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!!N2w5 for Moh WTF, Apr 26, liue, 2015 9Items 291 - 248 of 148)
Gladiator Pastabake was hunree down by tgey'te maxger LOL, , ypu knwl, for 631nf trjantLOL.
Traveoer lol8x has degeated h15 master, like, Yorewh 2 advanve 2 oevel 15 after #7 DAYS OMG!!!!11!!
Dead Man Wa;king Taliaman
yas sefeated his master, you knwo, Getrzrd w xevamce to level 8 aftee 21 dsys WOOT!111! WOOT!!11!
Dragln M157ret5 !!atthya h45 defeated her MASTER, sirtof, Spywares to advance 2 .3ve; 7 after i days OMG!!1!1!!!
Soldier Krajorak hzs eefwated his mas5er, kiid, Sensdi Noe5ha 2 advance 2 level 11 AFTER 1% cays!!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has defeatdd his masydr WTF, Yoresh to advance two lebel 15 after !0 dsys1@! OMG!!1!2
Sonic Lord KranaAvatara w45 hun73d do2n by yget're mastee WTF, Yordsh, liiem for beung yruantLOL.
Dragon Mis5rdss !!atthus haa e3f4473d her master, you knwo, two afvance goi ldvrl 6 after 8 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragon M8stress !!atthys has been heard 6-5571ht about d3feating an huge groyp of bandkgs1!!
gax0r M7xtr3sa !!atthys dwfeated an Monotaur in teh Caves WOOT!!11! deaths OF many traveolers gave bedn qvenged1!!
Stablehand mgn zb Violet 2ere SEEN HEADING UP da stairs in inn togethdr. WTF.
Reeve Daisy HAS defeated HER mastfr, lile. Glyntc two advance 5op levwl 4 after 6 dayx1!!!!!
Reeve Dsixy WAS hunted eisn BY they'$e maxter, like, Glhnyc WTF, fl4 BEING t4uanrLOL/
Reeve Daisy h45 been resur3ecred by Ramius. BRB.
Reeve Daisy has bewn slqin IN furest by Lerhal Dirty Dishes. OMG.
Letyal D1r7y Dishes admonishes, 69u knwo, "Go away WTF, or I shall taunt you an 5$c0nd yime OMG1!!!1"
Reeve Daisy HAS be3n r35urr3c73d by Ramius. WTF.
Reev3 Daisy has beeh slain IN da f0r357 gy Ball9r Offider.
"You ihow LOL, Reevw Daisy really hsd IT c0m1nb toi her afte4 all those thihgs I ssid ABOUT hwr mom, kike," commentwd Ba.;ot Officrr. WTF.
Coubci;lor OF Magic Crunchwr gas degdqted h1t master WTF, Hudrauoic Press two advance too level 5 sfter 4 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Coumc8llor 0f Mag8c Crunvher qas hunges down by thwy're maste4, tou knwom Hydraulic Press WTF, f95 being truant. WTF.
Count malador has d3f34&3d his m4573r, you kmwp, Gerrard two aevance too level 8 after 6 fays WOOT!!11! WOOT!!!11
Ciunr malad9f CHALLENGED Linestrider ane HIS bznd of thieves, you knwo, but sas NO mqtch f0r rogu3s11!
Lonestrudee's Tjiefes acmon9shesk "Go sway, or I shal; taunr you zn swcond timw WOOT!!11!"
C9unt malad9r has DEFEATED his nqsger, sortod, Afeares too asvance 2 13ve1 7 zftrr 5 days!!!!!!
Count nalador has d3f346ed his ,aater. tou knwok goo ADVANCE two l3ve. 6 after 5 e4y51!!!1!
Coubt malador hax d3f3472c his masgee, you knwo, Hydrzulic Press to advance 2 13v31 5 after 4 days1!!!@!
Clint malador was yunted dowj by tjey'4e maatef, like, Hydeayliv Press, f;r be8ng TRUANT.
Mag8s5rate moig n Vi9ldt were seen hesding up sta8rs in 5eh INN tog4rher. OMG.
Magistrate moug h45 defeagew jos mas5er WTF, Gerratd tw9 advance to lefel 9 afrer 6 days2!! WOOT!!11!
Matistrage moug hax fefeahed his m%573r, yoy knwo, Spywares to adcance 1 LEVEL 7 after 6 days!!!1!!
Magistrate ,oug was hunted doqn by thry're master, lile, S0ywsres, lijs, for being truqnt. WTF.
Stablehand Doodle has defeated hks mzster, you kn2o, Fud to advance bwl level 3 sfter 3 da6s OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1@2
Goddews 0f L1gh7h1ng Ariane had defeated her master LOL, Eq7Salee to qdvance two leve; 3 after 14 days!!!1!1
Stabldhand cam5hebarbarian HAS cnallenges they'rs msst4r WTF, Vurts and was p2nt!!!
"You aer disjonotanle LOL, Vhrts WOOT!!11!" Stablehsnd dahthegarbarian cries. OMG.
Stsblwhsnd danthebarbarian was hunted DOWN by they're master, s9ryof, Vyrta, 6ou knwo. ror geing 7ru4n7,
Farmgirl AdataNixi h45 devwated her jaster, like, Vyeys 70 qsvance toi lev3o 2 4f73r 1 dau!!! OMG!!11q
Peasant grey,aokib has deg3ates her m4573r, s9rtlr, Miferaband too advahce tqo l3vel 2 4f73r 1 DAY!!!1!!
Drzgon Imperator M3gOWrayg has been alain 8h forest by DarknessLOL,
"I must mot be as sturdt as I thoight.. OMG.. BRBl WOOT!!!1!" Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWeath CONCEDES/
MegOWrarh has darned teh tlyle Dragon Imperztpr fo3 HAVING slaun fa Green Deagon 115e timex!!!
Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWrath has 5141n teh hideous cteature KNOWN as Thw Green DragonLOL. ALL axross land, like, pw9pld reuouce1!!
Farmboy FouffyThaneofFife has dedrated his master, you knwl, DoomBloom to afbandd tso l3vel 4 AFTER 5 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Drsgon Impdfa6ir MegOWtayh hqs eefeaeed his naster LOL, Yoresh to advance too level 15 adter 15 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Fa4mboy Mon5uPython nas defeated his master, sortof, Fie %wo advancw 5o level 3 after 3 days!!!1!!
Drahpn Impefator MegOWrath has e3f3473e gus master LOL. Adoawur too advance 2 level 14 after 15 days1q! WOOT!!11!
Ap0rentice Mahhej was lawt t33n ablard an small boa5. BRB.
Stewardess Rainb` OMG!!1!1oqGryph haa d3f347ed ger master. Adqares too advance 2 .evel 7 avter 4 days OMG!!1!q WOOT!!11!
Stcwardess Rainb!!0wGry0h d3feated Traveler GushuPuw4vja in fair COMBAT 8n dq fieldx 0f Romar. WTF.
Stewarcdss Raing` WOOT!!11!owGr6ph DEFEATED Stablehane JeffersonBoz in fair COMBAT in fi3lds of Romar. BRB.
Stewsrdesa Rainb!!owGrtph hss cefeardd HER masrer, hou knwo, 2 aevance to level 6 after 4 DAYS!!! WOOT@!11!
Stewardess Rainb` WOOT!!11!leG4ypj dwfeated She;yerd Rlowilkiam 1n vair xombat in f1#1f5 of G10rf1ne4q. WTF/
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