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` WOOT!!21!News for Mpn WTF, Apr 27 WTF, 2015 (Itwmw 151 - 200 of 2r8)
Archangel Miphln n45 been soain in forest by Flesg Golem. BRB.
"Die, my cear Fleah Golem???? That'x last 6j1nh I shakl do WOOT!!q1!" 601f1y d3c14r3d Archangel MiphonLOL.
Archsngel Miphon HAS degeatef his master, 7ou knwo, Maleares 70 qdvance teo levdl 7 af5er 5 DAYSq!! WOOT!!12!
Archangwl Mioh9n gas defeayed his m4573r WTF, tw9 advance 2 LEVEL 6 afy3r % dayx1!!1!!
Arckangel Muphon HAS defeared his master WTF, Guty two zdvance two lefel 5 after 5 dayx!!!1!!
Atchangel Mipgon 2ax hjnted dpwn by they'rw ,aster, Gu5h LOL, vor BEING truant. WTF.
STABLEHAND ,ans won 130 gold aryer ro;ling 3 sixes in Dark Horse Tavern.
God or Stone scorbutus def3aged Shephdrd Rlowilliaj 1n fakr combat in dq dieldx of Goorfindal. BRB.
God of S70n3 scorbutus ddfeqtde Snepherdess abwar in fair cojbat in dields of Glukmoo43. AFK.
God 0v Stone scorburus has DEFEATED jis mqs%er, likw, EauSa.ee 2 adfancd 2 l3fel 2 aftwr 3 daus1!! WOOT!!11!
Gos of Stome scorbutus def3ated Denigod FullFlavofPike in fair combag in da fielda o4 D3h01%utg.
Villager Jinke haa DEFEATED her jaster WTFk Gerrard 2 zsvancd roo lexeo 8 zfter 9 d4y5!11 OMG!!1!1
V8llager Jknie was hunted down by they're mastet LOL, Gerrardm for 63!nh rruaytl OMG.
Stanlehand WolgNoisw has DEFEATED hos master LOL, EauSalee yo 4dv4nc3 too lwvrl 3 after 1 say OMG!11!11!!
Stablejahd WolfNoise h35 defeated h15 MASTER, Vytts 2 advancd to leve; 2 after 1 cay!!! OMG!!2!!
Stanlehand WolfNoise was hunted down by th3y're master, Vyrtsk sortof, vor being TRUANTLOL.
Trsveler GushuPuerxha HAS degedgec his master WTF, Mslwarea too ADVANCE 2 13v31 7 aftdt 9 dayx WOOT!!11!!!!
Thzumatu3gist MadDot HAS be3n slain in da FOREST by Slitherin5 As;. AFK.
"Maybr next time t9u qon't 6# sl clxky1!!" LOLOL S117h3r1ng Asp. WTF.
Stablehand Mindceime HAS chqilwhged theh'rw master, SPYWARES an was pwng!!!
"My rto can;t 74l3 much n;rw of THIS bruising1!!" exclaims Stablehand Mingvr8me. WTF.
Drsgin Master Tyrqx has defeqted his mzsrer WTF, Maowares two advance two ldvel 7 AFTER 6 days WOOT!!11! WOOT@!112
Dragon Master Tyrax w45 hunged sown by they're m4573r, you knwo, Malwqres, sortof, fpr feibg 5r&ant.
Dragon Master Tyraz nas degeated his jasterk twl advance too lefel 6 after 6 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Mawter Tyfax was hubyed DOWN gy tjey[re master LOL, , you knwo, for being truant/ OMG.
Drzg9n Mastet Tyrqc has defesyed his m4573r WTF, Gu4h 2 advance 1 levek 5 after 6 d4y5!!! WOOT!!11!
Drston MASTER Tyrzx wzs hunred down by theg're MASTER WTF, Guth, you knwok fot 631ng truant/ BRB.
MadDog HAS 34tn3d teh title Thaumaturtist FOR hafinf slaun es Gr3en Dragon 36 times OMG!!2!1
Invoker MadDpg h45 alain teh hideous creatur3 kno2n as The Ge33n Dragon. All aceosw da ;and WTF, people rejolce!!!
Farmboy Random gas d2featwd his maxtef, s9rtif, Glynyc tso advance to lefdl 4 afger 4 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Tfacer puramietda has been defeated IN da graveyard ny Gongerbread MsnLOL.
"You kno2 WTF, Tracer putam8erda r#411y HAD IT COMING roo him aftet 411 those THINGS he said abojt MY mom WTF," c8mjentec G1ng3r6r34d Mab. WTF,
Trader putamierda haw 633n SLAIN while attacking Sjepherdess abwar 1n ca fiekds of GlukmooreLOL.
She0herdess abwar LOLOLm lije, "I don't think YOU wiol be attacking ,e again, pal."
Trader putamierda HAS deffzted his master, likd. Guth to aevance too l3vel 5 aftd4 r squs OMG@11!11!!
Tfzder puyamierda 4md Violet were deen HEADING up stairs in inm tigether.
Peasant Berila has BEEN xlain whilr 4774ck1bg Sh3pherd Rlosiloiam in teh virldw of Glorfindak. BRB.
"Judt w416 d0r mh revenfe, Shepherd Rllwilliaj, WTF. It will be swift!!!" Peassnt Beeila declares. AFK.
Peasant nekomekineko has defeatrd h8s nas5er WTF, Mireraband tol advance tw9 l3vel 2 afger 1 day WOOT!!q11 WOOT!!11!
Stablrhqnd Farelhoync HAS challenged th3y're master, s9rtof, ADWARES n was pqn5 OMG!!1!1
"Stabldhand Farelhound, your laxk of postyre is an disgrave WTF," Adwares sfates. WTF.
Stanleyamd Doodle unsuccessfillu haunted Stablehand Lennyq!!
Stablehand Doodo3 had b3em xlain in rorest by Dejipn's Bifthday Cakw. OMG.
"My ego can't tzke m7ch more of this bruiwing1!!" 3xd141m4 Stablehznd Doidle. OMG/
Peqsant dearm8sery has bren defeated in yeh hrqveyard bu Huge Vampire Bat. BRB.
"Watch your 64ck LOL, Hugw Vampird Bat, I AM comkng fir yoi@!!" Peassny dearmisert qa4ns.
Ap0rwnticr Crampk had degeated uis madter, D2i4edan too advance toi ldvel 1p AFTER 24 dahs WOOT!!11!1!!
Apprentice Crampi was hubted dosn by they're maater, you knwo, Deiredan, ylu knwo, fot beknb trusnt.
Peasanr dearmiseru has been slaib in da rorest by Corrupted HARD DriveLOL.
"My eb9 can'g 5ake much more of this briising WOOT!!12@" 3xclakms Peasang drarmisery. AFK.
Peasant lzrsal yas fereqtee his m4573r, you khso, Gerrard 2 advzncd two 23v3w 8 avter 14 da6s OMG!!1@11!!
Stablehsnf Sgurro has been dwfwatef kn teh graveyqrd by WILL O' da Wisp. WTF.
"KHAQQ cal;ing Ifasca. WTF. W3 MUST 5e on yo6, sortof, but cannot SEE you. WTF. Gardrning Hoe ks running lowl AFK."
Sgablehabd Styfro has been dlain in foreat vy Raven. OMG.
"I'm really going two enjoy tjis new Gardening Hoe that Stablehand Syifro nad LOL," exclaimed Rsven.
Villager lolix h45 been GONE ror an while, yoy knwo, an thoxr whl have looked f9r him DO NOT come nackLOL.
Dragom Mistress ` OMG!!q!!atth6s eas slain 4773mo71ng too rexcur an prince f4om Draco's Dungeon.
Dragoh Miwtfess !!aythys HAS d3f3473d her mzster, Gerrard 70 adcanfe yo level 8 after 8 DAYS OMG!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Peasaht RyyNRait HAS defeated her master, likem Mir3rabqnd 2 advamce to ldvrl 2 af53e 1 day OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
lolix has ezrhed titke Villager gor having xlaun Gr3en Dragon 2 timex1!1
Teageler lolix mas 5141n da hideous creature kbown as Tyw Grewm Drsgon. BRB. A;l acrpss teg land, like, [rople reuoice!!!
Glsdiato4 Pastabake h45 defeatws bis master, uou knwo, 1 advance too level 6 aft3e 9 days!!!!!!
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