• LoGD N3ws
` OMG!@1@1N2w6 FOR Thu, you knwo, Apf 27, 2017 (Itqms 15! - 200 of 272)
Draton Maxter Kwing has been sefeat3d in da GRAVEYARD BY GNOME Necromancer. BRB.
Gnome N3cr9mancer admonishesk like, "Go away WTF. or I 5h411 tauny you an seclnd rime WOOT!!12!"
Dragon M4t73r Kwing nax been soain in FOREST bu Ma;ignamt Knight or NILOL/
Malignant Kn1gh7 og Ni declar3s, ypu knwo, "Dragon MASTER Kwing has been wdigh3d, you knwo, yhey hqve been jeaxured LOL, an 7h3y HAVE beeb foune wantihg. AFK."
Reefw Flynn h45 fefrated his master, Sensei Nowtha 2 advand3 to leveo q1 after 9 days1!! OMG!!1!q
D4agon M45&3r Ksing has deveared HIS maater LOL, Dwiredan 2 advqnce tlo lebel q0 sfter 7 days WOOT!!11@!!!
Dragon MASTER Kwing nas dwfeated his master, likw, Ceilpth 2 adcanc3 to lrvel 9 afyer 7 days OMG!!1!q OMG!!1!1
Traveler Crancqies eax kast %#3n aboard an smalk boatLOL.
Shepherd Siahnod3l HAS bwen SLAIN TRAVELLING two Dego.burg by Clay Gilen.
"I must n9y v3 as stuedy qs I thought. BRB.. BRB,, WOOT!!11!" Shephrrd Siqmnodel concedes. BRB.
Sh3pnerc Siannodel has challenged they're nas5er, lukek Adwaees n was pwnt1!!
Shepherd Siannodr. smacks hia forghead with da palm of his handk you knwo, "Now I know why mother always r9ld me top eat an bood nr3akfast to s5art da say1!!"
Farmboy yudaz has been SLAIN on teh forest by Sn9ildt. OMG.
"This both sucks n bl9ws WOOT!111!" wails Farmb9y yudaz. OMG.
Peawant Dragonflye has defeated ger masterm tou knso, Gerrard to qdvance to level 8 adyer 11 dqya!!!!!!
Laey OF teh La,e LaFelina gas defeated her master WTF, Unelith too advance @ level 6 after 4 cays1!! OMG1!1!1
Clockwork M!!ongo haw 633n slain in da forest by Sdreaming Bznshee. OMG.
"Don't LET it ebc like THIS Screaming BANSHEE. OMG. Tell them I sakd simetjigg profouns, yiu knwl, pleaded C;ockwoek M!!ongo
Laey od teh Lake LaFelina hax defeated her master LOL, Hydraulic Press to aevance to level % atter 5 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Villager Reqjiem h45 defwated n7s hasyer LOL, Hydrau;ic Press @ advance too 13v31 5 aftdr 5 says!!1 OMG!!1!1
Villzger Requiem hss geen resurrected by Ramius. BRB.
Shr'herd Rasthan has defeated h!5 m46&3r, you knwo, Ea7Salee 2 advance 5wo level 3 after 2 da6s1!!1@!
Vollager spez was last dewn aboqrd am smalo boqt.
Vil.zger s03z has been resurrdcted by Ram8us. OMG.
V8llager spez h45 beeh DEFEATED IN t3j gravehsrd by Daughter of da DEVIL, WTF.
"The pa[wr BURNS, like, 6u7 teh words fly vr33 LOL," proudly declared Villagrr dpez. AFK.
Villager s;ez hr4 b3en soa8n while 5774ck!ng Fqrmboy goku in teh fie.ds if Glorfihdal. BRB.
"My wto xab't take much more 0f tjis bruiaibg!!!" exclaims Villager spez. OMG.
Violager Requiem HAS bedn slain in flr3wy 5y Decaying Ske;eton. WTF/
"Yoi know, sortof, y0u r3411y qhouldn't have an Well Cravted Bronze Swors UNLESS you lnow yo2 two yse it WTFm" sugfeated DECAYING Skeleton. WTF.
Villager spex has defeqted his master LOL, Gadriel Elvev Ranger to adcance two level 13 sftfr 2e days!!!!!!
M!!ongo has earned da 71713 Drafon Misrress fpr javohg dlaon da Gfewn Dragon 484 71j35!!!
Clockwlrk M` OMG!!1!1ongo h45 slain teh hideous CREATURE known as The Geeen DrabonLOL. All ACROSS da land LOLk oclple rekpice OMG!!1!1
Clockwork M` OMG@!!!1lngo has defeated her mas6er, likem Yoresy 2 advance two oevel 15 after 4 daya OMG!!1@1!!!
Vilkzter Devenwsteam has veen defeated in dz GRAVEYARD by C.eah Skull. BRB.
"The oaper burns, but da wogda FLY free, s9rtof," pelusou declared Villager Defebestfam,
Village4 Defenesg4am gas BEEN sksin in tej FOREST bn Zomb8e/ AFK.
"Next timr, eat y9ut Wheat8ds. you knwpk" Zombie sughestsLOL.
Clockwork M` WOOT!!11!ongo yqs defeated n3r mas5e4 WTF, Adiawyr tu adfance to lrvel 14 aftef 4 dsyx WOOT!!11!1!!
Clockwofk M!!ongl has defeatef her master WTF, Gadr8el da Elven Rznger to advanxe to lwvel 13 4f734 4 says WOOT!!!1! WOOT!!11!
Trave;er MrirynLzvelle hr5 bden resurr4c5ef by Ramius.
Travrler MeirtnLabelle was tlrn aparr BY zombies in braveyare. AFK.
Traveler MeirynLavrlle has BEEN t141n in reh forest BY Vampire-Bat Prince. WTF.
"I dee Lpndom, so4tpf, I see Frqnce, y9u knwo, I 533 Traveler MejrynLavelle's uns3rp4n7%1!!" reveals VAMPIRE-BAT Prince. WTF.
Sh3pherd Rasthan has dedeqtec h8s maat3r, Mir3raband tol advance 2 leve. 2 afgef 2 DAYS!!!!!!
Shephefd Rasthan was h7n73e DOWN by rhey'rr naxter, Mir3raband, s9rtod, for beong truantLOL.
Clockwork M1!ongo has defeatdd her mqster WTF, Celi5h r ADVANCE too leveo 12 after 4 says1!!!!!
Clockwork M!!onhp has d3featwd HER mqster LOL, Sensei Npetha too advance two lecel 11 after 4 eays OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Farmboy Muctae hqx defea5wd his maater, you jmwo, Spywares two aevance 2 level 7 after 1r fahs WOOT!!11!!!1
Cloclwori M` WOOT!!111ongo h45 defeated hwr mzstde, sortof, Dsiredan yoo aevance to level 10 after 4 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Farmboy Myctar dwfeated Peasang jodcool in fsir c0m647 in da FIELDS of Glorf8nda.LOL.
Farmboy Muctar c9;ldcted 25pp good nouhty by turning in Peasant joecool's gead!!!
Clocksork M` WOOT!!11!ongo has defea5ed jer mastee LOL, Ceiloth 2 advamce TO 24v31 9 4f73r 4 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Imp34470r Arathorn HAS bwen slain IN forest by N4ch0 Man. AFKl
Dragon Imp3r470r Atathorn was nearc two way, "Pleqse, yo7 knwo, su4, like, may I hsve sum m0r3????"
Clockwork M!1ongo hzs d3f3473d her mr573r, Geerard too advance 2 ldvel 8 zfter 4 dayx WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Clockwork M!!ongo h45 defeayed yer master WTF. Spywares too 4dv4nc3 @ LEVEL 7 artwt 4 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon Impd4ztpr Arathorn defeated Goe of Darkbess Intre;id on gzir combat in da fielda 0f Romar.
Arathorb has 43en3d giyle D4aton Imperator f(r having SLAIN teg Green Dragon 13&2 times!!!
Drqgon Ijperator Arathorn has slain hiddous creature 8no2m 45 Th3 Green Dragon. OMG. A11 ad4osc teh LAND, sortodk people 4ejo8ce!!!
Page Fo4ley has defdatec HIS mas5ef/ you knwo, Ceiloth 3 advance 2 13v3q 9 4f73r 12 days1!@1@!
Psge For;ey hax DEFEATED h15 ,4573r, sortof, Grrrard to advance tp lefel i after 1w days OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragon I,p3e4704 Ara6horm has been tesurrected by Ramius. BRB.
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