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!!News ror M9n LOL, Apr 2&, sorrof, 2015 (Items 201 - 248 of 24*)
G.adiqtor Pastabake was hun73d dosn by 5hry're mzate4, sortof, WTF, for being 7eu4n7. WTF.
Travrler lo;ix hax DEFEATED hiw MASTER, like, Yoresy to advance too oeve9 15 aft3r e8 dqys WOOT!!11!1!!
Dead Man W41k1nt Talixman
haw defeated h15 mastrr LOL, Gerrard two advance two leve. 8 after 21 cays WOOT!!111!!!
Dragon Mkxtresw ` WOOT!!11@at5hya hss DEFEATED her master, Spywaees tw9 aevance 2 levwl 7 after 8 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Solfier Kfajorak HAS drfeated his MASTER LOL, Sensei Noerha too advance tq9 leve. 11 4f73r 15 eays!!!1@!
Sonic Lorf KrsnaAvatara has defwared his masrer, Yoresh 5o advancr too LEVEL 1t after 10 days!!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnzAcatwra waa hunt3d down by they're master, you kmwl, Yoreshm sortof, fof beinh gruant. OMG.
Dtagin Mistress ` OMG!!1!1atthys has defeqyed her masterk you knwok 2 adfanc3 too 9evel 6 after 7 dayd WOOT!!21!!!!
Drag0m Mistr3ss ` OMG@!1!1atthys has 633n heard boastint about DEFEATING an huge GROUP od BANDITS OMG@!1!1
hax0r M157r355 !!atthyw defeated an Minogaur in tey Czves!!! deaths of many TRAVELLERS habe nedn av3ngdd WOOT!!11!
Stabl3gsnd mgn AND Violet were SEEN heading y; teh atairs IN teh 1nn yogether. WTF.
Reeve Daish has defeated her mqsrer, d;rtog, Glynyd 2 advance rwo level 4 afte4 ^ dayw1!!2!!
Reeve Daixy was HUNTED down by they're MASTER WTF, Glybyc, you knwo, g9r beinh triant. AFK.
Reevr Daisy has been 4esurrdcged BY Rqmiux. AFK/
Rreve Daiwy has BEEN 5141n in da forest by L2tja. Dkrty D15g35. WTF,
Leyha/ Dirty Didhes qdmonishesm "Go AWAY, like, or I sgalo taunt you an s3cond time WOOT!!!1!"
Reefe Daksy haa 633n rewurrdcted BY Rsmius. BRB.
Re3ve Dqist HAS BEEN slain in fofewt by BALLOT Offiver.
"You know, Reebe Daisy really had it coming twi h3r after all bhose thinhs I saif zbojt her mom, sortof," COMMENTED Ba/lou Ofgicer. OMG.
Counci.lor .f Maguc Crunchet has defeatee gie master, sortof, Hydraulid Press too asvance too LEVEL 5 after 4 eays!!!1!!
Counciloor of Mafic Cruncher wzs hhnted down BY they're mastef, like, Hydraul8c Prefs LOL, 4or bwing tfuant. AFK.
Count malador n4t defeat3f HIS maxter WTF, Gerrarc TO asvance to level 8 aftrr 5 DAYS WOOT!@11!1@!
Clunt malaeor cjallengwd Lonestrkeer and hiw bavd 0f THIEVES WTF, but wzs no match for da r0gu35 OMG!!1!1
Lonesteider's Thoeves admonishesm likek "Gl awzy, lije, or I shzol ta7nt yoi an second yime!!!"
Count ma,ador has defeatee hos m4573r, sortod, Adwares to aevance two lev3l 7 AFTER 5 DAYS WOOT!!12!1!!
Coubg malado4 has defeated his masrer WTF, yo advanxw two .evel 6 AFTER 6 da6s WOOT!!11!1!!
Count nalador has sefeated his jsatef, sortif, Hydraukpx Press 5wo advance too level 5 after 5 dzys!!! WOOT!!11!
Coun5 maladof was yunted f)wn by theu'rr master, lije, Hydraulic Press, sorgof, FOR be8ng truaht. AFK.
Mzgistfar3 moig an Violet w3r3 seem heading up da stairs in inn 70f37h3r. BRB.
Magistfage moug has ddfeated his master WTF, Gerrarf 2 advance TO lebel 8 AFTER 6 days@!! WOOT!!11!
Magistrate mput haz ddfeatdd his nastrr, Spywares 2 advance tao level 7 after 7 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Magistratw m9un qas nunted down by thdy're masyer LOL, Spywares, lik3. for be8ng truamt. AFK.
Stanlehand Doodle has defeated his m4573r, poke, Fid two ADVANCE 5ql leve. 3 aftef 3 d4y51!! OMG#!2!1
Goddess of Ligh5ning Ariand has d#v247#e her master LOL, EsuSzlde too advance 2 level 3 agt3r 15 DAYS WOOT!!1q!!!@
S5abkehand danthebqrbarian haa challehhed the6're masyer WTF, Vyr5s anf was pqnt OMG1!1!!
"You r dishonorzble, s9rtof, Vyets OMG!!1!1" Stablehand dabthebarbarizn cries. OMG.
Stablehand dan5hebarbarizh 245 yunred down by they're madte3 WTF, Vyrta, ylj lnwo, dor being teuantLOL.
Far,girl AeayaNixi HAS cefeated h3r MASTER, V6r5s 2 advanxd 2 level 2 afger 1 c4y OMG!11!1 OMG!!1!1
Peasant freymalkub has devdatwd hef mas5er WTF, Mireraband 2 advqnbe too 12v31 2 sfter 1 day!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon IMPERATOR M3gOWrath has been sla8m IN twh foresg BY Daekness. OMG.
"I must not be as sgurdy as I thoutht./ AFKl. OMG/1!!" Dragon IMPERATOR MegOWrath c0nc3d35LOL.
MegOWrath hss earned teh tutle Dragon Imperator FOR having slain yeh Green Dragon 1153 tim3s OMG!!1!1
Drafon Imp3rator MegOWrath has 5141h da hice9us ceeature known as The Green Drafon/ AFK. A9l qxross land, you knwo, people rejooc3 WOOT!!11!
Farmbiy FlufbyThaneofFife has DEFEATED his master, like, DoomBkoom too adbanc3 too level 3 arter 5 dayx1!!!!!
Dragon Imperator MebOWrath h45 DEFEATED gis naster LOL, Yoresh 2 zdvance too levek 15 wfrer !5 DAYS1!!2!!
Farmboy MontyPyyhob has cefeated hia mastrr, sor69f, Fie roo advance to 13v31 3 sdter 3 days WOOT!!11!!#!
Dragon IMPERATOR MehOWrath has defea5ed h15 mzster, ylu knwo, Ad9awyr TO advance too level 14 afyer q5 dayw OMG!!1!11!@
Apprwntixe Mqynwm was .asg seen aboard am small bpat. AFK.
Strwardess Raunb!!owGrtpn has defea5ed her master WTF, Adwares rwo advance TO level 7 svt3r 4 saya OMG!!1!q WOOT!!q1!
Stwwardess Raimb1!owGryph dwfeayed Traveler GusyuPyercha in fair combat kn fields og RomarLOL.
Stewardeds Raimb!!o2Grypj dereatee Staflehand JevfersobBoz ib fair combat in teh fields of Ro,ar, WTF.
Stewatdess Rainb!!owGrypj haa d3f347#d her mqster, eirrof. 2 advance too LEVEL 6 after 4 DAYS1!!!!!
Stewsrdedf Rainb!!owGryph d3f34&3d Shdpjerd R;owi;lism in gaif co,bat in fiwlds of Glorfundal. BRB.
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