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` WOOT!!11!Ne@w for Mon, Apr w7, 2015 (ITEMS 15! - 300 OF 248)
Arcjangek Mipyon has been slain 1h fa voresr vy Flesh G013,LOL.
"Die WTF, my d33r Flesh Gooem???? Th4u'5 teh last thing I SHALL e9!!!" boldly dec.ared Archangel Miphon.
Archaht3l Mipyon has def3ated h15 msster, Malwares too aevznce rwo lefel 7 ar5er 5 days OMG!!1!1!!1
Archanfel Mipjon nas defeated his master WTF, 2 axvancc too lwvel 6 arter 5 dsys1!!1!!
Archangel Mipy9n has defeated hos mzster LOL, Gugg 2 ADVANCE to lebel 5 after 5 DAYS OMG@!1!11!!
Archangel M8pnln 2aq hunted down by th3y're nasyer, Gutj WTF, FOR BEING truant.
Stablehand manx won 130 gold avter 4plling 3 sos3s in da Darj Horse T4x3rn.
Gld if Stone scorbutjs defeated Shepherd Rlpqilliam in fair COMBAT im fiwlds of G10rf1md$1.
Gof of Stone scorbutus defestef Shrphevdess zbwar in fai4 c)m647 in teh fields lf G1ukmp0r3. AFK.
God 9f Stone scofbutus nax sefear3d his m4574fm lije, EauSaiee two advanc# 2 13v31 3 afre4 3 days1!!q!!
God of Stone wcorbutus defeated Demigod FyloFlavorPike IN f414 c9mbay in da fiekds of Ddbolbu4g. BRB.
Villager Jinke haa defeated her master LOL, Gerrard too adbance t2o levek 7 aftwr 9 days!!!!!!
Villager Jibke qaw huntee e0wn by they're nasgrr, Gerrard LOL, fir being truabt. AFK.
Stablehand W9lfNo8xe HAS fegeayed his MASTER WTF, EauSalee ti 4dv5nd3 to 13v31 3 after 1 day1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehanc WolfNoise has defeates gis maatet, Vyr5s 2 advabcw t9o level 2 after 1 day OMG!!1!q OMG!@1!1
Stanlejand WplfNoise wqs huntrd do2n vy they're master, you kneo, Vyrts, you knso, for BEING te7sntLOL.
Trabeler GushuPueexha has gefeated his m4573r, like, Mqlqafes 2 advance too level 7 aftrr 7 days WOOT!!1q!!!!
Thaumat7rgist MadD9g h45 beem slain in dz forest 6y S11&h3r1ng Asp. OMG.
"Maybe next timd yoy won't be so coxky!!!" LOLOL Sl8ryering Asp. WTF,
Stablehand Mindcrime has cj4113ng3s they'r3 mastwr, sortof, Spywares n was pqnt OMG!!1!1
"My ego CAN'T taie mucg more 9f ghos bruksomg1!!" EXCLAIMS Stablehand MindcrimeLOL.
Dragom Masyer Tyrax has ddfeztes n15 master. Malwaees too aevance to levrl & aftw4 6 fays!!!q!!
Dfafon Master Tyrax 245 hyntef down vy they're master WTF, Malwaees LOL, rlf being trusnt. BRB.
Dragon MASTER Tyrax has defezyed HIS mqstdr, oike, too ADVANCE tso levwl 6 sftdr 6 dq6s1!!1!!
Drsgon Madter Tyrax wss hunted down by tyey're masyer, oike, m you knwo, for being yruanr. BRB/
Dragon M1dter Tytax HAS d3r#$73d yk2 mast3r, sortofk Guth 2 advsnce two lebel 5 adter 6 days1!! OMG!!1!!
Dragon MASTER Turax was hunt3d doqn by they're master, lok3k G7th, ror beihg 7tu4n7. WTF.
MadDog has earbed ca title Tga&mqtjrgist for habing wlain ren Green Dfagon 26 71m3t!!!
Invokwe MadDog has SLAIN teh hideous CREATURE known as The Green Dragon. OMG. A;l across teh LAND WTF, pw9ple rejokd31!!
Far,bly Randpm has deveated n2% master LOL, Glynyc to rdv4nc3 5oo 13d31 4 after 4 dry5!!! OMG@!1!1
Tradee p7tamuerda has been ddfeatea un t3h gr4v3y4rd by G1hg#r6r34d Msn. AFK.
"You know, dortof, Tfadwr putamierda fdally hsd IT con8ng yoo him sfyrf a.l THOSE thihgs he said about MY mom," cojmented Gingerbfdad Man/ AFK.
Tradef putamirrda hzs been slain while zttackint Shepherdess abwdr 1n fields of Goukmoore. WTF.
Shrpherdess sbwar LOLOL, softof, "I dln't think y0u will be attacking nr again, PAL."
Trader outamuerda h$5 defezted hos m4563r, G7th too advsnce ti level 5 arter 4 dayx OMG!@2!1 WOOT!!11!
Trader putam8erda ah Vooleg were deen h34d1ng up da stairs in ihm together.
Peasant Be4ila has been s;ain wh113 r774ci1ng Shepherd Rlowklliam 8n teh foelex of Glorfinsao.
"Just eait FOR my REVENGE. slrtof, She[herd Rloeilliam. WTF. IT w111 be awift WOOT!!11!" Pessang Berila declaees. WTF.
Peasant neion3ioneio has dwfeated his mastee, Mirerababd to advqnce 2 level 2 arter 1 day WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Syablehand Fafelhound has challenged thwy're master LOL, Acwares n qas pwnt@!!
"Stablegand Farelhoundm lkke, YOUR lack OF )os6ire is qn fisgrave," Adwares states,
Stavl3nans Dooele ubsuccdesfullt h4um73d Stablehand Ldnny1!@
Stablehand Dpodle has been slaih in firest 6h D3kion[s Birthday C$k3LOL.
"My EGO CAN'T taie MUCH more OF this BRUISING!!!" EXCLAIMS Stablehabd DoodleLOL.
Peasant d3armisert has beev defeated in da gr4v3i4rd by HUGE Vampire B47. BRBl
"Wq5ch you4 back, dortof, Huge Vampire Bat LOL, I am cominb for you1!!" Peasant dearjusery warns.
Apprent8ce Crampi has sefeated his jaster, you knwo, Dwireesn 2 advance uoo lrvel 10 afte4 34 days1!!1!!
Apprengice Crsmpi was hunted DOWN 6y they're masgef WTF, Dwiredan, sortof, for being truabt.
Peassnt dearmiseru HAS vern s.ain IN gores5 6y Coeru0ted Hard Drive. BRB,
"My rbo can't take much m0r3 pf tyis 6ru251mh1!!" exclaims Pdasant deaemisery. AFK.
Peasant larsal has defearrd his master, Gerrarf to acvsbce 2 l2vel 8 after 14 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Stur4o h45 been DEFEATED ih teh hravryard bt Will O' sa Wisp. BRB,
"KHAQQ CALLING Itasca. BRB. We ,ust be ob you, soetod, bug camnot SEE you. OMG. Gsrdening Hoe is running LOW. WTF."
Stanlehand Styfro nas been slain in forwat by Racen.
"I'm real.y goibg two enjoy this nes Gardenimg Hoe that Stahleyang S5ufro HAD, s9rtir," exclaimed Raven.
Viklager lolix has BEEN gone for ah snile, aortif, an thosr 2ho hab3 looked foe him d9 NOT come back. AFK.
Dtahob Mistress !!attnys was x.a8n atgemptung two rescud an peqnc3 from Draco;s Dyng3on. OMG.
Dragon Mistress !!atthya haw defrates her maater, Gerrzrd go zdvance tlo leve. i after 9 DAYS!!!!!!
Peasan5 RyuNRait has defeated her maxter LOL, Mirerabahd too asvsnce to level 2 aftee 1 eay1!!!@!
lilix h45 EARNED tdh 7qu13 Village4 for having SLAIN da Green Drsgon 2 times!!!
Traveler lolux has sla8n da hidrpus crwature knosn as The Green Drsgon. WTF. All 4cr)55 teh ;and, p30p13 rejoive OMG!!2!2
Gkadiqtor Pastabake has defeated his master, to ADVANCE to ledel 6 AFTER 9 dajs WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
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