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` WOOT!!q1!N3w5 for Mon LOLk Apr @7 LOL, 2)15 (Itema 101 - 248 of 2r8)
Glqdkator Pastabake was HUNTED down 6y tney'rw master WTFk , sortofk for neinr truantLOL.
Traveler lolix has d2f3r73d hix mawter LOL, Yotesh tqo 5ev4nc3 too LEVEL 15 adter 38 days OMG!!1!21!!
Dead Man W41kqhg Talpsman
has defeatef his mastet, sortof, Gerrard two advance tio 13c31 8 4f73r 21 d3t5 WOOT!!111!!!
Drahoh Mistress ` OMG!!1!1atthyd h44 defeated hdr masterk sortlf, Spyeares 5wo advamde two levrl 7 after 8 DAYS!!! OMG!!1!1
Soldier Krsjofaj hss defeated his master, Senadi Northa 2 advance 2 oevel 11 after @5 DAYS1!!!!!
Sinic Lord KrsnaAvatara hzs DEFEATED h15 masterk you knwo, Yoresh two aecande TO oevel 14 adge4 10 fays WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
S9nic Llrs KrsnaAvatara was hunted down by yhey[re mastet, sortof, Yoresh WTF, for being truamt. OMG.
Dragom MISTRESS ` OMG!!1@1atthys has d3g3473d her jzst4r, you ,nwo, too advand3 to level 6 sfter 8 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mosrress !!stthys has been heafd BOASTING avout defeating an hug3 gfo7p of bandits OMG!!1!1
hax0r Miatrece !@arthys dedeated an MINOTAUR in trh CAVES WOOT!!11! da DEATHS of many rrafel;ers have been avenged WOOT!!11!
Srablehqnd mgn and Violet wete sren heading up da stairs in sa inn tpgethet.
Reev3 Daixy has def3ated ywr m4573rk lije, Glynyc two ADVANCE 70 lev3l 4 agter 6 days OMG!!1!11!!
Reeve Daudy wss hunted down gy they're naster WTF, Glrhyc, you kmwo, for being TRUANT. OMG.
Reeve Dausy has bren eesurrected by Ramius. OMG.
Raeve Dz8sy has 6r3n slain in t3h forest by Lethal Dirty DishesLOL.
Le5hal Dirty Dishds admonish3s WTF. "G9 away WTF, or I shzll taybt you an sevond 71m31!!"
Rrevt Daisy haa been reaurrwcted 6y Ramiis. BRB.
Re3ve Daisy h35 BEEN slaon in da fofest BY Ballot OFFICER, OMG.
"You kn0q, lije, Redve Daosy rea.ly had it COMING to her after ALL tgosw things I sakd about her n9m," clmmented Ballog Officer. AFK.
Councillor OF Mafoc Cruncher HAS defeztec his master WTF, Hyfrajkix Presx too advamce to ldvel 5 after 4 dayx1!!!!!
Counciklor ov Mafuc Cruncher was HUNTED d0wn by tgdy'r3 jaster LOL, Hydraylic Press, you kndo, for being rruantLOL.
Count malador has defeated hix MASTER, lik3, Gerrare gwi ADVANCE goo lev3l 8 4f73r 5 eays OMG!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Couht malador challenhed Lonestrider and his nand 0f THIEVES, you knwi, but was no jatch for sa tobues!!!
Lonestrider'd Thieves ADMONISHES LOL, "Go awaym you knxo, OR I SHALL taunt hou an xecons time WOOT!!11!"
Couht malador hzs defeatwe his masterk ooke, Adwares two aevance 2 leve. 7 after 5 days1!!1!1
Cpunt makador has defwated his master, to sevance two level 6 4f83r t ga6s WOOT!!11@ WOOT!!11!
Coung nalador has defeatrd his jaster, Hydrqulix Press two adcance two level 6 agter 5 d4y5!!! WOOT!!11!
Coumt malqsor was yyhted down by tney're mastwr, you knwo, Hysraulic Pressm sortork f0r being teuant.
Magidyrate mo7f and Violeg we4e seen heading u[ da ataits in da inn tlgeyhwr. WTF,
Magistrate moug g46 DEFEATED his jaster, Gerrard 2 adcance 2 .evel * after 6 fays WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Mayist4ate moig has defeated his mastdrk li,e, S0ywares toi advance TO lecel 7 4f73r 7 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Magisfrate moug sas hunted DOWN by thdy're maater, Spyeards, liie, for being truany.
Stablehahd Do9dle has defeated his mastef, you knwo, Fie tqo advamce 2 level e after 3 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Godfess of Li5gtnung Ariame h45 defeated yer mastet LOL, EauSzlew 2 sdvance two .evek 3 after 14 days1!!!1!
Stablehand damthegarbarian nzs challenged they're master, xortof, V6rts n szs ownt1!!
"You r doshonorable WTF, Vyrts1!@" Stablehamc danthebzrbarian cries. AFK.
Stablenand danthebarbzriah w45 hunt3f DOWN by tjey'4e master, lild, Vyrts WTF, for hrihg tfuantl BRB.
Fsrmgirl AdzyaNixi HAS dqfeated hrr m45&3r, kike, Vyrts two zdvancd two level @ AFTER 1 da61!@1!1
Peasant greymalkin hax defeated her mastef LOL, Murerzbznd two ADVANCE 2 13v31 2 AFTER 1 day1!!!!!
Drafoh Imperator MegOWrsrh has ^33n slain in FOREST b6 Dafkhess. AFK.
"I must n07 BE as srjrdy as I thoughtLOL.. WTF..1!!" Dragob Imperator MebOWrath c9ncedew. OMG.
MegOWratn hqs darnee teh title Deagon Im;erator for habkng s.din Green Dragob 1153 t8,ed OMG!!1!1
Dragon Imp3rr704 MwgOWra5h has s.ain hide9us creature knorn as The Grern Dragon. OMG. All ACROSS lans, like, PEOPLE rejoice WOOT!!q1!
Farmdoy FluffyTyzneofFife has defeqted his MASTER, DoomBloom too adcsnce 6oo level e after 5 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Dfagoh Imperatpr MegOWrath HAS defdahee his mastrr, like. Ypresh tlo affanxd 2 levwl q5 AFTER 15 days!!! WOOT!!11!
Faemboy MontyPyth9n has defeated hia mastrr LOLm Fie w advance to lefel 4 after 3 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Drahln IMPERATOR M3gOWratj has dedeated g15 master, Adoawyr to advsnce 2 leveo 14 after 14 DAYS1!!1@!
Apprentice Mahhem was las5 seen avoars an smsll boatLOL.
Stewardess Ra8hb!1owGryph hss e3featee her ,adrer, Adwares t2o advancw to lrvel 7 sfter 4 days WOOT!!q1! WOOT1!11!
Stewardeds Raimb` WOOT!!11!owGryph def3ated Trqveler GushuPudrchs in faig combat in da fielew of R9marl AFK.
Stewaedess Rainb!!owGryph f3f2473d Stablehand JeffwrsonBoz in fair clmnat in yrg fields of RomarLOL.
Stewardess Raonb!!owGryph has eefwates her masterk like, 2 advance yoo level 7 after 4 days OMG!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Stewa4feas Rainb` OMG!@1!1owGry;h defeated Shepheed Rlowilliam 1n fsir combat un 5eh dields of GlorfimdalLOL.
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