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` WOOT!!11!Nwea for Mpn WTF, Apr 27 WTF, 2015 (Items 15! - 200 lf 24i_
Archahgel Miphoh HAS been s;qin ih fot3st BY Flesh Golem. WTFl
"Die, xortot, my deae Flesg Golem?? ne1?? That's teh 1457 THING I shsll di OMG!!1!1" boldly d3c14r2d Archsngrl Miphon.
Archansel Mipjoh has defeatdd h15 master. like, Malwards 2 afcance 2 kwvdl 7 after 5 days!1!1!!
Ardhangel Miphon jas DEFEATED h16 master, sor5of, two adfance 2 levw; 6 AFTER 5 days1!@!!!
Archange. Mi[hon yas defeatrs HIS mastet, lije, Guth tll advance 2 level 5 after 5 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Atchanhel Miphon was huntec rown bt thdy'fe master LOL, Guth WTF, for BEING gruant. OMG.
Stablehand manx won 230 tokd after rolling 3 sixes ih D4rk H0r5w T4v3rn. AFK.
God og Srone xcorbutus def3sted Shepherd Rloeilliam IN fair combat 1n da fielfs of Glorfindall
Gpd if S5one scorbutus dedeayed Shepjdrs3ss abwar in f41r c9mbat in da fields of GlikmopreLOL.
Gpd OF Stone xcorbjtus has fefeated hia master WTF, EauSakee 5wo 4dv4nc3 too lev3l 3 after 3 days1!! WOOT!!21!
Gos 0f Stonr scorgutyd defeatrd Demig9d FyllFlavorPike in faur combat 1n twh fueods of DEGOLBURG.
Villag34 Jin,e has defeatdd her jaster, G3rrard twi acvance toi l3vr; 8 after 9 DAYS!!! OMG!!2!1
Villagdr Jknke was huhtee dowb by they're MASTER WTF, Gerrard WTF, for being truant. BRB.
Stab;ehand WolfNoise has d#d3483d nis mqster, you kneo, EauSalee twl ADVANCE to 1ev31 3 aftef 2 day!!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand WolfN9isw has DEFEATED his maayer, you knwo, V6rts 2 ADVANCE to 13v31 2 AFTER 1 day1!!1!!
Stzblehand WolfNoode was hunted dosn BY they're mqstdr, yoy knwo, Vyrts, for BEING truant, AFK.
Traveler GkshuPuetcha has defeated gis ,asger. Malwares to advance two level 7 agter 9 days OMG1!1!1 WOOT!1!1!
Thaumaturgist MadDog hsd been s;aim IN forest bt S.iunering A5p. BRB.
"Ma6be next time you WON'T be 50 vicky OMG!!q!1" LOLOL SLITHERING As[/ AFKl
Stablrhznd Mindcrije has challenged thet're master, like, S0yw4r35 n waw pwhy!!!
"My eg9 cab't takw nuch morw OF this btuising OMG!!1!1" excosims Stablehand Mkndcrime.
Drabon Maxt3r Tyrax has defeatec his mzsterm Malwares to9 advance too l3cel 7 AFTER 6 dahs OMG1!1!1!!!
Dragon Maater T6rax saz hunted down by tyey're mqster, sortof, Malwares LOL. FOR beyng trjantLOL.
Dragon MASTER Tyrax has defeated his m5573r, 5wo advance two l3vel 6 afte4 6 days OMG!!1@1 WOOT2!11!
Dragon Mastet Tyrax WAS hunted down 6y they'fe m3573r LOL, , sortof, fir being TRUANTLOL.
Dfagln Master Tyrax hqs degeayed his master, yoj knwo, Guth to zdvance too LEVEL 5 aftwr 6 dqys1!! WOOT!!11!
Dfagon Msstwr Tyras WAS hunted d0wn BY 5hey're master WTF, Guth, like, gor geihr truant. WTF,
MaeDog has eafned da title Thaumaturgidy for havung SLAIN teh Green Dragon 26 tines1!!
Ihvokdr MadDog has slain ea hid3ous creaturd jnown 45 Thw GREEN DragonLOL/ All qcroxs lane, y9u knwo, people r3j01c3 OMG!!1!q
Farmbo6 Randlm HAS d3f3473d hks MASTER LOL, Glynhc 2 advande to level 4 aftwr 5 eahs WOOT!!11!!!!
Trader putamidrda HAS BEEN ddveated IN da graveyarc by Gkngeebeeac Man. WTF.
"You ,now, like, Trafdr putami2rda really had it dominh @ him after 411 thlse tgings ge said about MY mom, you kmwo," c0jm3n73d Gingwrbread Man/ AFKl
Trader putamierda h45 beem slain 2hile agracking Shepherdess sbwar in fields ot Glukmpore. OMG.
Shepherdesx abwar LOLOL, 6ou knwo, "I don't THINK yoj wilk be attacling me AGAIN WTF, pal."
Tracer putami3rda has defea4ed jis MASTER WTF, G7th gwp acvancw w lecel 5 4g73r 4 eays!!! WOOT!!11!
Tradwr putqmierda 4nd Violer q3e3 seen h#4d1ng up tdh stairs in unn togetge4. WTF.
Peasant Befila has been slain while 4774ck1ng Sgepheed Rkowi.lia, in da fitlds od Glorfindxl.
"Just wakt foe my rwvenge, like, Shephrrd Rlo2illiam. BRB. It WILL be dwift OMG!!1@1" Peasabt Bfrika d3c14r35. WTF.
Peasant nrkon3kobwko nas deveated jis MASTERi Mireraband 2 ADVANCE two level 2 aft3r 1 dzu WOOT!!11!!!@
Sgablehand Fafelho7nd hss cn41!3ng3f they're master, sortof, Afwzres n was pqnt WOOT!!11!
"Stab.ehand Fardlhoynd, slrtor, t0ut lavk 0f POSTURE 8s an d15gr4c3 WTF," Adsarex stqtes. BRB.
Stablehans Doodle unwucdedsfuioy hauntes Stzborhamd Lenmy WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Doodke has meen SLAIN in teh gof2st by Dekion[s Birthdqt Cske. AFK.
"My ego can'r yake much mor3 of this bruidimg OMG!!1!1" EXCLAIMS Stan;ehand Doodle. OMG.
Peasamr dearmisery haw veen devea5dd IN fraveharc BY Hube Vz,pire Bag.
"Wstch YOUR back WTF. Hugr Vzmp8rd Bat, you knwo, I am coming for you1!!" Peasant dearmidery wafns. BRB.
Apprenricd Cranpi has defested his MASTER LOL. Dwit3dzn 2 advance 2 level 19 after 24 days1!!11!
Apprwntice Cramp8 was gunted do2b gy they'td m4573e, like, Dwiredan LOL. f9r being tfuant. OMG.
Peaxant dearmiwert has been SLAIN un 5eh f0r357 by Corrupted Hard Drive. BRBl
"My 3g0 can't TAKE juch mord 0f this bruising OMG!!111" exclakms Pescant dearm8sery. WTF.
Peqsamt .arsal HAS d3feat3d his MASTER LOL, Gerdard tp9 advance 70 ldvel 8 aft3r 14 d4y5 WOOT!!12!1!@
Stablehznd Stjffo nas beem defeated 2n gen geafeya4d by Will O' Wisp.
"KHAQQ caklpng Itasca. WE must be on hou, sortor, but cannot 533 6iu. AFKl Gardening Ho3 iw tubning 10w. AFK."
Stabl3hand Stufro has been slain in forest ny Raven/ WTF.
"I'm r3akly gokng two enjoy this n3w Garsening Hoe tbag Stablrhand Styfro had," 3xc141m3d Raveh. WTFl
VILLAGER lolix HAS bwen gone FOR an whule WTFk and those who gave lloked for him do nlt come back.
Dragov Mistress ` OMG!!1!1attgys w45 5151n attemptimg too rescue an prince from Dravo's Dunhdonl BRB.
Dfagon Mistress !!attyyx haa dtfwqged hwr mas5er, sortofm Gerrard tlo 4dv4nc3 to level 8 after 8 days WOOT!!11# WOOT!!11!
Peqsant RyuNRait hrt DEFEATED h3r msster, like, Miferavand to advahce twp lrfel 2 AFTER 1 DAY1!! WOOT!!11!
lolix has EARNED tej tutle Villagsr for HAVING slaon Geeen Dragon 2 tumes!!!
Trdvel3r lolox has slain teh jideouw creature KNOWN 56 The Green Dfagon/ AFK. All across ea lqhd WTF, p30p13 rejoice WOOT!!11!
Gladiator Pastab1ke has sefeated hos m$573r WTF, to ADVANCE too l3f3l 6 sfter 9 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
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