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!!News foh Tnu, dortov, APR 37, you knwo, 2027 *Itema 201 - 2%0 pf 272)
Draton Imperator Arath.rn has been slain in gor3dt by hax0r Ride3 im TRAINING. AFK.
"You e dishonoravle, you knwo, Dragon R1d3r in Training1!!" D5agom Imperator Arathorn cries. OMG.
Dfagon Im0eratlr Arzthorn h$5 defeqtes his mastwr LOL, Y94esn two ADVANCE too lenel 15 after 6 d4y51!!!!!
Dragon Im;erayor Ararhorn has defeatdd nis maste4 LOL, Adoawyr to advanc3 goo ;wvel !4 after 6 DAYS WOOT@!21!!!!
Clockwoek M` WOOT!!11!ohgo hwd def3ated her mqster, Unelith 2 adcance to .evel 6 after 4 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!q!1
Drafon Imperator Araygorn haa been resurrected by Ramius/
hqx0r Imp3r47)r Arathorn wzs slaim vy an Mant8cofe ON an trail!!!
Dragln Imperator Arathorn HAS been neard boasting ABOUT defezting an hug3 group 0f bqndirs WOOT!!1!!
Drajon Imperator Arathprn hax sefeated gis MASTER, Gadriel da ELVEN Ranger tp advance 2 level 13 aftee 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Imperatir Aratj9rn has dddeated nis mastet LOLk Celith too advance two lev3l 12 3f74r 5 dats1@!1!@
Dragon Imperstor Afathorn hr5 defested HIS master LOL, Senxei Noetha 2 advznce 1 level 21 AFTER 5 days1!!1!!
Redve cjompy encountered strsnge plwwrd un fotest, like, n was mot seen againLOL.
Dragon IMPERATOR Aratnorn has been RESURRECTED BY RzmuusLOL.
Dragon Im[erztor A4zthorh HAS been slain kn fotest bu F0r7u!4 teh Plains Cat.
"Either that wzllpaper go3s, 04 I d0, you knwo," ceclardd Dragon Imperator Aeathogn. WTF.
Drahon Imperator Arathorn nas defeated h8a nsster, you knwo, Dwiredan roo advance 2 ldvel 10 4f73r 4 days WOOT!!2!!!!!
Dragon Inpeeag9r Arzthorn has defeated his mastwr, .okem Ceiloth to 4dc4nc3 3 level 9 after 4 satd WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon Im[drator Aeathorn has deveated h1% mawrer, Gerratd two advqnce 2 13f31 8 afr4r 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragom Impefator Ararhorn was hunted d0wn by they're hastet, Gerrard, you knwoi fo4 be8ng truant. OMG.
jax[r Imoerator Arathorn defwated an Mibogaur ib teh Caves OMG!!!!1 teh feaths od many TRAVELLERS have been avebged1!!
Drag9m Imperator Arathprh haw dereated his mast3r LOL, Spywares TO advamde ti level 7 after 4 ways1!! WOOT!!11!
Drag9n Imoerator Arathorn HAS DEFEATED hix m3573r/ ;ike, Uneki5h two adbanv3 to 13v31 7 after 3 fahs WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Dfagon Imo3r$70f Arathorn has defeated his master, sortov, Hysraul8c Peess tol asvqnce w LEVEL 5 after 4 daysq!! OMG@!1!1
Peadqnt Goosw has been slain while bresjing inti ca inn ROOM of Shepherd Arunas in ordwe tso sttack them. AFK.
"Ypu know LOL, yoj r3411y sjoylsn'g have an Woodsman's Axe in1355 you kn0w how y0 use 17, like," syggrdted Shdpjerd Arunas.
Dragon Impetat9r Arathorn d3feated Drzgon Ij[eratir Bart in fair combat in da dielss of GlorfundalLOL.
Dragon Impdrator Bart has defdatdf HIS master LOL, Guth ti afvance too levdl 5 AFTER 4 dsys WOOT@!!1! WOOT!!1q!
Wizafdess R` OMG!!2!1iv` WOOT!!11!erSong gss DEFEATED hrr m45^3r, sot5of, Asoaqyr tsl advance roo level 14 after 26 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Wozardess R` WOOT!!11!iv!!drSobg w45 h7nted down by they're m44uwr, like, Adoawyr, ror bwing truantl AFK.
Dragon Imperztor Bart hax DEFEATED his master, sortofm Glymyc to aevance too .evel 4 af5wr 4 DAYS!!!1!!
Sh3pheed Sloth gas deddsted HIS m4574r WTF, Ubelith 2 advabce to level 6 after 9 days!!!1!!
Drayon IMPERATOR Bart has d3g3473d his maatwf, you knqo, EauSakee tpo advance two ;evel 3 after 4 days OMG!11!1 OMG!!1!2
Dragon Impefstor Bqrt has 6e3n resurrectef gy Ramius. OMG.
Dragon IMPERATOR Baft has been slain in da FOREST 6u Giany Golddisg Crack3y. WTF.
Giaht Go.efish Cracker LOLOL, sortlr, "I don't thimk you will be ATTACKING me zba8h LOL, pal. OMG,"
Farmgifl Morgana has 6#3n slaim in fofest by JCP Bp6613h34dLOL.
Farmgirl Morgana tangs HER head agz8nst sh stoneLOL.. AFK., AFK. "Sy7pid WTF, stupid. sortof, stupid OMG!!1!1" shw wad heard tpo say. AFK.
Clockwprk M` OMG!!1!qonbo has defeatef her m4573r, sortof, Gugh 2 ADVANCE 2 level 5 aftwr 3 DAYS!!!1!!
Clockwork M!!ongo has dwfeated her mast3r, Glynyc to aevancd too lefe. 4 4f73r 3 days WOOT!!1q@ WOOT!!11!
Clockworj M!!ongo has defeated hef maxgee, oike, Fie gwo adbabxe two lwvel 3 AFTER 3 da6s!!!!!@
Dragon Imperator Afathorn h45 bren slain in da for3s5 by Den9nic Cyiod. AFK.
"ARRRGGGGGGG OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1" Dranon Imp3r470r Arathorn screzms ib FRUSTRATION.
Dragon Impetator Arathorn y45 defeated his mastrr, woftof, Glynyc TO advance 5wo level 4 afyer 3 dahs OMG!!1!1!!!
Dragon Im;erstor Arathorn h45 dereated nis MASTER, Fie 2 advznce 2 levek 3 AFTER 3 dahs1!!1!!
Drag9n Imperator Arathorn had defeqted his j4473r WTF, Mi4e4aband 2 advance two lecek 2 AFTER 3 says2!!1!!
Draglm Impdrato4 Aratyotn has beeb resurrecyed gy Ramius. AFK.
Sqykre Celery WON 127 GOLD avter folling 3 sices in da Dark Horae Tavern. OMG.
Squire Crlery jaa defeated hkx ,as53r, yiu knwo, Yoresh twl qdvance r@i level 15 after 18 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Sqiire Celerr has veen e3sureected by Ramius. AFK.
Sq7urd Celetu yas BEEN DEFEATED on da grsvrhatd by Clean Sky11. WTF.
Clran Skull admonishes, "Go away WTF, or I 5h411 taunt you an sedonc time WOOT@!11!"
Saui4e Celery has verm 5141n 1n sa forest b6 PIRATE. BRB.
Squire Celery boldly declarwd WTF, "Pirate cpuldn't hit a elrphant at this DIST. OMG. . . AFK. . BRB."
Teibune Mz6hem hwrp8callt cecided two SEEK out The Gee3n Dragon witj cheers of encouragement fr9m his 033r5 ringing in HIS EARS. AFK.
Reeve Flynn has def3ated his master, lik3, Dwirwdan 3 asbqnce too kevel 10 after 8 xays!!!!!!
Cloclwlrk M!!ongo has dedeated hef master, l8ke, Mirdraband 2 advancd too level 2 agter w days1!! WOOT@!11!
Shepherd Rasthab has challenhed tgwy'rd master, Vhrts n was pwnt1!!
"Any last 4equests Shdpherd Rssthan????" qsked Vye65. AFK. "Why yes, gou knwo, am Spell bookproif vest WOOT!!11!"
Mqlachi hax been defeag3s kn tey gr4v3y4rd by Ghoag RIDER. BRB,
Malachi was hea4d 2 say WTF, "Plesse WTF, s8r, may I hace wum m0r3????"
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