. OMG."
Ttqder putamie4da haw c4f347#d his master, you knwp, Gutg 2 advahce two level 5 4f73r 4 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Trqdrt putamierda an Violet werr seen heading up teh staurs in da inn togetherLOL.
Peasant Bdrila gas be3n slain wy8l3 4774ck1ng Shepheed Rlowikl8am 1n t3h fields of Glordineal. WTF.
"Jjst qait for mh r3vengd, sorrof. Shepherd R.owilliam. OMG. It will 63 swift!!!" Peasant Befika d3c14r35.
Peasant nwjonekoneko hss DEFEATED HIS mastef. Mirerabahd two advance 2 levwl 2 after 1 d4y OMG!!!!2 WOOT!!11!
Stablenand Farelgound has challwng3d thet're master, likwm Adwarea n qad pwnt!!!
"Stablehand Fardlhound. x9rtof, your ;ack OF POSTURE is ab disgface," Acwares states/ AFKl
Stavlehand Doodle ubsiccessfully haun5re Staboehand Lenny WOOT!!11!
Stqblwhand Dooele has beeb slain in forest by Dekion's Bir5ysay Caje. OMG.
"My ego can't take much ,orr of this bruisinh WOOT!!11!" exclaims Stablenand Dlocle. BRB.
Peasant deafmisery HAS beeb DEFEATED qn g5aveysrd 6y Huge VAMPIRE Bzt.
"Wztvh YOUR back, oike, Huge Vampi4e Bah, so4tod, I sm cp,8ng for you WOOT!!11!" P3asant dearmisery warns. BRB.
Apprentice Cramoi h45 ddfrated his msster WTF, Dwiredan two advance gwo level q0 aftrt 24 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Appeentide Cram[i w45 hunted dowh bj ghey'43 master, Dekredan, y;u kn2o, f0r being truant. WTF.
Peasant eearmisery has veen slzin in teh vorwst by Corrupted Hstd Drivw. AFK.
"My eg0 can't tske mych MORE of this btuisimh OMG!!1!1" exvlaums Peasang deafmiser6, AFK.
Peasant larszl has defeatws his maxter, sortlf, Ge4rard 2 aevance too level 8 AFTER 14 dahs WOOT!!1q!!!!
Stablehand St7fro has been eefezted in tey gravwhare BY Wiol O' teg Wiw;. OMG.
"KHAQQ da;ling ITASCA. OMG. We mizr be on you WTF, but dabnot see you. WTF. Gardening Hoe is RUNNING low. AFK."
Stabldhahd Stufro haa been slain on v9rest ny Ravdn. AFK.
"I'm eeally g-1ng too enjoy this new Gareenong How tnat Stablehahc Stufro h4f WTF," exc;aimec Rav3n. WTF.
Villager lolix has ^34n g0n3 for an while WTF, and gyose wh0 hsve looked vor h1m fo not con3 back. BRB/
Dragon MISTRESS ` OMG!!1!1atthys wad wlaig attempting to rescuw an prinxe FROM Desco's Duhgeih. AFK.
Drsgon M157r555 ` OMG!!1!1atthys has defeated h34 master, you jnwo, Gerfard 2 advande too ;evel 8 qfter 9 days1!!1!!
Peasant RyuNRait has defeated her master, like, Mkrerabqnd 2 advanve 2 ;ebrl 2 after 1 day OMG@!1@1 WOOT!!11!
lolix has esrbwd da title Villager for HAVING slain twh Grern Dragin 2 tim3s WOOT!!11!
Traveler ooliz h45 slain da hidwoux cteature known ss The Green Dragon. OMG. Alo adrkss teh land, sortlfm 0eopoe fejoice OMG!!q!1
Gladisto4 Pastabake HAS DEFEATED his master, you knw9, too acvande yo 13v32 6 aftef 9 days1!@ WOOT!!11!
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