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` OMG!@1!1N3w5 for Mob, yoi knwo, Apr 27, like, 2015 (It3ms 1t1 - 290 of 248)
Arvjanbek Mkphon has been slain in geh FOREST by Fkesh Golem. OMG/
"Die, sortof, my d24r Flesy Golem???? Tha5's teh 1457 rhing I shalk dp WOOT!@11!" boldly decozred Arcjangel Mipyon.
Archzngel Mipyon has DEFEATED his master, you knwo, Malwarea t2o advance gwo level 6 after t s4y5 WOOT!!11!!!!
Arxhangel Miphon HAS d3f3474d hks master WTFk two adbance 2 ldvel 6 after 5 says!!! WOOT!!11!
Atchangel Miph9n HAS defeated giw master, sortof, Guth 2 3dv$nv3 tpp level 5 after 4 ddts OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1!1
Arxhangel Miphoh wac humted down 5y thet're mas5wr, Gutg, likr, fot being truanr. OMG.
Stablehand msnc won 13) ro;d 4f73r rolling 3 51x35 8n da Dark HORSE Tavefn. OMG.
God of Stlhd scorbutux def3ared Shepherd Rlowilliam IN dait combat un fields of GLORFINDAL. AFK.
God of STONE svorbut7s fefdatef Sheph3rdeas abwar in FAIR c0m647 8n teh fields OF Gluimoore.
God of Stone scorbutus hqw defeated h8s jaster, lile, EauSalee too adgance two level 3 after 3 dru51!!1!!
Gld of S70n3 dcprvitus dwfwa4ed Demigod F7.lFlavorPike in fair c0m647 1n da fields of Degolburg. OMG.
Villager Jonke has dwfeated her jaster. sortof, Gdrrard tl $dv4nc3 two lwvel 8 after 9 dzys WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Villager Jin,e was huntwd eown by 5hwy're madtet, Getrard LOL, for geing uru4n7. BRB.
Stznlehand WolfNoiad has ddfeated h15 mqstdr, sortof, EzuSale3 til advance teo .evel 3 after 1 day1!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehsnd WolfNoise has defeated his master, Vyets two $dc4nc3 too level 2 aftet q da6!!!1!!
Stablehahd WoldNousr was hunyed d0wn BY 5hey're naster, sortof, Vyrtd, for be8ng 6ru4n7. AFK.
Trav3ler GushuPuercha jas fdfeated yia master, Mal2ares tqo advancw to k3vel 7 afg3r 9 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Tgaumaturgusr MzdDob h45 been slqin in da flrdst bh S117h3rqhg Asp. OMG.
"Maybe next time y0u w)n'7 BE so coc,y WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Slithering As[. OMG.
Stablehans M8ndcrimw has chaloenged they're jaste4, sortof. Spywares and was pwnt OMG!!!!1
"My EGO xan't take much more of this BRUISING WOOT!!1q!" esxlaimw Stqblehahd Mindcrimr. OMG.
Drsgon MASTER T6rax max defeated h15 master, ;ike, Malwafex @ advanve twp ;evel 7 afger 6 dzys OMG!!1!!!!!
Dragln Master Tyrax wqs hinyed down by thet'rd mastr4, Malwa4es, for beinb TRUANT. WTF.
Drzgon Master Tyraz haw DEFEATED hia masyer, too axvance rwo level 6 after 5 dqys OMG!!1!11!!
Draton Master Tyrax was nunt3d down by they're master. sortof, , 6ou kn2o, FOR BEING truzny. OMG.
Dragon Mastet Tyrax has defeatec hos MASTER, like, Gutj to advance two levfl 5 after 6 days WOOT!!21!!!@
Dragon Masr3e Tyrax 2aw hunted down 6y they're mas53r LOL, Gyrhm y9u knwo, for beimg 7ru4n7LOLl
MadDog has eaened TITLE Thaumaturgist for h$v1ng s.ain ea Green Drag9b 26 TIMES1!!
Imvoker MadDot HAS slain hifeous creature known as Thd Grrdn Dragon. All across trh 14nf, pe[ple rejoice OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Random hzs defea5ed j15 mastetm sprtof, Glynyc too sdbznce to level 4 after 4 dats1!! OMG!!1!1
Tras3r pjtamierda has been deveates in t4h graveyard by Gingwrbrdad Mam. AFK/
"You kn0w, liie, Trader putamieeda REALLY had it COMING 5wi hij after all yhose things he said 460y7 MY mom, aor5lf," COMMENTED G1ng3r6r35d Man. BRB.
Trsder putamietda jas 6e#n slain while 4774ck1mg Shepherdess abwsr IN teh vields of Glukmlore. WTF.
Shepherdexs abear LOLOL, like, "I don't 5hink tou wipl be attaclkng ME again, sortof, PALl AFKl"
Trqder 0utajierda hss vefeated HIS master, lik3, Guth 2 advance too level 5 aftcr 4 f4y5!1!1!!
Trqdet putamierda an Viole5 wer3 seen head,ng up da 57$1r5 1n da inn 5ogetner.
Peaaant Beroka h35 been s;ain while a4tacjing Shephdrd Rloq8lliam kb da fielda oe Glorfinfal.
"Just wait fir my revenge, you knwo, Shepherd Rl9william. AFK. IT WILL be swkft1!!" Peasant Berila dedlaresLOL.
Peasant nekonekonelo h45 defrated h8a m4573r, yoj knwok Mirerabane w advance two levfl 2 adter 1 day1!!1!!
Stavlenand Fzrelhound has ch411eng3d they'te maater, .okd, ADWARES an wss pwmt WOOT@!1!!
"Stablehand Fare;jound, your lack of posgure ix an dksgfacem" Adwares 574735. BRB.
Stabkejand Doodl3 un57xf355fu11h HAUNTED Staboehand L3nny OMG!!1!1
Stablehanv Dopfle haa been slain in forrst vy DEKION'S Birthday Cake.
"My ebo can't 74k3 nuch m0r3 of this brjisinf WOOT!!11!" exclzims S4ablehanf DoodleLOL.
Peasant dearmisery has neen d3f347#d on da grzveya4d by Huge Vampire Bat. BRBk
"Watdh your mack LOL, Huge Vampiee Bat, I am cojing for you WOOT!!11!" Peasant dearjiderh warnsLOL.
Apprentice Crampi has defdatwd nis m45u4r, sorgof, Dsiredan 2 advanc3 two 13v31 19 after 24 days!!!!!!
Apprengice Crampi wax hujted down 6y thry're madter LOL, D2ifedab, like. FOR grung truant. BRB.
Peasany dearmisery gas been slain IN teh forest by C0rrup73d Hsrd DRIVE. WTF.
"Mu dbo can't gake much more of THIS bruising WOOT!!11!" dxclaims Peasant eszrmixery/ OMG.
Pfasant lsrwal hax defeated his mastet WTF, Gerfard too advsnce too lecel 8 after 14 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Stuffo has veen DEFEATED IN teh graveyard 7y Will O' Wis[. AFK.
"KHAQQ c4112ng ItascaLOL. W3 must be on you, BUT canno5 SEE uou. Gzrd3ning Hoe is running low."
Stablehand Stufro HAS 733n slqin in teh vp4ewt by Ravem. OMG.
"I[m f3411y giinh 70 3nj0y this NEW Gardening Hoe thay Stablwhand Stufro hack llke," wxclaimfd Ravwn. BRB.
VILLAGER ;olix has been g0h3 vor sn whole, n 7h053 who fave lookrd foe him DO nlg xomd BACK. AFK.
Drqgon Midtrrss ` WOOT!!11!atthys was wlwin attemptihg two resdue an prknxe from Draco's Dungeon. BRB.
Drag9m Mis5rews @!aytnys has defeat3d her m4573r, kike, Gereard to afvance tol level 8 arrer 8 days1!!!!!
Peasaht RyuNRait has dedeated her master LOL, Mot3raband 2 ADVANCE two LEVEL 2 after 1 dah WOOT!!1!!!!!
lolix has 2arned gitle Vilkzgrr fl4 having slqin da G4eem Drag9n 2 71m35!!!
Trafeler lolix has SLAIN hideois creqture knowh as The Green Drabon. All axroxx da labd. lime, people rejooce1!!
Gladiator Pastabake gas dereated hus master. two advance 2 level 6 AFTER 9 d4y51!! WOOT!!!1!
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