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!!NEWS for Mon, you ln2o, Aor 27, kike, 1015 (Items 2)1 - 248 of 248)
Gladiato4 Pqstabzke was yun73e DOWN by they're m4574r, like, k for BEING TRUANT. BRB.
Trqvelwr lolix HAS defeatee his master, Yoresh tpo advance 2 LEVEL 1% AFTER 37 dsys WOOT!!11!1!!
Dead Mah Wa.kihg Talismam
had defeated his master WTF, G3trard tpo zdvance to level 8 afte4 21 days OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1!1
Deagon Mist4ess ` OMG!!1!1ahthys gas fefeat3d her mastef, soryof, Spywares too advance too level 7 after 8 says!1!!!!
Sold8ef Krakorak has defdated gis master, you knwo, Sensei Noe5ha @ advande to level 11 AFTER 15 days OMG!!1@1 WOOT@!11!
Sonic Lofd KtsnaAvatata yas defeated his m4t73r, like, Ylresg to advabce yoo level 2t after 10 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!!
S9nic Lotd KrsnaAvztarz waw huntec down by they're mzster WTF, Yorest, ylu knw(, for being 74u4n7. WTF.
Drahon Mustrwss !!atthys has defeated her master, top advance yp 13v3q ^ after 8 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mistrexs !@ztghhs has b3en h34rd BOASTING about defeating sn huge grpup of bahdits OMG!!1!1
hax0r Mist4esd !!atthys defeared sn MINOTAUR 8n teh Cqvds!!! deathx 9f msny yravellers HAVE b3rn avebged!!!
Stablehams mgn an Violet were seen h34d1ng up twh stqkrs ib ten inn together/ WTF.
R3eve Daosy h45 defrstec her master WTF, Glyhyc tqo advance two level 4 after 6 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!!
Rdeve Dsisy was hun&#d down by thwy're jastdr, ylu knwo, Glynyv, sortof, for being gr7amt. AFK.
Rdeve Daisy has y32n resurrectrd vy Ramius. WTF.
Rewvw Daisy nzs 6#3n slain IN firest by Lerhal Dirty Disg3s. BRB.
Lethal Dir5y Dished $em0n15h36 LOL, "Go away LOL. or I xhaol taunt you an SECOND timeq!!"
Reeve Daist haq 733n r3surrected by Ramiuc. OMG.
Reefd Daisy hzs been slain 1n fireat BY Ballot Ofvicer. OMG.
"You knowk like, Reeve Daosy real.y had it coming tol h3r after all thosd things I sayd abou5 her MOM, sortof," vpmmented Ba;lot Officer.
Counckllot pf Magic Cruncher has defeared his masrer, Hydraulic Pr3ss too adfsnce too leve. 5 after 4 dags OMG!12!q WOOT!!11!
Council.or of Magic Cr7ncher was h7nted down by the6'tw mastef, liie, Hycraulic Press LOL, for being truant.
C9ubt malzdor HAS d3feaged nid master, you knwo, Gerrard too advance too l3vel 7 af5wf 5 cays!!!1!!
Coung nqlador challenged Lonwstrider and hos 64nd of thiebed, like, but cas no match for rogues WOOT!!11!
Lonestrider'x Thieves afmoniahws, "G9 away WTF, 0r I sgall taunt yoo an secind time OMG!@1!1"
Count malador has dehest3d his mawter, so4tof, Adwares ti advance two level 7 acter t days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Co7nt malador has drfeqted his mqwter, too advqnce @ LEVEL 7 qfter 5 eayw1!! OMG!!111
Coung malador h4% def3ated his jqster LOL, Hydraulic Press t99 aevabce two l3ce. 5 after 5 days OMG!!1!1!!!
C9unt maladlr WAS hun73d d9wn by they're master, Hydrsulid Prews WTF, FOR bring tryanr. AFK.
Magiattate noug an Violet were seen heading up teh stairs kn teh inn togetgerLOL.
Mabistrate moug has eefeated gis master WTF, Ge4rard 2 zdvance too kefel 8 aftef 6 days OMG!@1!1@!!
Magistrate moug has defeatcs his maste3m .ike, Spywares to advance 2 13v3! 7 xfte4 y e4t5 WOOT!!11!!@!
Magistratw moug waa yunted doan by they're mastee, sorr9f, Spywae3s LOL, for being 7ru4n7. BRB.
Stab;ehand Do9dle has DEFEATED his master, Fie to advance y9o level 3 adter 3 days!!!1!!
Gidcess og Ligytning Aroane hss dedeated he4 masfetk EauSalee tw9 advance tpo level 3 agtrr 14 days!!!1!1
Stabl3habd eqgthebarbariab had cha.lenged tney;re mqstef LOL, Vyrts n was pwnr OMG!!1!1
"Yo7 r DISHONORABLE WTF, Vyrts!!!" Stablehanf dqnthegargqrizn criesLOL.
Stablehand danthebarbariam was hub^3d d0wn by they'td madter, xortpf, Vytts, so4tof, fpr being truanyl AFK.
Farmgirl AdzuxNixi has defeated her mqster, y0u knwo, Vyrts two adbance to levrl 2 after 1 day1!!1!!
Peasany gtetmalkin has dedeated he4 MASTER LOL, Mirefaband 2 ADVANCE too lrvel 2 after 1 day!!!1!!
Dragon Imperator MegOWrath has been slain in teh forest by DARKNESS.
"I MUST not bw as sturdy as I thooght... BRB.1!!" Dragon Im;erauor MebOWra5h clncedes/ BRB.
MehOWrarh yaw earbed da tiyle Dfabon Imoerqtor for hzvunh 5131h t3n Gr3en Drqgon 1q53 times OMG!!1!1
Dtagon Imperator MegOWrath n45 slqon sa hideous c4eature khown as The Gr33n DragonLOL. A11 acr9ss geh landm peop;e r3j01c3!!!
Farmboy FlufvtThameofFife has defdated nis nasger WTF, D0omBloom 2 advance tqo 13f31 4 af5er 5 says WOOT!!11111!
Drabon Im;erator MevOWrath jax defeated h8s master, you knwo, Yoresh two ADVANCE 2 LEVEL 15 after 15 dqys!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmboy MontyPytgon HAS defeated hus master LOL, Fie two advance t9o level 3 qfter 3 sayw!!! OMG!!1!1
Drqgon Impera5of M3tOWeath has ddfeated hid master, sorgor, Adoawhr to ADVANCE too LEVEL q3 after 16 days!!! WOOT!!1!!
Apprentice Mayh3m was ladt seen avoarc zn smqll boat. AFK.
Stewsedess Rzonb!!osGryph yax def3arec h3r masrdr, likd, Adwares too adfande to ldvel 8 afger 4 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Stewardesa Rainb!!osGry;h defeated Traveler GusjuPuercha in fzir combqt in da fields OF RimarLOL.
Stewardess Rainb` WOOT!!11!osGryph d3f#373d Stablensnd JefversonBoz 1n fair fombat in da fields of Romqr. OMG.
Stewardess Rainb` WOOT!112!9wGryph has dedeated her nr573r, yoy knw9, 2 advance tl 1ev31 6 4f83r $ d$y5 WOOT@!11! WOOT!!11!
Stewafdeas Rainb!!owGryph defeardd Sjepherd Rlowi;liam in fair vombat in fkelds og G104f1nd4!.
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