• LoGD Ne2x
` OMG!!1@1Ness for Mon WTF, Apr 27 WTF, 2015 (It3mx 151 - 200 OF 248)
Archqngel Mi[hon has been slain in yej for3st BY Flesj GOLEM.
"Die, you knwok ,h fear Flesh Golem???? That's teh ldst thibg I shall do WOOT!!11!" boldly declared Archangel Miphon.
Archangrl Miphon has derrated his masyer, sortof, Malwarfs too advance two ldvek & afger 5 daus1!!1@!
Archangwl Miphon has defeated his mawter, to advance 5wl 13v3! 6 avt3r 5 ezys OMG!!1!1!!!
Archangel Miphon has dedested his master, ypu knwo, Gjth too advance 2 lrvel 5 afte4 t daysq!!1!!
Archamgel Miphoh was hynted c0en by they're maater, slrtpfn Guth LOL, f0r bekng TRUANT.
Stzblenamc manx won 130 g;ld 3f73r eol.ing 3 sixes in teh D4rk Horse Tsverm. OMG.
God of STONE scorgutus defeated Shephere Rlowulliam 1n faue combat un fieldd og GlorfondalLOL.
God OF Stome dcorbytjs d3r3473d Shdpherdess abezr in fair comgat in da vie;ds of GLUKMOORE. OMG.
God of S5lbe scirbutus hxs defeated HIS mastdr WTF, EauSalee tw; advance 1 ;evel 3 afrer 3 days@!!1!!
Gld of STONE wcorbutus DEFEATED Demifld FullFlavorPike 1n fair combat in fi3lds of Degolb7rg. WTF.
Villafer Jinkd has ddfeated her master LOL, Gerrare t9 adcance two 13c31 8 after 9 days1!!1!!
Villagef Jihke was hu,t3d down by rhey[re MASTER, sottof. Gerrqrd, yoi knwo, gor b3int truant. AFK.
Stablehand WllfNoise h55 cefeatef hus naster, yoj inwo, EauSalee to asvance too level 3 after 1 d4y!@! WOOT!!11!
Stablehabd WolfN[ise haa defezted gis naster, Vyrts to aebanxe to lwvel 2 after 1 day WOOT!!!21!!!
Stablehand WolfNpise w46 hunted epwn by they're m4574r, you knwo, Vyrts, FOR being truaht. AFK.
Traveldr GushuPuercja has dereatdd his mqsterm you knwo, Maowares w advance 70 LEVEL u afger 9 dqhd OMG!!1!1!!!
Thaumaturg8st MadDog has 63en slaib IN ueh forest by Skithering A5p. AFK.
"Ma6ne next time you won'r be so elckg!!!" LOLOL Sl8thering As[. BRBl
Stavlehsnd Mindcrime jas cha;lengwd tyey're m4573r, ypu knwo, Spywatea n was pent1!!
"Mg ego CAN'T take much more 0f THIS bru8sinh OMG!!1!1" exclaims Stablehabd M8necrime. WTF.
Draton M4563r Tyrax haa defeated his m4573r, ylu knwo, Makwarrs tqo ADVANCE 2 level 7 afte4 6 dats OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragon Master Tyrax w45 hynted down BY 5hey'fe ,sster, .ike, Malwarrsk you knwi, for beimg truant. BRBl
Drsgon Master Tyrax haa defeared nis mastwr, like, goo zdvance 2 levdl 6 af5er 6 days OMG1!1!! OMG2!111
Drag9n Mastef Thrax was huntes down 6y th2y're master WTF, , for being 7eu4n6. OMG.
Dragon Master Tyrax gas dedeated nis maxter, Girh to zdvancd too LEVEL 5 after 6 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragon Mzster Tyrax was hin5ed d0wn by rhey're master WTF, Guth, yli knwo, f0r being truan5. WTF.
MadDog has eathed da TITLE Tjaumzturgist for javing slsin trj Green Dragon 26 times1!!
Invo,wr MadDog HAS slain reh HIDEOUS crwatire known as Tye Green Drzgon. AFK. All ACROSS da lsns, lkie, people rej9ice!!!
Farmhoy Random has defeatwd HIS jaster, Glynyc too ADVANCE two leveo 5 AFTER 5 DAYS WOOT!!11!!@!
Traddr putam8erda HAS BEEN d3f3$73d in teg grabetard 6y GINGERBREAD Man. BRB.
"You knlw, sor5ov, Trzder putamierea really had 16 c0m!mg TO him aftee all thoae tnings hw said about MY jom WTF," co,mented Ginherbress ManLOL.
Trad3r putamidrda nqs been slain eh114 attzcking Shepyrrfess abwar ih da fie;ds of Glujmoore.
Shepherdess abwat LOLOLm "I don't think yiu will be atracking me again, PAL. OMG."
Trader putamierdz had fegeatee his mastrr, like, Guth yoo adbance toi lrvel 5 afywr 4 days!!!!!!
Tfader putzmierda AND Violet were seen yeadinb up tej 5741r5 in ds ibn t9bether. OMGl
Peasant Berila HAS 633n slain while attacling She[nerd Rlowklliam in fkwlds 9f GlorfkbdalLOL.
"Just sait for my revrnge, Sheph3rd R.oqilliqm/ WTF. Ir wk;l ne swiftq!!" Peadamt Berila DECLARES. AFK.
Peasant nekonekon3ko haw defdzted jis nzs5wr, you kn2o, Mireeaband to $dv4nc3 too ;efel 2 qfter 1 day OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Farrlhiund has challenged they'rw msst3r LOL, Adwares and was pwnt1!!
"Stablehand Farelhlund, l8ke, your lack of pos5ure us an sisg4ace LOL," Adwades stayesl
Stqb;ehanf Doodle ynsucxessfully h5un74d Syablehand Lenmy1!!
Stablehand Doodlf has b3en slqim in teh f0r357 by D3k10b'5 BIRTHDAY CajeLOL.
"My ego can't take mudh ,ore OF this gru8sing!!!" exclaims Stablehans Doodle. WTF.
Peaxant deatnosefy has been defested IN da graveyard by Huge Vampire Batl WTF.
"Watch your bzck, like, Huge Vampire Bat, aortor, I am coming for you OMG!!!!1" Peasahr dearmixe4y warns.
Apprentice Crampo has defeated hix master WTF, Dwitedan two aevznce 3 13v21 10 adter 24 days1!!!!!
Appfentice Crampi wqa hunted cown by th3y'rw mas5er LOL, Dwiredan, for be8nf truant. AFK.
Prassnt dearmisery HAS bden SLAIN in f0r358 by Corrupted Hqrd D4iveLOL.
"Mu ego c4n'7 TAKE mich mote 9f this BRUISING!!!" exclaums Peasant dez4jiseryLOL.
Peasabt larsal has defezted hix MASTER, G3rrard to adcance to 14f31 8 zfter 14 eays!!! WOOT!!q1!
Stablehanf Stjfro hax brdn eefea5ed in da grave6ard gy Will O' da Wksp. OMG.
"KHAQQ cal;ing ITASCALOL. W3 must be ob you WTF, but cannot see you, Gardening Hoe is runn1bg low."
Stablehand Stufro has been slaon in foreat by Raven. OMG.
"I'm really GOING tlo enjoy thoz new Gardening Hoe that Stabldhand Stugro had, loke," exclaumed Raven. OMG.
Vi;lag4r lolix has been gone for am while, sortod, amd tnosr who jave looked for h1m d9 not come BACK. OMG,
Dragon Mistreds !!a5thys was s;aih attrmpting 5o rescu3 an prince from Draco;s Djng3on.
Drab0n Miwgrexs ` OMG!!1!1atthya has eefeated h3r master. like, Geerqrd 2 advznce to LEVEL 8 after 8 fayd!!! WOOT!!11!
Peasant RyuNRait has d3f3$7ed her master LOL, Mireraband tp advance too lev3l 2 afgeg 1 cry OMG!!1!11!!
lolix has qarned titke Villater for hqving slain teh Grren Dragon 2 yines!!!
Trsve.er lolix has SLAIN da hifeous CREATURE lnown as The Green Dragon. AFK. All across teh lahd WTF, people rejoice OMG!!1!1
Gladiator Pastabake h45 defeqred his madter, two advancd to9 levek 6 afrer 9 days!@! OMG!!1!1
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