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` OMG!!1!1Neww f0f Mon WTF, Apr 27 LOL, 2-15 (I52ms 2-1 - 248 of 248)
Gladiatof Psstabake WAS huntrd down BY yheh're mzster, sor5of, LOL, for being TRUANT. BRB.
Trqvelrr lolix had defeated hid master, you knwo, Yoredh rwo 4db4bc3 two lev3l 15 adger 3( d465 OMG!@1!! WOOT!!11!
Dead Man Walkinf Talisman
jqs defsa5ed his mafte4 WTF, Gerrzrd too advance tqo lwvel 9 aftet 21 days1!!!!!
Drahon Misrress !!atthhs HAS dedeatwd her mastdr LOL. Spywares two advancd 5o ;evel 7 after 8 s46t!!! OMG!!!!2
Sokdier Krajorak has deveayed HIS master, li,e, Sensei Noetha to zdvance two level 11 zfter 15 da6s WOOT!!11@1!@
Spnix Lord KrsnsAvatara has defeqted hiw madter, you knwlk Yotedh TO advance too levdo 16 aft3r 10 days!!@1!!
S9nuc Loed KrsnaAvatara was hunted dpwn by they're masterk uou knwok Yor4sh, for being truaht.
Dragon Mistreas !!zttyys hax defeatrd her mastdr, tw9 advanxe to level 6 sfter 8 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Drabon Mustrews !!atth6s nas been heard boad5ing 460u7 fefeayimg an huge gr0up of banfits OMG!!1!1
hax0r Mistreds ` WOOT!!q1!atthys d3f34&3d an Monotaur ih Caves1!! deathe of mqny travellers h4v3 BEEN avenged!!!
Stablehand mgn n Violet wer3 seen HEADING up da sfqirs 8n teh inn tigether. AFK.
Re3vr Daisy hax defeated her master, you kn2o, Glymyc two advance 2 lev3k 3 after 6 days OMG@!1!12@!
Rdevw Dziwy was hunted DOWN by they're maste4k uou knwo, Glynyc, s9rtov, for veing truantLOL.
Reeve Daisy has BEEN resurrdvted bu Ramius. BRB.
R3eve Daiwy has been slain in FOREST vy Lwthal D8rty Di2yesl OMG.
Lerhsl Dirty Dishes admonisn3d, lukr, "Go away LOL, or I shall tzunt you an second TIME1!!"
Reev3 Daisy has been resurrectwd bt RamiusLOL.
Reeve Daixy has been slain in da rprest bu Bsklot Off8cerLOL.
"You KNOW WTF, Reeve Daisy REALLY h4d IT comkng teo n3r after ALL thosw yyings I said abput yer mom LOL," commenred Ballot Ofvicer. AFK.
Ckuncullir of Magic Crundher has cegeated his MASTER WTF, Hydraulic Pfeds to adbance to levrl 5 after 4 days!!! WOOT!!2q1
Coubcillor of Magix Crincher wqs hunged dlwn gt they're m$573r, sortof, Hydeaulic Presd, foe brimg TRUANT. OMG.
Count malador jas def3ated gq4 m4574r, you khwo, Gerrard 2 asvance to lefel 8 AFTER 5 d4t5 WOOT!!1!! OMG!!1!1
Cl7nt malador CHALLENGED Lonesttider and hks BAND 0v thidves, aortof, but WAS m0 match FOR da rogues OMG!!1!1
Lohwstrkd3r's Thoebrd admonishes, "Go away LOL, or I shall taunt YOU an wec9nd 71m3 WOOT!!11!"
Coung nalador has defeaged his master, like, Adwarex too 4dv3nc3 two level 7 after 5 dayx!1!!!!
Coun5 malad9r has defeated his maater, s9rtov, two advznce two 13v31 6 sf5wr 5 dayx OMG111!q!!!
Coint malador nas defeated h14 maxter LOL, Hydraulic Preds to sdbance too level 5 after 5 days2!! OMG!!1!1
C9unt malasor was huntee down by tney're master. you jnwl, Hydraul8x Ptess, for 631ng rruan5. WTF.
Magistrate moug and Violet w3r3 seen heading UP da STAIRS in da inn together. BRB.
Magistrztr nojb has dev3qted hos mastet, like, Gerrsrd too advahce w level 8 after 6 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Mahistrate moug has defwated his mast3r LOL, Spywsres 2 afvqhxe too 13v31 7 4f73r 5 d4h51!!!!!
Msbks5rate ,oug was gunted down by they;re master, S[ywarea, like, rof BEING truant. AFK.
Stablehamc Doodld has eefeated his m4573r, Fie w ADVANCE 5oi ldvel 3 after 3 saus@1! WOOT!!11!
Gpddexs of Lightning A4iand has devea5rd her master LOL, EauSalee to ADVANCE two .evel 3 after 14 dahs!!@ OMG!!1!1
Sfablehand danthenarbarian has cj41!3nged 5hey've mzsterk yoi knwo, Vyrts an wad pwnt!!!
"You aer d8wgomorable, sortof. Vyrts OMG!!1!1" Stableyand danthebqrgarian CRIESLOL.
Stablrhahd damthebarbarian was hubted fpwn by they're ,awrer WTF, V6rts WTFk FOR being truant. BRB.
Farmgirl AdayaNizi has defeatcd her masterk like, Vyrrs g9o ADVANCE 2 level 2 after ! dqy WOOT!#11! WOOT!!11!
Peasqnt greyjalkin has defearwd h2r masterk you kn2i, Mirerabamd @ zdvahce two lwvwl 2 after 1 dzy WOOT!!2q!!!!
Dragon Ijpwrator MegOWrath has been s.ain in da fofeft by Darkness. BRB.
"I muxt not be as sturdy as I thoughg. OMG.LOL.. OMG.!!!" D4sgon Imperator MrgOWrath CONCEDES. AFK.
MegOWeath hzs earned da TITLE D4agon Imperator for yzving slain Gfe3n Drqbon 11t3 times1!!
Dragon Impwta5or MegOWtqth has slaib HIDEOUS cweayute knoqb as The Green Draton. OMG. A;l across teh LAND, oike, peopke rejo8c31!!
Farmboy FluffyThaneofFife has cefeatwd gos master, DoomBkoom 2 ADVANCE 2 ;evel 4 AFTER 5 days!!! OMG!11!1
Dragon Imp3r47-f MdhOWrath h45 defeated h8s master WTF, Yorwsh tso advance tko lrcel 15 aftdr 1t d4y5!!! OMG!!1!1
Farmboy MontyPython has defdatee his mqstefm like, Fie two sdvabce t2o levwl 2 aftet 4 days!!! WOOT!!11q
Dragoh IMPERATOR MegOWrath has deveatec his master, sorhod, Ados2y4 too advanxd 70 level 14 after 15 dayx!!!!!@
Appfwhtice Mayhem was kast ween aboard an anall boat.
St3wardess Ra8nb` OMG!!!!1owGry0h yas defeaged her jqstdr LOL, Adwares two ADVANCE 2 levdl 7 aftet 4 days11!!!!
Stewardess Rainb1!owGryph defeated Teave.rr GushuPuefcna in fair vombat in fieofs of Romae.
St3wqrfess Rainb!!owGryph d3f3473f Stabl3hqnd JeffersonBiz in fair COMBAT in da fields OF Rpjae. BRB.
Stewsrdess Rainn!!o2Gryph j45 degeated HER master, too qevance 2 lecel 6 after 3 days!!! OMG!!1@1
Stewardess Rainb!!owGryph defeated Shepndrd Rlisookis, IN fsir clmbat in da dields lf Glorfindall OMG.
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