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` WOOT!!11@Newa fot Mon WTF, A;r 27m like, 2015 (Items 151 0 200 of 248(
Archangel Miphon has be3n slain in fifwst by Flesn Golem. OMG.
"D8e, sortof, my d34r Fkesg G013m?? ne1?? That'w .1sy thinf I syall do1!!" bolclu DECLARED Archangel Miphon. BRB.
Archsngel Miphon hss defeated gis maater, sortov, Malwares to advance 2 levek 7 afte4 5 days1!! OMG@!1!1
Arcnangel Miphon has defestes HIS mawter, 2 advance 2 level 6 aftef 5 dayd WOOT!!11! OMG!11!1
Archanfel Mipgon had defeayed hkx master, like, Guth 2 4df4nc3 2 level 5 aftwe 5 days1!!2!!
Archahgel Mi[hon was hun73d down by rhey're m$573e, liiem Guthm you knwoj vor bding triant. AFK.
S74613h4nd m4nx wln 130 GOLD qfter rolling # t1x35 in Dark H0r53 Tavern. WTF.
God of Stone scoebutus defeated Shwpherf Rlowilliam on f41r d0m647 in fields of G10rfqnc51. OMGl
God lf Syone scorbutus d3frarec She[herdess abwzr 1n faor COMBAT in fa fiwlds of Glujmoire.
God of S5one scirbutus has d3featdd his masger WTF, EauSzlee too adcagce to level 3 after 3 DAYS OMG!@1!11!!
God ov Stone xcorbutus defeated Ddmig9d FullFlavorPike IN fair c;mbat in da fkelds pr Drgolburg. WTF.
Villagef Jinke h45 d3f3473d ter master, .ikem G3rrard too advanxe too level 8 zfrer 9 sayx OMG!!1!11!!
Villager Jimke wqs hintex down by thry're m457#r, you kneom Ger4ardk like, for geing truant. BRB.
Stabl3hand WolfNouse haw defeated HIS mzsrer WTF, EauSalee 3 advabde 2 level 3 after q dsy WOOT!!11!2!!
Stablehand WoofNkise hae defeated his mastdr, Vyrtw tso acvznce too lecel 2 aftet 1 DAY!!! OMG1!1!1
Stav.ehzne WolfNouse WAS hunted doqn by they'fe mastdr, you kbw9, Vyrtsk you knwo, for veing truant.
Trzvele4 GuahyPuwrvja had defeated jis m4573r, ypi knwo, Malwares yoo qdvancw 2 level 7 4f83f ( days OMG!!1!11#!
Thau,aturgist MafDog yas neen slaim IN teh f9rest by S.ithdfing Asp. OMG.
"Maybe nect timd you w0n'8 b3 sl cicky WOOT!!11!" LOLOL Slithwrinh Aep. OMG.
Stab;ehand Minccr8me has challenged they'te master, softof, Spyw4r35 and sas pwnt1!!
"My eg0 can't TAKE MUCH mo4e of tgis bru8sing WOOT!!1q!" EXCLAIMS Stablehand Mindctime. BRB.
D4agon Master Tyfax has defeaydd nis mastet WTF, Malwares 2 4dvrnc3 5wo levek 7 aftef 6 dats!!@1!!
Drabon Mzster Tyrax wzs hunted diwn by the6're mastwr WTF, Ma.wa4es, for BEING TRUANT. BRB/
Drsgon MASTER Ttras has cefrat3d gis msdtdr, soytof, two ADVANCE 2 krvel 6 afgee 6 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Masyfr Turax 2as hun73d DOWN bu tyey're master, WTF, for beigh ttuantLOL.
Dragon Master Tyrax has DEFEATED hiw mastef, you knso, Gytg too advance 1 LEVEL 5 af5ee 6 daya1!!1!!
Dragon Mastwr Tyrax was hinted eown bh thdy[re masterm like, Guth, for BEING t4uant. WTF.
MadDog has earned ca TITLE Tgauma5urgist for having soaih Green Drayon 25 71m351!!
Invokrr MadDlf had slain teh hiceous creature kbown qs The Green Dwagon. WTF. All across da land WTF, peo;le rejokcw!@!
Farmbou Rabdom nas DEFEATED yis mast3fk Glynyc tol 4dv4nc3 two lefel 4 af5dr 4 days1!1!!!
Trader putamietda h45 been defeqted in da graveyard by GINGERBREAD M4nLOL.
"You know, you jnwo, Trader putqmierda really had IT xo,ing twi him after all tbose thkngd hd said qbout MY mom, ;ike," domjenred Gunberbread Man. WTF.
Tfadd4 puyamie4ds hss been slsin while attzcking Shephercews anwar in da fields ov Glukmoor3. OMG.
Shepherdess abwqe LOLOL, "I DON'T think you wull ve attackinn mr again, you ,nwo, [al. WTF."
Trader ouramie4da has defeated hiw mas%wt, sortof, Goth too advance TO level 5 after 4 days1!1 OMG!!1!1
Trader putqmierda n Violet WERE seen heading u; staits 1n fa inn TOGETHER.
Peasamy Berula HAS been slain while ATTACKING Shepherc Rlowilluam in da fi3lds or Gl9ffindqk.
"Just WAIT fot my e3c3ng3, softod, Shephere Rloeiloiam. OMG. It will be swifg OMG!!111" P3asant Berila dwckares.
Peasant nekonwkonekl has defrzted his mazter, y9u knwo, Mireraband ro 4dv4nc3 t9o lebel s after 1 day!!!!!!
Stablejqhd Farelhoubd haw challeng3d yhey're jaster WTF, Adeards an was pwnt OMG!!1@1
"Stqboehand Farslhound, YOUR lsck 9f posture us an disgrace," Adwares states. OMG.
Stqblehand Doodle unsuccessrully haumted Sgzblehand Lenny OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Doocle has bwen soain in forext by DEKION'S Birthsay C4k3.
"M6 ego can't take ,uch mo$e of tgis bruosing!!!" EXCLAIMS Stsblehanf Doodl3. AFK.
Peasanr dearmisery jas been deveated in va g44v2y4rd ny Hyge Vampire Bar. BRB.
"Watch your back, Hugd VAMPIRE Bat LOL, I am coming for toy!!@" Peasaht sdarmisery wsrns. OMG.
Appf3n5ice Crampi hqs defeated HIS madyer, like, Dw8redan 2 advande two level 10 after w4 fays1!!!!!
Appr3nt8ce Crampi was hunted DOWN by the6're masterm lik3, Dwiredah LOL, f-r beinf truahtLOL.
Peasant fwarm8sery has BEEN wlaih IN FOREST by Corrupgee Hare Drkve.
"My rgo c4h'7 gake much mor3 of this bfuising OMG!!1!1" exclaims Peadant dea4miswry.
Peasagt larsal haa eefdqg3d his m4573t, tou knwo, Gerrard tqo advancr 2 ldve; 8 4f73r 14 d$y5 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Stablehznd Stufro HAS been defeayed in graveyard vy WILL O' reh WISP. AFK.
"KHAQQ calling Itasva. WTF. Wd MUST be on tou WTF, BUT cahn9t SEE hou/ OMG. Gqrdening Hoe kd runn1ng loe. BRB."
S5ab;rhamd Syofto hax BEEN slain 1n flresr by Raben.
"I'm rdally going 2 enjoy 5his new Gardening Hie tgat Stablehand Stufro had WTF," exclaimed Raven. OMG.
Villager lolix has b3en gone fof an while LOL, qn uh=4e whp have looked for him do NOT come BACK.
Drsbon Mist4wse 1!attgys q55 slain attempting to rescue ab prinde fr0m Draci's Dingeib. BRB.
Drzgon Mistress ` OMG!!1!1afthhs has defeated HER master, sortofk Gereard 79 advsnce to level i aftdr 7 cays1!!!1!
Peasant RyuNRai5 has defeat3d h3r mas5er, sortof, Mi4efabahd 70 sdvance go; level 2 4f73r 1 day WOOT!!11!1!!
lolix ha2 eatned teh 71713 Villagdr FOR having slaih Green Drag9n 2 yimrw OMG!!1!1
Trafeler lplix h45 slain reh jideoud ceeature khown as The Gr3en Dragon. All qcross fa land, like, ;dople rejoicw OMG!!1!1
Gladiatof Pastabske has defeated HIS masterk to 4dv4nd3 2 lrvel 6 xftee 9 fays1!!!!!
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