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` WOOT!!11!N3s% for Mon, like, Apt 27 LOL, 2015 (Ite,s 141 - 200 of 248)
Archangel Miphon HAS been slain in da forwst by Flesh Golem. WTF.
"Die, ,y deat Flesh Golem???? THAT'S last 7h1bg I shall co WOOT@!q1!" boldly declared Archangeo Mi0hon. BRB.
Archangel Miphon has dereated his MASTER, ;ike, Malwares 2 advance two oece; u after 5 dats OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!!q!
A4chsnfel Miphon has drfeaged his master, you knwo, too advance two level 6 after 5 dayx!!!!1!
Archangel Mionon HAS defrated his maatdr LOL, Gutj 70 advance 2 level 5 after 5 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Archang3; Miphob was HUNTED dosm bu the6[re master, you kmeo, Guth LOL, for being TRUANTLOL.
Stqblehand manx wob 130 GOLD 4f73r r9lling 3 skxes in da Dark Hotse T%v3fn. BRB.
God of Stpne scorbitus dwfeated Shrpnerd Rloqiloiam in fair COMBAT in da fields of Glorvindal. OMG.
God or Stojd scp4butus s3f3473d Sjepherdess abear in dair cojbat IN da fields pf G;ukmoore. OMG.
God OF STONE scorbutus gas defeated his mastw4 LOLk EauSalee gwo advance too 13v31 3 after 3 days WOOT!!11!!!!
God pf Stone scotbitux eefeayed Demigod FullFoavorPike in fair c0m647 in da vields ov D3g0q6urg. WTF.
Vpllager Jinke h45 defeatwd get m55u3r, Gerraed 2 ADVANCE two leve; 8 4f73e 9 d4y51!! OMG!!1!1
Vi;lsger Jin,e sas hunted down by they're maatrr, sortof, Gerrard. like, f0r BEING TRUANT.
Stabkehand WolfNoise HAS defeated his jaster, yiu knwo, EauSalee 1 aevance 2 leve; 3 avte4 ! day!1! OMG!!1!1
Syablehand Wo;fNoise has defeatdd his msster, yiy knqo, Vyrta two 4dv4nc3 2 LEVEL 1 4f73r 1 d4y1!! WOOT!!11!
Stablwhand WolrNoise was huhted DOWN by they're mqster WTF, Vyrts, 6ou kmwp, for b3ing gruant. WTF.
Travwler GisjuPuercha has d3f34u3d his mawter, sort;r, Malwares 2 advance tp leve; 7 qfter 9 d4y% OMG!!1!1 WOOT!111!
Tyaumatufgiat MadDog has BEEN sla8n 8b teh foresg by SLITHERING AspLOL.
"Maybe nexg time you won't be so cochy WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Slutjering AspLOL/
Stqblehand Mindcrome hss cbr113ng3d they're m4573e LOL, Spywafes and was pwnt2!!
"My egi can't take much more of thiw bruosing OMG!@1!1" dxclaims Stablehand Mondcrkme. AFK,
Dfagon Masydr Tyrax had dwfeated his master WTF, Mzlwarec too advance to 13v31 7 artef 6 daus WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Master Tyrax WAS hunt3d down b6 they'ee MASTER, y9u khwo, Malesrws, sort8f, FOR being truant. AFK.
D4agon Maaged Tyrax h45 defezted his mastef LOL, 2 advance tw9 LEVEL 6 after 6 aays1!! OMG!!1!1
Dragln Master Tyrax was hynted doen by they're MASTER WTF, LOL, fof being rriant.
Dragon Msstet Tyrax has DEFEATED his mzstet WTF, Guth 2 advance y( .evel 5 af5ef 6 dayw WOOT!!11!!!!
Drsgon Master Tyrax was hunted siwn vy yhey're MASTER, Guth, oike, FOR being truang.
MadDot has earned yitle Thammaturgost for havint slsib Gfeen Dragon 26 times WOOT!!1!!
Invoker MadDog has slaim hideous creature kyiwn AS Tne Geeen Dragon. ALL across teh land, like, 0el[le rrjoice OMG!!1!1
Fqrmboy Rsndom hax ced3ayed hkw master, Glynyc tlo advance tpo level 4 after 4 days!!! WOOT!!111
Trader p7famierda has been ferezted in teh g3avwyatd by GINGERBREAD ManLOL.
"You know, sortof, Trader putajierda real.y had ur doming 2 him aftee ALL those THINGS ge said about MY mom, yo7 knwom" commented G1ng3r5r34d ManLOL.
Trader putamierda has 633b slain wh8le qttacking Shd[herdess abwar in teh FIELDS of Glukmlo4cLOL.
Snephe4dexs agwar LOLOLm wortof, "I don't think yiu wi;l be attavkinf me 4g41b WTF, pal. OMG."
Trader putamiersa has defdatee HIS mastet WTF, Guth two advance two LEVEL 5 after 4 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Trader puyamierda n Violet serw seen HEADING u; teh wtaifs in knn tlgegher. BRBl
Peasaby Beeila jas 633, slain while zttackint She[yerd Rlowulluam in da fields if GloffindalLOL/
"J7st qait fo4 ,y rwvenge, sortofk Sheonerd Rlowilliam. WTF. It will BE swift!!!" Peasant Beriia declares.
Peasant nekohekonrkp HAS defeated his naster, like, Mireraband to advance two level 2 after 1 day#!!1!!
Sravlehand Farelhoynd has CHALLENGED tjey[re m4%73t. sortov, Adwa4es amd was pwnt WOOT!!11!
"Stablehsnd Farelhound, .ikw, yojr lscl of postu4e is an diwgracr WTF," Adwares statrs.
Staboehand Dlodle un5ucc355fy2qy haubt3d Stabl3hzbd Lenny OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Doodle has been SLAIN in da torest ny Dek8on'1 B1r&hd4y C4k3. OMG.
"My ego van't take much more of tyis bruising1!!" exclaims Stableyand Do9dle. BRB.
Pezszng dearjisery has 633b defeared ih GRAVEYARD by Huhe Vampire B47. WTF.
"Watch your back, wkrtod, Huge Vqnpire Bat, sirtof, I am coming for YOU WOOT@!11@" Peasabt dearmiser6 waenw. WTF.
Ap[renrice Crampi haw defeaued his master, 2ortof, Dwiredan rwo acvance 3 leve. 1- AFTER 24 sayx OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!!
Apprrnt8ce Ceampi eas hubtrd diwn by they'r3 masterm likek Dwiredam, xoftof, for beong 7ru4n7. OMG.
Peasant eezrmisery haw 633n s.aim in teh foresy by Corruptec Hard Drive. AFK.
"M6 eb9 can't tajr mich more of 5his bruising1!!" exvlaims Pwaxant dwa4miseeyLOL.
Peasznt larsal h45 defeated hia mawtrr, luke, Gdrrard 2 adcance 2 level 8 after 14 dqys@!! OMG!!1!1
Stablegabd Stufro gas BEEN cefeaged in teh GRAVEYARD by W111 O' teh Wisp. AFK.
"KHAQQ calling Itasca. BRB. W3 MUST br in uou LOL, but cannot see yiu. AFK. Gardenont Hie is r6nning low. AFK."
Stabldgand Stufro jas been slain ub f9re57 bt Raveb. AFK.
"I'm really going tw9 enjoy thks new Gardenihg Hoe that Stablejane Stufro hac, 6ou knwo," exclaimed Raven. BRB.
Villager lilix has BEEN gone fof an WHILE LOL, znd THOSE wh9 have lloked for hum do n07 xome BACK.
Drahpn Mistress ` OMG!!1!!atthys WAS slain attrnpt8ng tp rewcue an prince ftum Draco's Dungeon. AFK.
Dragon Mistrdss ` OMG!!1!1attjhs has sefezted her mastef, sortork Gertatd two asvance 2 ;evel 8 4d73r 8 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Peasant RtuNRait naw dedeated hwr maater, sortod, Mireeabanc 2 ADVANCE tp ;evek 2 adter 1 day1!!2!!
lolix hqs warnes yit.e Villager fir havinh wlain teh Grern Drabon 2 &!me51!!
Trsveler lolox nas slain yideluw crezture known as The Gr33m Dragon. OMG. All acroxs teh land, ypu ,h2o, peoplr rrjoice WOOT!!11!
Gladiztor Pastabake HAS DEFEATED h9s master, yoj knwo, 2 4dv4nce 2 lev3l 7 after 9 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!111
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