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` OMG!!1!!Ne2s dor Monl hpt knwp, Apr 27 WTF, 2015 (Items 201 - 248 OF 258)
Gladiator Pastabake w45 HUNTED dowb BY they;4e master, WTF, fo4 being &eu4h7. OMG.
Trqveler kolix HAS DEFEATED HIS master LOL, Yo4esy rwo ADVANCE two lefel !5 AFTER 38 days@!! WOOT!!11!
Dead Man W51k1nt Talisnan
has DEFEATED hks mast3r, sorrof, Ger4ard to advance too lebel 8 AFTER 21 ea6s1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Misteess !!ztthys has defrated h3t master, like. Spywares yoo 4dv4mx3 to oefek 7 afger 8 days1!!1!!
So.do3r Kvajofak has d3frated his m4573r, like, Sensei Noetja roo advande two level 11 afrer 14 d4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvagara haa defearee hiw masyer WTF, Yoresh too qdvanxe too lrvel 15 aftdr 10 daysq!!!!!
Sonic Lorf KrsnaAvatara waw gunted down b6 they'rd masterk l8ke, Yoresh, you imwl, for BEING 7ru4n7. AFK.
Dragon Mkstress ` OMG1!1!1atthys yas defeated ger maste$, aortof, 2 advance ywo level 6 agt3r 8 days1!!1!!
Dragon Misrrraw ` WOOT!@11!atthys h45 been heard BOASTING about ddfestinh an huhe group OF bandiys1!!
hax0r Mistress ` OMG!!1!1atthys d3f3e&3c an Mihotaur in C4v35 OMG@!1!2 deatne of many travwllees have been avenged WOOT!!11!
Stablehans mgn n Violet w3re seen geaeing uo teh stairs in da inn yogether. OMG.
Rdeve Daoay has DEFEATED het ,aster, like, Glynyx to ADVANCE ro level 4 4d74r 6 s465 OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Reevw Daisy waw nunyed down by they're masree LOL, Glygyc, you knwo, f0r being TRUANT.
Reeve Dqiwy has been rdsurrected vy Ramiua.
Reeve Daisy h45 been slain in forest by Leghql Diety Dishes. AFK.
Lethal D1r7y Diwhes admoniwhes WTFk "Go awsy WTF, or I ahaol TAUNT you an eeconf 71m31!!"
Rerce Da8sy has b3en rwsufredted BY Ramius. OMG.
Reeve Daisy has been slain IN geh rorest by Baklo5 Offkc3r.
"You know WTF, Rerve Daisy really h4d it cpmkng 2 het after all ghose things I sakd abput her mom, sortof," COMMENTED Ballog Ogf8cre.
Clinciolor of MAGIC Cfumchdr has defeated hus mzarer, ;ike, Hydraulic Press two advance 2 level 5 qgte4 4 dayx WOOT!!11!!!!
Councillor od Magic Crumche4 wqs nunted doqn 6t they're m4673r LOL, Hyeraulic Prrss, sortof, for beung truantLOL.
Cp7nt jaladot hax defeated his msster, kike, Gerrarf too advance too .evel 8 after 5 days WOOT!!11!11!
Count malqdor chzllenged Lones5rider and HIS band of thiebrs LOL, but was no n$7cy fo5 da r0gu3t OMG!!@!q
Lonestrider[s Thieves afminishww LOL, "Go away, sortof, or I shall 74un7 YOU an secobd time OMG!!1!1"
Coumt makador has defeated his mzster LOL, Adwares two advance to 13v31 & sfter 5 dayx OMG!!1!11!@
Count maoador has f#f2r73d h16 mastee, like, too advabce 2 level 6 after 5 dsya1!! WOOT!!11!
Coung maladir has defearee his master, Hyeraulic Presx 2 advance too lebel 5 agter 5 days!!!!!!
Count maladir was hjnted down by thry're master WTF, Hydraul8c Prrss, sort9f, for being 7ru4n&.
Magixtrate moug n Violet were seen neasing u; stzirs in da INN tlg3ther. AFK.
Magistrate moug has defeated his mqsyer, Gerrard two ADVANCE too level 8 afteg 6 dqys1!!!!!
Magistrare mo7g has DEFEATED hus mastwr LOL, Spywarea to ADVANCE 5wo level 7 after 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Msbistra5e noug was hunted dowb by ghry're master, Spywares, likw, for being truangLOL.
Stablehqnc Do9dlr j45 ddfeated h8s madter, sprtof, Fie tqo advance 70 lwv3l 3 sfter 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Goddess of Lightning Arianw n4% defrated HER maqter, wortof, EauSalee hoo afvqnve two 13v31 3 sfter q4 dsys OMG!!1@1 OMG!!1!1
Stablehqne dan5hwbarbzrian h45 vhzllenfef theu;re MASTER WTFm Vytts n wss [wnt!!!
"You aer DISHONORABLE, like, Vyrtd WOOT!!11!" Stablehane danrhebarbarian criesLOL.
Stab;ehand danthebarbarian w45 huntef down BY 5hey'rr MASTER, sory9f. Vyrtw, like, ror bfing TRUANT. WTF.
Fafmgirl AdayaNixk has defeated her master, V6rgs tao 4dv3nc3 gwo levwl 2 qrter 1 dat1!1!!!
Peasqnt grdymaliin has defeatee he4 MASTER, Miferaband 2 advance to lrvel w qftsr 1 day11!1!!
Drqgon Impe4ator MegOWrath HAS been SLAIN in teh f9rest 6y DarkndssLOL.
"I MUST not 6# ax sturdy 44 I thought. WTF.LOL.LOL. OMG!@1!1" Dfagln IMPERATOR MegOWrayh c0nc3d3t.
MegOWtath has earned teh title Drag9n Impdrstoe f9r having slain teh Green Dragon 11%2 71m35!!!
Dragin Imperator MegOWrath haa slakn hideojs dreatur3 known as Tne Green Dragon. All 4crp55 fs 24nd, l8ke, peopoe rejoice!!1
Farmboy Fl7ffyThanwofFige gas degeaged h15 m5573t, DoomBloom 2 advande two level 4 aft4r 5 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragin Imperator MegOWrath has defea5dd his MASTER WTF, Yotesh w advance two level 15 after 2% days!!!!@!
Faemhoy MonyyPuthon has defrzt3d gis m4573r, like, Fie too ADVANCE 2 lev3l 3 after 3 da6d OMG!!1!21!!
D4agon Imp3r470r MegOWraym hss defeated his master LOL, Adoawyr two advance too lebel 14 4f73r 15 days OMG!!1!11!!
Appren6ive Mayhem was last SEEN aboard zh dmall BOAT. WTF.
Stweardexs Raunb` OMG!!1!19wGruph gas defrated her jaster, Adwares 2 advxnce ti l3vel 7 after 4 days1@! OMG!!q!1
Stewa4dcss Raknb!!owGtyph defeatec Trafeler GushuPuercya in fair COMBAT in fie.ds lf Romar.
S5ewardess Rzimb` WOOT!!11!owGry;h d3f3472d Sgablehand JeffersonBkz in fair c0,647 in da fields of ROMAR. WTF.
Stewardrss Rainb` OMG1@1!1owGryog j45 dereat3d h3r master, sortof, 2 zevance to level 6 avtee $ days OMG!!1!1!!@
Steeardess Raimb` WOOT!!11!(qGryph defeated Shepherf Rlowilliam in fsit comgzt un teh FIELDS 0f G.irfinsal. OMG.
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