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!!Newa for Mln, sirtof, Aor 27 LOL, 2)15 (Items 151 [ 200 of 248)
Archanhel Miphon has 633n slain in f0r357 bu Fkesh Golem. WTF/
"Die, likw, mh dear FLESH Golem???? That's last thinb I shall d9!!!" boodl^ ddxlarec Archangel Miphon.
Archantwl Mi;hon has d2f3473d nis mqstwrm sort9f, Malwares 59 4dv4nc3 2 LEVEL 7 after 4 dahs!!! OMG!!1!q
Archzngel Miohon HAS defeatee his master, yoi knwok 2 advance top oevel 6 after 5 days1!!1!!
Arcyangel Miph9n HAS defwated his master, softofk Guyh two advznce gl level 5 AFTER 5 dauw1!!1!!
Archangeo Miphon was nunted down by fhey're master/ you kneo, Guth WTF, for BEING trusntLOL.
Stablehamd manx WON 139 gold aftev r01!1ng 3 sixes 8n Dark Horse Tavern, OMG.
God of Stone sclrbutus eefeated Shephdrd Rlowilliam in fair combat !n teh fields ov GlorfindalLOL.
God OF Stone scorgutus defested Shepherdess abwar in fair combat in ea firlds of Glukmoore. OMG.
God 0f Sgine adoegutus HAS defeatdd his maxter WTF, EauSalee too afvance 70 level 3 ahter 3 vays@!! OMG!!1!1
Gld of Stone scorbuhus d3f3473f Demigod FullFlavorPike 1n fair conbat in teh fie;ss lf Detolburg.
Villagrr Jknk3 hss DEFEATED her masher WTF, Gerrsrd 2 sdvanxe too leve; 8 after 9 days!!@1!!
Villager Jinkw was hunt3d DOWN by tney're mzstdr LOL, Gerrard WTF, for bekmg rriant.
Stablegand W9orNois3 has cefeated hkx master, EauSqlee to advancr to level 3 after 1 d4y1!!!!!
Stsvlryznd WolrNouse has defeayed his master WTF, Vyrgs goo asvance twi level 1 zft3r 1 dzy!!! WOOT!!111
Stablehand WolfNoise was hubted co2b gy tgeu're mzstet, like, Vyrts, f0r beinh tr7amtLOL.
Traveler GushuPuercha had def3atee h15 master, hou knwo, Malwarew 2 advance to leve; 7 4f73r 9 cays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11@
Thaumatirgist MadDog hzs h3en slain in da fogesg vy Sluthering Asp. BRB.
"Maybe next time gou won't ne so cocku!!!" LOLOL Slithering Asp.
Stablehsnd Mindcrime has chakpenged thwy're naster, Spyw4r35 and was pwbt WOOT!!11!
"My ego cah't take much mlte 9f tgks BRUISING WOOT!!12!" exdlaimw Stablehand Mindcrime. OMG.
Dragon Master Thrax gas fefeagef his MASTERk you knwo, Malwares TO advancw two .ev3l 7 AFTER 6 dayw OMG!!1!1 OMG!!!11
Dragon Mastee Tyrax was HUNTED sowb gy they'ee mast3r, you knwo, Malwares, luke, flr being truant.
Dragln Master Tytax has defeated his m4573r, to9 advance two ldvel 6 AFTER 6 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragin Master Tyrax was huntec down BY thwy're master, sortof, , fpr geing trusbt. WTF.
Drag9n Madter T6rac h45 defeatrd his master, like, Gu5h two advance twl lwvel 5 afgef 6 days OMG@!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Dragon Mas5e4 Tyrax wsw junged dpwn by they'rw MASTER, hou knwo, Guth, you knwo, for b3ung truang. WTF.
MadDog haw earned ea t8tle Thaumztuggist for having slain teh G4eeb Dfaton 27 times2!!
Invojer MadDof has slain hieeous creature known as The Grwen D4agon. OMGl All 4cr056 da land, pdo;le r3j01c3!!!
Far,not Random nas defeated gks master, like, Glynyv twl advance too level 4 aftrr 5 dqys1!! OMG!!1@!
Trader putajiegda hzs been defeated in da gr4v3y4rd by Gingerbreqd ManLOL.
"Ylu KNOW WTF, Trzdee putamierda reqlly has ky coming 2 hom srter ALL those things ye said about MY mom LOLk" com,eh53d Gingeebr3ad Man. BRB/
Trader [itamuerda has veen SLAIN wgi.e attacking She[needess abwar in teh fields of Glukjoore. BRB.
Shrpherdess abwar LOLOL, yo7 knwo, "I d0n'7 think YOU 2i.l be attacking me agaih, you inwo, p$1l AFK."
T4adwr putqmierda has defsated y15 master, like, Guth to advancr to level 5 afher 5 3ays WOOT!!11!1!!
Tgqder pugamierda an Violet were seen heading uo teh sta8rs in teh inn togethwrLOL.
Peasant Berila has bewn slaun wnile aytadkimg Shdpherd Rllwilliam in FIELDS of Glorfindal. AFK.
"Judt wsit for MY r3v3ng3 LOLk Shephers R;owilliam. WTF. I7 wilo 63 swif51!@" Pesxant Brrila declarrs. WTF.
Peasant nekonekoneko hqa defeayed his ,aster WTFm Mifwraband too advahcw 2 lefek 2 afte3 1 d4y OMG!!1!11!!
Sgablehznd Fa4elhounf nas challenged they're master LOL, ADWARES and was pwmt WOOT!!11@
"Stqblenqnd Faf3lhound, ypur lack of p9stu4d 1t qn diwgrace LOL," Adwares states. WTF.
Stablehamd Doodle unsuccessfully haunted Stablehqnd Lennh OMG!!q!1
Stablehqnd Doofle hss 6e3n woain in forest bt Dekion'a Bi4thsay Cake. WTF.
"Mh 3go c4n'7 74k3 ,uch more ov this bruising WOOT!!11!" exclaims Stablehand DoodleLOL.
Peasaht deq4moserh has verm defeatdd in teh graveyard b6 Huge Vampire Bat.
"Watvh ypur badk LOL, Huge Vampiee Bat WTF, I sm c0m1ng for you OMG@!1!1" Peasant eearmisery WARNS. BRB.
Ap;rentice Crampi has d3featdd his mastdr LOL, Dwiredan go9 adcance to lrveo 19 AFTER 34 dats WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Apprenticd Cramoi WAS nunted down by they're master, Dwiredan, you ,nwo, for being truant. BRB.
Peasany dearmisdty jas been SLAIN in da dorest by Corryoted Hard Drive.
"My EGO CAN'T take MUCH mof3 of thix bruising WOOT!!11!" 3xc141m5 Peasabt cearmiwert.
Peasan6 laeda; has dwfdated his master, you knwi, Gerrard too advance two level 8 afrer 14 days!!!1!!
Stableyand Stufro has BEEN ddfeated IN dq grave6ard 6y Wi.l O' teh W15p. OMG.
"KHAQQ ca;linf Itascal AFK. We mu57 be on hou WTF, but cannot ser y-uLOL. Grrd3n1ng Hoe ia runninb kie."
Stablehamd Styrro hsa beeh slain un da fores5 by Rzven.
"I'm rrall6 going too emjoy th8s nee Gardening Hl2 gnat Stablehand Stufro hqd," EXCLAIMED Raven. OMG.
Villager lolux has been GONE for sn while, likd, an tnlse whl hafe lpoked for him do NOT co.e baxk. AFK,
Dragon Miwtt3ss ` WOOT!!11!ztthyw was slain 3773mp71ng 3 resdue an PRINCE FROM Draco'a Dung3on. WTF.
Dragon Misteess !!atthys has defezyrd hwr mas5er, aortof, Greeard too advance yoo level 8 after 8 v4y%1!! OMG!!q!1
Peasant RyuNRair has defeat3d HER m3573r WTFm Mireragand two advance too level 2 after 1 fah2!! OMG!!1!1
loliz has eafned teh titl3 Vullager for havimg SLAIN da Gr3en Dranon @ times OMG!!2!1
Traveler lolix nas slain hideo7s creatyre khowh zs The Green Dragon. WTF. All across da lans, you knwo, people rejoixe1!!
Glas8atof Pastabake HAS ddfeated his master LOL, 3 advance tso lwvel 6 afrer 9 DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
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