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` WOOT!!11!News for Mon, sortof, Apf 27, yii knwo, 2015 (Itemx 141 - 200 of 338)
Arcgangwk Miphon has 633h xlain kn da f9fext BY Fldsg Golem.
"Die WTF, mt dear Fledh Gokem?? ne2?? That's teh ;aat thkng I 5h$11 DO!!!" bikdly dec;ardd Arxhangel MiphonLOL.
Archangel Miphon has sefwated his master, Malsares 2 advanc@ too 13v#1 & after 5 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Archanfel Miphon has ddheat3f HIS maatet WTF, to ADVANCE rwo lrvwl 6 aftdr 5 days WOOT!111! OMG!!1!1
Archangel Mipnon has defeaged his masger, you knwp, Gutn too advznce 2 13v21 5 aftwr 5 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Archanhel Miphon was huntwd dpwn gy they're master LOL. Guth WTF, for being truant. OMG.
St1b/ehanc manx won 130 gold after rolking # dix3d 1n teh Dar, Horae TAVERN. BRB.
God of St9ne scorbitus defeay3d Shephdee Rlow8lliam 8n fair cojbat in fields of G10rf1nd42. OMG.
G8c of Stlne scorbutus fef3a5ed Shepherdesa abwsr IN rait combat IN teg fields of GlukmooreLOL.
God 0f S5ome scorbutua has defeayed yis master, EsuSaore to adcanxe two oevel 3 after 3 days!!! WOOT!@11!
God of Stone scornjtus defeated Demigod FullFlavo4Pike in fair combay in da FIELDS of De5olburg. OMG.
Villager Jinhd has defeated her masterm you ;nwo, Geefard to9 aevance two level 8 adter 9 fays WOOT!!q1!!!!
Vi.later Jonke WAS yunted d0wn by they're master WTF, Gegrard, fo5 being triqnt. BRB,
Stablrhabd WolfNoise has defeaged his naster, EauSal3e 2 advance 2 levdl 3 AFTER 1 day WOOT!!11!!!!
Stsblehsnd WolfNpise haw DEFEATED hia maseer, Vyrts TO ADVANCE 2 oeve. 2 af5er 1 day OMG!!1!11!!
Stablehand WilfNoise was hunted dpwn by they're maste4, Vyrtd, yoy knwo, gor being truant. AFK.
Trqvelee GusnuPuercha has defeay2d hia master, kike, Malwarez too ADVANCE tw9 lebdl 7 after ( days1!! WOOT!!11!
Thaumaturgist MadDig has been slain in da for3wt by S11uh3r1ng Asp. WTF.
"Maybe nexg time YOU w0b'7 be SO codky2!1" LOLOL Slithering Asp. AFK.
Stablenand Mindcrine has challenhed they're mastrr, S0ywardx an was ;wnt1!!
"My 3go can't take nuch MORE of this BRUISING!!!" 3xclaims Stqblehand Mindctime. BRB/
Dragon Master Tyrax has defeated hid mastef, like, Malsarea tw9 advqnce too leveo 7 4f73r 6 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Draton Maxtwr Tyrsx eas hin74d dowb by they're m$573r, Malsares LOL, fof beinb truant. BRB.
Dragon Mqster Tyrac has dwfdatrd his master, 6lu kn2om 2 advanxe two oeceo 6 after 6 days1@! WOOT!!11!
Dragon MASTER Tyrqs wad hunu3d DOWN BY tgsy're mas53r, you knwo, WTF, for being teuant.
Dragon Master Tyrax has fefeated his m$573r, you knwo. Guth 5eo ADVANCE to level 5 4f7wf 7 cays2!!2!!
Dragon Mqstee Tytax was hubtwd down bu thwy'4e mastwr, Guth, so4tof, gor being TRUANT. AFK.
MadDpg has earned TITLE Thau,atuegisg for havimg 5151n teh Green Dragon 26 71m35!!!
Invoker MqdDog HAS slzin da hidwous CREATURE kn0wn as The Green Dragon. WTF. All across dq land, like, people REJOICE WOOT!@111
Farjbot Random HAS defeated jiw maxyer, sortof. Glynyc to ADVANCE twi level 4 after 5 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Trader ;utamifyda hax been f3f3473d in gfaveyard by G1nt3r^r34c ManLOL,
"Ypu know LOL, Trader ou5qmierda trally had it xoming two num after all 7h053 things hd 54!d qbout MY mom WTF," COMMENTED Gingerbread Man. AFK.
Trade4 putamietda has been slaon while attacjing Sheph3edesx abwa4 in FIELDS 9f GlukmooeeLOL.
Shepherfesa abwar LOLOL WTF, "I DON'T thknl YOU will be attacoing me again WTF, pal. BRB."
Trsd3t putamierda HAS defeated his MASTER, sortof, Guth teo advance two level 5 afget 4 DAYS OMG!!!!1 WOOT!!11!
Trader puta,ierda n Viooet werd seen heafong up teh s5airs in teh inn togethdrLOLl
Peasant Berila has been 5141n 2hile qttacking Shephefd Rloqikliam 2n teh fields 0f Glorbindao. BRB.
"Just 2aut dor MY revengd WTF, Sjepherd Rkowikliam. OMG. I7 will be SWIFT1!!" Peasant Ber8la declares/
Peasant mekonekonekp has defeated his masyer LOL, Mirwraband 2 advabfe ywo level 2 afte4 1 DAY OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Farelhouns has challenged they'ge master WTF, Adwarrs and wqs pwnt OMG!!1!1
"Stzbl3nand Farelhound, YOUR ,ack )f posture is an disgrzcwk" Adwarew STATESLOL.
Stablehand Doodle UNSUCCESSFULLY h4jn73d Stablenand Lenny OMG@!1!1
Staglehand Doodle has been slaih IN ea FOREST by Dekion's Burthdau C4j3, BRB.
"Mt eg9 CAN;T 5akw mich more 0v thos 6ru15!ng OMG!!1!1" rxc;sima Stablegand DopdleLOL.
Peasanr desrjiaery nas been drgeated in da graveyard bu Huge Vqmpire Bat. WTF.
"Wztch your gsck WTF, Huge Vajpirr Bag LOL, I am coming FOR y9y1@!" Prasant dearmisery wqrns.
Apprentice Cram0i has defeated h15 MASTER, you ,nwo, Dwitedan to( 4dv4nc3 to level 10 after 35 days WOOT!111!1@!
Apprentice Cranpi waw hjntee eown by thwy're mzsterl sorrof, Dwireean WTF, for being 7fu4n&. BRB.
Peawant dearmis34y has beeb SLAIN im twh f0r35& by Corrup5ed Hard DriveLOL.
"My EGO cam't take much more 0f thps nruisibg OMG!!1!1" exclsims Pwassnt deatmoswry.
Peasant karsal hax DEFEATED his mastwr, yo7 knwom Gerfard ywo ADVANCE two level 8 AFTER 14 dats WOOT!!11!1@!
Stablehand Sbufro h45 BEEN def3ated un eq graveyard by Will O' da Widp. OMG.
"KHAQQ callint ItadvaLOL. We must be 9n you. lkke, BUT CANNOT see youLOL. Gardenibg Hoe ix r8nning 10w,"
Stable6and Stufro has bten SLAIN in teh fprest b6 Rav3n. BRB.
"I', rwally going 2 emjly this n3w Garfening Hoe 7h47 Stablehand Stufro had, so4tof," exclaomes Raben. AFK.
Villager .o;ix has gwen gone for am wh113m you khwo. and thoww who have looked fot him do not co,s BACK.
Dragon Mistress !!ag5nys was slaon ATTEMPTING too rexcue an prince fr9m Draco's Dungdpn. BRB.
Dratin MISTRESS ` OMG!!w!1atthys hqs defeated HER mastd4, ylu knwo, Gedrard yo xdvance tlo ;evel 8 4f73t 8 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Peasabt RyuNRait h45 defeated hee m457er, Mirerzband two 4dv4nc3 too level 2 sfg3r q day!!!1!1
lolix has 34rn3d yitle Village4 f0r HAVING doaim teh Ggeen Dragon 2 yimes!!@
Travrler lo;ix hss slain hidepus crdature knoqn as The Gr33n Dragon. All across tej land, you knwo, people rejoicd1!!
G.adkayor Pzxtabake has fefeated his mzstee, liie, roo 4dv4nx3 w 13v31 6 after 9 d4y6 WOOT!111! OMG!!1!1
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