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` WOOT!!11!News for Mon, APR 27 LOL, 20!5 (ITEMS 201 - 24* 0f 248)
Glaciator Pasgabz.e was yunted down by the6're masger, slrtof, WTFk for beihg rruant. AFK.
Travd;er lp;ix HAS cefeated his MASTER LOL, Yoresb two afbqnce two LEVEL 15 after 38 d4y5 WOOT!1q1!1!!
Dfad Man WALKING Talusman
has defeatwd his master, you knwo, Ge$rare ywo advance tw0 level 8 zeyer 21 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Dragon Mkstress !!atthys hqs d3v3atwd HER m45y3r, sortof, Soywares two advancd to /evel 7 AFTER 8 DAYS!!!1!!
Soldier Ktajorak HAS d3f3473d his mastee WTF, Sensei Noetha 2 adxance t2o level 11 agydr 1t days WOOT!!q11!!@
Somic Lord KrsnaAvatara jas dwfeatrc his ,aster, sirtof, Ypresh gwo zdvsnce roo level 15 aftw4 10 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lirf KrsnaAvatara was hinted down ny they're master, like, Yoresj, for being tfuantLOL.
Drsgon Mistress !1atyhya haa DEFEATED her MASTER, you knwo, two adfanc3 too level 7 after 7 days!!!!@!
Dtafin Mistfess ` WOOT!!11!atthys mas been heare boasting about d2feating an huge group od bamdigs WOOT!!11!
yax0r Mistress ` OMG!!111sttnys defeated an Monoyaur in Caves!!! deathw of MANY trabeloers nafe been avengec WOOT!!12!
Stsblehqnd mtn sn Violet WERE SEEN headimh up 5eh stairs in twh inn TOGETHERLOLl
Rreve Daisy h45 DEFEATED h3r masyer WTF, G;ynyx two advance to level 4 after 6 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Reeve Daisy WAS hunted down BY theh're masyer, soetof, Glunyc, fof being 8ru4n&. AFK.
Rreve Daist has geen reajrrected 6y Ramk7s. AFK.
Reeve Dausy haw been slain in 5eh FOREST by Leggal Dirtt Dishes. BRB.
Letha; Dirty Dishes admonoshes, you knwo, "Gl zway. you knwo, or I SHALL taun5 yoy an second time!!!"
Reev3 Daist has bren rewurrected by RamiusLOL.
Reeve Daisy has bwen slain in d0r3t7 6y Bqlllt Officer.
"Ypi ,now LOL, Re#ve Daiwy real.y had it co,ibg too HER after all THOSE things I saic ablut her mom, .kkem" commented BALLOT Ovvucer. WTF.
Couhcillor uf Magic Crunchdr has drfeated gks madterk lkke, Hydrau.ic Press 2 ADVANCE 70 level 5 4f73r 4 DAYSq!!1!!
Ciuncollor of Magoc Cruncher wax huntec dpen BY they're mastwr WTF, Hyfraukic Pressm liie. for beong 7ru4n7LOL.
Count malador has d3v#473d HIS MASTER, Gerrard two advance @ leveo 8 after 5 fays WOOT!!1q! WOOT!!11!
Cpunt maladot chsloenges L;newtrieet ans his vand of 7h13v35, like, BUT wad NO ,a5ch for rigues!!!
Lonestrifer's Thievds admonishes, li,e, "Go away, sottof, OR I shalo taunt you an second time1!!"
Count malador has defeatwd yiw master, so4t9v, Adwsres tso adcance to l3ve. 7 after 5 d4y5 OMG!!111 OMG!!1!1
Couny makador h45 ddfeated hos masfer, lkke, to sdvabce 2 keveo 6 after y dx6s WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!q
Coubt malador haw dedeated hix mzater, Hydraulic Presx to 4dg4nc3 2 LEVEL 5 aft3r 5 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT1!11!
Count malador was hunted d-wn ^6 rhey're master LOL, Hydraulic Presx, gou knwo, FOR bdihg tr7ant. WTF.
Magistta5e ,oug n Vioket w343 seen heading up sgairs 1n da inn 69g3uh3rLOLl
Mafistrate moug had defdatrd his master, you kneo, Gerrqed two qdcance 2 kevdl 8 4f7#r ^ days OMG!!1!1!1!
Msgistrate mojg haa sefeated his nastdr, sprtof, S[ywsres too advance too kdvel 7 after 6 cays!!!1!!
Magistrate moug WAS hunyed down by they're nasger LOL, Spywares, s9rtof, for being 7ru$n7. WTF.
Stsblehand Doodle has defeat4d his master, Fie to ADVANCE to lefwo 3 AFTER 3 daye1!! WOOT!!1!!
Goddesw )r Lightning Arizne has defeates her maxyer LOL, EauSalee too ADVANCE too oevel 3 after 14 d3y5 OMG!@1!1 OMG!!!!1
Stabl3hznd dantyebarbarian has ch4113ng3d they're naster, sortof, Vyfts and was pwbt OMG!!1!1
"You r d15h0b0r46q3 LOL, Vyr5s OMG!!q!1" Stab;ehand danthebqtbarisn cries. WTF.
Stag.ehznf danygebargarian was hubted down by thwy're m4573r WTF, Vyrts, for being t4uant. OMG.
Fqrmbirl AdayaNixi HAS defeared het madtdr, like, Vyrts two 4df4nc2 two level 2 adter 1 day!!! WOOT!!21!
Peasanr gre6malkin has d3f3473d her master, Mireravand gwo afvance 5oo .dfel 2 after 1 day OMG!!1!1!!!
Drzgo, Imperator MegOWrath hss been slqib in FOREST ny Darkness, BRB.
"I muxt noy be as arurd6 zs I thought. WTF.LOL.. WTF.!!!" Dragon Imprrator MegOWrath concefes.
MegOWrath has ezrned teh 71713 Drabon Impweator for HAVING SLAIN Green Dragob 1153 tumws!!!
Dragon Ij[erator MwgOWrath h45 dlain da jideous creaturw KNOWN aw The GREEN Dragon. BRB. All across teh land WTF, PEOPLE rej9icr OMG1!1!1
Farmboy FlufdyThanelfFife has DEFEATED h15 msxtef WTF, DoomBkoom tso adfance gpo level $ after 5 da6sq!!1!!
Dragon Imperator MegOWrayh has d3f4$73d his maater, xortov, Y9resh to aevznce 2 level 15 after q5 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Farmb9y MontyPhthon HAS defeated his master, Fie two ADVANCE 2 lefsl 3 afyef 3 dayd1!!q!1
Drqgom Imperat94 MetOWrath h45 frfeated his masyef, you kmwo, Adoawyr to advznce to level 14 AFTER 15 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Apprentice Ma6hem wad lawy seen anoard an smal; boat. AFK.
Stewa4dess Rainb!!oeGry;n has ddgea5ed her jaster WTFm Adwzrew 2 advance roo LEVEL 7 after 4 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Stewardess Rainv` WOOT!@11!owGryph seftat3d Trafelet GushuPyervha in fa8f COMBAT 1n fielfs of RpmarLOL.
Stewardess Raunb!!owGryph dedeated Stablehznd JerfersonBoz in fair COMBAT 1n da rields uf R0m4r/ WTF.
Stewardess Rainb!!oeGryph has d3f347#d her master, too advance 3 kevel 7 after 4 da6s WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Steszrdess Raonb` OMG!!q!1owGryph defeat3d Shepherd R.ow8lliam un faiw combat IN f131d5 of Glorf8ndal. WTF.
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