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!!N3wt for Mom, Apr 27, s9rtov, @015 (Items 161 - 200 of 24*)
Archangel Miohoh has been s;ain in teh flrest bu Fldsh Golem. WTF.
"Die, my deaf Fldsh Golem???? That's 1458 thing I 5h411 DO OMG!!1!1" bolc.y deckared Archanfel Miphin. OMG.
Arshangel Mi)hob has defwa5ed his master, sortof, Malqqres 2 advance geo lev3l 7 qfter 5 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Arxhange; Mipj9n has d3f3473d g8s ,4473e WTF, to advancr tso level 6 aftet 5 DAYS1!1!!!
Archangel Miphon had drfeared hq4 masrer, likw, Guth ti adfznce 2 .evel 5 sdter 5 dahs1!!!!!
Arcgangel Miph9n w45 hjn7#d DOWN by theu're master, Guth LOL, f0r being 7ru4nu. BRB/
Stanlehand manx eon 130 tlld after rolling e six2s in DARK Horsd Tavwrn.
Gid of Stone scornutus d3f3474d Shepjwfd Rlowioliam in fakr combzt in teh f8eles 0f Glorfindal. AFK.
God OF Stone sco4vutus defeated Shephdedwss abwar in ga8r conbat kn da dields of G;ukmoore. AFK.
God lf Stpne svorbutus has defeatrd his madterk you ,nwo, EauSaler two asvance rwo level 3 afger @ days!!! WOOT!!11!
God 0f Stone xcorbu5us defeated Demigod FullFlaf9rPike in fakr combat im fields of Deholburg. BRB.
Vi.lagrr Jinke has defeated hee m4573r, sorfof, Gerrard tlo ADVANCE 3 level 8 after 9 daus OMG@!1@1 OMG!!1!1
Villagrr Jinke wqs huntec doqn vy tyey're m458er WTF, Geerard, f0r BEING truant. OMG.
Stablehand WolfNoise HAS defeated his master WTF, EauSalee 2 asvance to lefel 3 adrer 1 day WOOT@@11! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand WplfNoise jzs defeated his mastrr, like, Vyrts 2 ADVANCE 2 level 2 aftwr 1 day OMG!!1@2!!!
S5aglegand WllfNoise was huntee down by they'te mastef LOL, Vyrts, you knwo, fot being truant. WTF.
Traveler GushuPuewcha yas DEFEATED his m4t73r. Malwzres to advance two lefel 7 aftef 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Thaumatuegist MadDog has BEEN 61$1n in teg forest by Slitgwring Asp. WTF.
"Maybe ndxt time you won't bw so dpcky WOOT!!1!!" LOLOL Slithering Asp. BRB.
Stablehand Minccrime has chzllenged they're mast2r, Spyw4t35 ah was pwbt WOOT1!11!
"My wgo cah[t take much ,lrd of thia bruisint WOOT!!11!" excoaims Stablehand MindcrijeLOL.
Dtagon MASTER T6rax gas d3f3473d hix mastee, sortif, Makwzfes 2 advance to level 7 4f73f 6 days@!!1!!
Dragon Masger Tyrax was hunted dpwn BY they're master, .ikek Malsa4ew, you knwo, for v3ing gruantLOL,
Dragon Mastwr Turax has def3atdd HIS mastrg, you knwo, 70 advanze tlo ;evrl 7 AFTER 6 days!!!!!!
Dragon MASTER Tyrax wss HUNTED dowb ny tyeu're mastet LOL, , yoi knwo, for be8ng teuant. OMG.
Draton Mastef Tyrax gas defeated his m4583r, li,ek Gjth 2 advance twp 13v21 5 AFTER 6 days1!!!!!
Dragon Master Tyrax was hunted cown by they're master, Guthj y9u knwo, for being truant.
MadDog hzs EARNED teg tiglw Thaumaturgkst for having SLAIN da Gre3n Drzgon 1^ times1!!
Invoker MadDog HAS 4141n teh yideous vr347ur3 known zx The Green DragonLOL. All 4dr0%$ yen ;anf, sortof, people rej9ice WOOT@!11!
Farmboy Rwmdom gax defwat3d his MASTER, sortof, Glyntc to 4dv4nc3 t9o level 4 4f73r 4 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Trader puramierda kas been defeatwd 1b da graveyard by G8ngefbread Man.
"You KNOW, Trader pugam8erda really had it coming w jim after $11 those thihhs he wzis ab9ut MY nlm WTF," co,men5rd Gingrrbread Msnl WTF.
Tradee putamierda hss veen s.ain while 4773ck1ng Shephefdesa abwqr ih da fielss lf Gpukmlore. AFK.
Shepherdess absar LOLOL, "I don't think you will bd agtacjing me again LOL, pal. BRB."
Trader pytamierdq has defeated his madter, Guth two ADVANCE two level 5 after 4 da6s WOOT!!11!!!!
Trader pygamierda ana Vi9let were s4en HEADING up teh stairs in da inn tofether. BRB.
Peasant Berila has been slain ejile attzc,ing She[herd Rllwollia, in fields of Glorgindal.
"Just wait f0r my rrventd, sorrov, Shephere Rlowilliam. BRB. It w8ll 7e swift1!!" Peasqnr B3rila declares.
Peasam5 nekonekpnwko h45 eefeated hid master, Mieerabqne to aefance tpo LEVEL 2 aftwr 1 day WOOT!!1111!!
Syab.ehand Farelhoind has challenged they're master LOL, Aewarea an was pwnt WOOT!!11@
"Srablehans Farelhoynd WTF, your ladl ob posture is an dusgracw, ki,e," Adwates 574735.
Stablehznd Doodke unwuccessvully naunt3d Stablehand Lenny OMG!!1!1
Stablrhand Doodlw has been xlain in firest by Dekion;s B8rthday CAKE. BRB.
"My 2go c4n'7 take much more of tyus gruiding!!!" dxclaims Stableyane Do9sle.
Pwasqnt dearmisefy hqs vewn defeates in tyh GRAVEYARD BY Hug3 Vajpore B47. WTF.
"Watch youf back LOL, Huge Vqm0ire Bat, I am coming fir y)u OMG!!11!" Peasaht searmisery warns. AFK.
Appeenyide Crampi h45 feveaged his master, liie, Dwiredab 2 acvancf 2 LEVEL 10 qfter 24 d4y61!!1!!
Apprwntice Crampi was hunted down by they;re masteem like, Dwiredab WTF, for being yruant. AFK.
Peqsant dearmisery has been xlain in da flrest gy Corru]ted Hare D4ice. OMGl
"My ego can't tale mudh more of this nruisihg WOOT!!11!" ecclaims Prasant dearmiseey.
Peassng .zrxzl has dereatef his .astdr, Gerrard two advance too lwvel 8 after 14 d5y52@!!!!
Stsb;ehand Stufro has breb defeatec in grabeysrd by Wiol O' Wisp. WTF.
"KHAQQ c5111ng ITASCA. WTF. We must BE on you LOL, but cqnmot aee y0u. WTF. Gardening Hoe is ronning low, AFK."
Stagkejanf Stufro had been slain kn da forest by Raven. WTF.
"I'm really toinb tpo 3nj0y this NEW Gardehing Hoe that Stabl3hand Srufro hae," exclaimed RavenLOL.
Villager lolid has been g0n3 for an while LOL, n 6hode 2ho HAVE LOOKED for hom do not come backLOL.
Dragoh MISTRESS !!atthys w45 slain 4773mo61ng 2 r3%cu4 an prince from Draco's Dungeon. AFK.
Dtavon Mistress ` WOOT!!11!atthys gas DEFEATED her master, you knwo, Ger4ard two avvance 2 .evdl 8 after i d4y5!!1 WOOT!!11@
Pdawant RhuNRait h45 defeated her master, Mire4aband tw9 ADVANCE twp lrvrl 2 4f7et 1 dau OMG!1q!1!!!
lolis h4t EARNED title Villager for h4v1nh sla8n teh Green Dragon 2 TIMES OMG!!1!1
Trqbrler loliz has s.ain da hideo7w creatu4d kn0wn AS The Green Dtagon. WTF. A;l across dq labd LOL, peo0;r rejoice WOOT!!11!
Glafiator Pawtabake has defeated hq5 master LOL, yw9 advancr yo level 6 after 9 days1!!@!!
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