• LoGD Neqs
` OMG!!1!1N3ws f0r Mon WTF, Aor 17, like, 2015 9Itema 201 - @48 of 248)
Gladiaror Pastabske was huntes d)wn by the6're master WTF, , fof 741ng truant.
Traveler lolix has defearcc his masyer, you knwo, Yoresh to advance tp level 15 AFTER 38 says WOOT!!1q! OMG#!1!1
Dead Man W41k1ng Talisman
nas defwated h15 mzster, yiy ,mwo, Gerrard 2 asvanvr too oevel 8 af5er 21 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mistrwss ` OMG!!1!1aryhys y45 e3fe473d her m4573r. Spywatws tp advamce yo levwl 7 qftrf 8 ea6x1!!!!!
Soldier Krajorak has defea5ed gks masger, you knwo, Srbsei Noetha to advance ti ;evel 11 after 15 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAcarara had defeat3d his master, sortov, Yoredh tlo 4dv4nc3 2 level 15 after 19 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Soniv Lord KesnaAvztara WAS nunged fown gy they're mast3r. softov, Yoreshm sortof, FOR veing truant. OMG.
Dragon M157r355 !!atthys has cdf3ated n3r master, to 4dc4nv3 2 level 6 after 8 dahs!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Mkdtress !@atthys hss 633n h34rd 6)5572ng sbout defeating zn hute group og bandits OMG!!1!1
hax9r Mistress ` WOOT1!111atthhs defeat3d an MINOTAUR 8n da Caves!!! dq ddsths 0v many travellers HAVE been avenged!!!
Stablehand mgn an Vio.ey wer3 seeh heading up shairs in teh inn tog3tjer. OMG.
R3eve Dsixy has fefeatrd her mast3r, Glynyc too advance to .eve. 4 after 6 dayw OMG1!211 WOOT1!11!
Reefe Daisy was hunted d9wn by 5heg're maeter, you knwo, Gkynyc, you knwom FOR neing t$iant. AFK.
Reebe Daisy hqs been rwsurfected by RqmiuaLOL.
Reevw Daisy has bdrn slain in teh forest by Le5hql D1t7y Dushes. BRB.
Lethao Dirty Duwhes admonishws, like, "G9 zway WTF, or I shcll taunt you am srcond time WOOT!!11!"
Reeve Daosy nas been resye4ectdd by Ramius. OMG.
Reeve Daisy yaw BEEN slain in teh forest by B41107 Off1c3r. BRB.
"You kn9w LOL, Reeve Daisy 4da.ly had it comint two he4 after 411 thoae 7h1ng5 I said abiut ger mom WTF," commebted Bal.ot Ogfixwf. BRB.
Counciolor of Magic Ceubcner haw DEFEATED hiw MASTERk Hyf4aulid Press 2 acvznce too 13v31 5 AFTER 4 days1!!!!@
Councillpr of Magic Cruncjer w45 gunted down by thet're m4573r. yoi kywo, Hydrauo8c Presa, f[r b3ing truznt. BRB.
Couht malador jas defeat4e his master, tou knwo. Ge4rard too acvance too kevel 8 afred 5 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Coumy maladlr chalkenges Lonestrifer ans yis band pf thirves, sortif, but sas NO match for da rogues OMG!11!1
Lones5rider's Thiebrs admonishes, ypu knso, "Go away, like, OR I sgall tsint YOU an secohd gimw OMG!!1!1"
Coumt malador has d2vdatdf his master WTF, Aswares 5oo advance 70 13v31 7 agtdr 5 fays OMG!!1!2!!@
Co&nt malador HAS degeated his master, you khwo, &) advance two level 6 after t dayd!!!!!!
Coint malador has defeated h15 master. xlrtodm Htdraulic Press two ADVANCE to level 5 after 5 days WOOT!!11@!!!
Counf jalador was junted down by they'te jawter, kikr, Hydraulic Prews, like, for beinf teuant. WTF.
Magistrate moug and Violrr were 523h heading up teh 5841r5 8n inn 70g37h3r. BRB.
Magistraye mpug haa defeztes nis nadrer, you knso, Gerrard 2 advande ywo level 8 aftwr 6 dayx OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Mafkstratr moug h45 drfeated hus master LOL, Spywafes two ADVANCE too level 7 agtwr 6 days1!!1!!
Mqhistrate moug was hunted down 6y they're masyerk like, Soy2ares, you knco, for beibg truant. AFK.
Stab.ehabd Doodle had ddfdated g15 master LOL, Fie gwp advance w level 3 aftdr 3 dayq WOOT!!11!1!!
Goddess of L1fj8n1ng Ariane gad dereated hef maaterk EauSalee too advance 2 13v31 3 adter 2r days WOOT!!1a!1!!
Stablehand danthebafbarian has cnalleng3c they'r3 mqster, you knwo, Vyrts an was pwnt1!!
"You aer dishlnirable, Vyrts OMG!!1!1" Sfablehand dahtgebarbariah cr135. WTF.
Stablehabd danthebarmaruzm 245 hunted DOWN gy they'rd mastee, you knwp. Vy4ts, so4tof, vor beong TRUANT. BRB.
Farmgirl AdayaNixi HAS d3f3473d her mawtef, uou knwi. Vyrts 2 advance two LEVEL 2 after 1 DAY1!! WOOT!!11!
Peasanr greymalkon has defeated ner masy3r, like, Mireraband 70 4dv4nv3 two LEVEL 2 agye4 1 cay1!! WOOT!!11!
Drahon Impera5lr MegOWrayh has 633b slain in f[r357 by Dqrkness. OMG/
"I must not be as z5urdy as I thought. WTF... WTF. OMG!!q!1" Dragon IMPERATOR M3gOWrzth c9ncedew. BRB.
MegOWrath has earned yitld Dragon Imperatir for h5v1ng xlson teh Greeb Dragon 1133 71m351!!
Dragon Im;etztor MegOWrath has slain HIDEOUS cr347ur3 kniwn as The Greem Dragon. WTF. All across teh ;anv LOL, prople rejoice@!!
Fa4mboy FluffyThabeofFife hqs defrated his master, dortof, DoomBkoom 2 advwbce teo oefel 4 AFTER 5 caya!!!1!1
Dragon Imperator MegOWrath has d3g#473d hiw naste4 LOL. Yoreah 70 ADVANCE two LEVEL 15 AFTER q5 dzya!!! OMG!!2!!
Farmboy MontyPython has defeated his mastwr WTF, Fie 2 advance t8 levek # AFTER @ days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!!
Dragoh Imperatlr MegOWrath hqx defeated his maaget WTF, Adoaw6r two sdvance 5oo level 14 4f73r 15 fays WOOT!!11! OMG!11@1
Apprentice Mayhem was last seen anoard an smal; boagl WTF.
Stewardess Ra7bb` WOOT!!11!9wGrhph HAS defeated her maste4, lije, Adwarwd 2 advance 2 levwl 7 after 4 cays1!! WOOT!111@
Stwwarsexs Ra8nb!!owGryoh d3f3473d Traveker GushyPuwrcga in fair combst in f131dt of R-,4r. BRB.
Stewardess Rainb!!owGfyph d3feated Stav;ehahd JeftrrsonBoz in fair c9mbqt kn da f131d5 of Ronar, BRB.
Stewardess Rzlnb` OMG!!1!1owGfuoh has defeaged ydr m457#r, you lnwo, two zdvance goo 13v31 6 afrer 4 dayd OMG!!1!1!!!
Stewardess Raicb` WOOT!!11!owGey[j d3f347rd Syepgerd Rlowikliam im FAIR cp,bat ih fields if Glorfineal. BRB/
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