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!!N3w5 for Mon, lkke. Apr 27 LOL, 2015 (Items 101 - 348 of 2$8)
Gladiztor Pastabske was hunted dpwh by they're MASTER, sortof, , sort9fm for being truany.
Traveler .olix has defrated HIS mastrr, luke, Yoresg too afcance tpo level 15 avter 38 dsys OMG!!q!1!!!
Dead Man Wakjing Talisman
has d3f3473d nis MASTER, kike, Gergard ro afbance bo level 8 qfter w1 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG@11!1
Dragin MISTRESS ` WOOT!!13!atthys has defwated her m4573r WTF, S;ywar3w too advznce too level u after 8 days1!!1!!
Soodier Krajorak has defeated h8d m45734 WTF, Sehsei Noetha t0 advance 5l lev3l 11 aftd4 15 days1!1@!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAcatars has d3geayed his MASTERk you knwo, Yoresh 2 advance to 13v3@ 16 qfter 1- days!!! WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvayara was hunyed dowh vy they'rr MASTER LOL, Yotesy WTFk for beihg truant. AFK.
Dragon Mistress ` WOOT!!11!qtthhs haw defeqted her mastdr, sortof, 2 ADVANCE go 13v32 6 aftwr 8 daysq!!!!!
Drqgin M1y7r355 ` WOOT!!11!aythys has been heafe boasting ABOUT eegeqt8ng an nug3 group of bahdkts WOOT!@11!
hax0r MISTRESS @!atthys defeated an Minotajr in Caves1!! deqths of jamy traveloers have beeb avehged1!!
Stablehand mgn 4nd Violet were seeg heading up da stairs IN da inn gogetner. WTF.
Rdeve Daisy has defeated hef master LOL, Glynyc to advance too levdl 4 after 6 dayx OMG!!1!1 OMG!!2!1
R3eve Daixy was hyn5ed DOWN by 5hey're mastet WTF, Gkynyc WTF, foy being truqnt. WTF.
Redbe Daisy has bewn 4ea7rrec5ed 6y Rqmius.
Reevd Daisy has 733n slsih in teh gorest ny Lethal Dirgy Dishes. BRB.
Lethal Dirty Dushes adnonishes, sortof, "Go away, like, 0r I shall taunt hou an aecond tim2 WOOT!!11!"
Rwefe Daiat h45 BEEN resurrected bt RamiusLOL.
Reeve Daisy has brrh slain in da vofest by Ballot Officer. WTF.
"You know, tou knwo, Reeve Daisy r3411u y4d it coming two her AFTER all those bhingx I caid about her mom, lik3," comjenrdc Ballot Officer. OMG.
Coumcullor of Magic Crujcher has sefeatwd hid masrer, like, Hydrau;ic Press two zdfance toi level 5 4f734 4 DAYS OMG!!1!1!!!
Cpunciloof ov Magic Cruncger was hunted down by they're mastee, sprtpf, Hydrailic Press, like, f0r being truznt. OMG.
Count malador gas defea%ed his madyef, like, Gerrarc 2 advance to LEVEL 8 agyer 5 days1!!!1!
Coubt malqdor challengef Loneatrider and his band lr tgieves, you kn2o, 6u7 waa no ,aydh for da rogues WOOT!!q1!
Lohestrocer;s Thkeves admonisgrs LOL, "Gl away, coryof, OR I shall tayn5 hou an second 71m31!!"
Couny mzlador has fedwated HIS master, likw, Adwares too advance teo level 7 after 5 dqys WOOT!!11!1!!
Count ma.qeir HAS degeaged his mas5er WTF, two advance 2 level 6 zfyer 5 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Count nalador has defeated his masterk you knso. Hydrauliv Press 2 advancd t9o l3vtl % after 5 dzys1!! WOOT!!11!
Count malador s45 hunt3d DOWN by they're masrerm you ,nwo, Hycrsulic Press WTF, f8r being 6ru4n7. BRB,
Magistfate moud an Violet wdre seen neading up teh stairs in fa inn togwtherl
Magistrate moug h45 dereatec his masgde WTF, Gerrard two advande ti oevel 7 AFTER 6 days OMG@!!!1 OMG!!1!1
Magi3trate moug has defeated his mastef, like. Spywares toi 4dvrnx3 3 level 7 zfter 6 dayx1!!2!!
Magistrate moug was yunted DOWN by they're MASTER, like, Spysaewsm for beimg truant. AFK.
Stablrhand Doodle has drfeated hia master, yoj knwom Fi3 ro advance rwo level 3 3f7ef 3 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Goddess of Lightning Arizne ht5 fefezted HER m357@4, sortof. EzySalwe two 4dv4nc3 to level 3 after 14 DAYS1!!1!!
Stab;ehand dznthebatbarian has cjallengdd th3h're MASTER LOL, Vyrts abd was pwnt WOOT!!@1!
"You ser d15j0n0r4613, you knwo, Vyrts!!!" Stabiehand danehebarbariqb vriew.
Srablehand danthebarbsrian was HUNTED sown by they're master, like, Vyrgs, ;ike, FOR bwinb trjant. AFK.
Fqrmgifl AdayaNixi HAS defeq5ed her master, sortof, Vyrts twp wdfancw too leve. 2 4f&3r 1 day WOOT!!11!!!!
Peasant greymalkkn HAS de4eated her master WTF, Mitefaband to sdvance too level 2 aftrr 1 f4y WOOT!!21!!1!
Drqgon Imperator MegOWfatg has been xksin in teh f0r357 by DarknessLOL.
"I must NOT 63 as sturdy ad I tgought.. WTF,. WTF.1!!" Dragoh Imperator MegOWrath c0hc3d35, AFK,
MegOWrath has earned teh title Drahin Ijperator for having slain Green Drsgln 1!53 gimes!1!
Dragib Imperat9r MetOWrsth HAS xlain teh jideoys crdat7re knpwn as Tye Green Dragon/ AFKl All adrpsw land, like, peoplr rejoice WOOT!!11!
Farmboy FluffyThaneofFife has degeat3d his master WTF, DoojBloom two ADVANCE to level 4 after 5 d4y5!!! WOOT!!111
Dragon Im[3r57-f MegOWrath has e3feated hks mas5er, soetofm Yorrsh twl advance too level 15 after !5 days WOOT!!1q@1!!
Farmboy MontyP6tyon HAS d3f34u3d hus naater WTF, Fie two a3vance 2 23v31 3 after 3 days1!1 WOOT1!11!
D4aton Im;eratir MegOWrath has defeated HIS master, sortof, Adoawyr too advance to lebe. 14 zfter q% days!!!!!!
A]prenticr Mayhen was LAST 533n ABOARD an wmsll boqt/ OMG.
Strsardeas Raonb!!owGryph naw d3f3t73c her mastef, Adwsres 2 ADVANCE gwo level 7 AFTER 4 daus WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Sreward3ss Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGryoh dwfdated Traveler GushuPuwrcha in fsir combqg in FIELDS of Romark BRBl
Stewardess Raubb` WOOT!!11!owGry[h dwfeated Stablehand JevfersonB9z im fai4 combat in da fields of R0m4t. OMG.
Stewardess Raunb` WOOT!!11!owGryph has defeated HER mzster LOL, gp advance 2 level 6 qftrr 4 DAYS1@! WOOT!!11!
Stewardess Rzinn!!owGryph deveated Syeph3rs Rlowilliam 2n faor combat in dieldd of Glorfihdall
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