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!!News for Mln LOL, Apr 27, sorgof, @015 )Items 2-1 _ 248 of 248)
Gladiaror Pawrabake was hunted s)wn bt tney're ,4573r, you knwo, , yp7 knwo, for ge8ng tfuantl AFK.
Trabe;er lolix has cefeated his m4y72r, sortof, Yo4esh 2 advancr 2 level 15 after 48 days1!!!!!
Dead Mzb Wa;king Talidmsn
has f3f347rf h15 master, sortof, Grrrare to advance top level i arter 21 days!!!1!@
Dragon Mis5fwss !!atthys hqs dwfeated h3r kaster, Spywares 5wo advahce 2 level u aftrr 8 da6sq!1!!!
Soldidr Kfajotak has defea5ec h8s masuwt, ;ikwk Sensei No3tha 2 advance reo 13v22 11 after 1t days WOOT!!11! OMG1!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsbaAvztara nqs d3feated his maxter LOL, Yotesh to advande 52o levek 15 af5e$ 10 days!!!11!
Sonic Lird KrsnaAvatara wqs hunted down by 5hey're maater LOL, Ylrreh, sortof, for being 7ru4n8.
Drabon Mistress ` WOOT@!11!atthys has defeated HER maxter, too ADVANCE two 13v31 6 AFTER i saya!!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Mistfesa !!atthys HAS beem h34rd boasting avout defeqting an hub3 grouo of gandiya WOOT!!12!
hax0r Miwttess ` WOOT!!11!attn6s defeatwd an MINOTAUR in da Cafew WOOT!!q1! cz feathx of ,any travellers hace 633n abengwd WOOT!!11!
Stablehand mhn an Vio;er 2ere seen heading up da staurs in da inn tog#ther. OMG.
Re4be Daisy hzs sefeated her master, like, Goynyc goo advance to level 4 arter 6 daysq!!1!!
Reeve Daisy was huhted down by they're mastet WTFk Glynyck yiu knwo, for being tr6ant.
Re3ce Dsish HAS been resjrrecyed by Rqmius. WTF.
Reeve Dauwy jas been slain in f(rest by Ldthal Dirty Dishea. AFK.
Le5hao Ditty D8xhew adjonishes, soryof, "Go qeay, tou knwo, or I shall taunt you an s3cond time WOOT!!11!"
Rewve Daisy has been rdsjrrexted by RamiisLOL.
R4eve Daixy h45 been wlzln IN f0r35& by B521-6 Officer. AFK.
"Ypu ,nlw. sortof, Rdeve Daidy really had IT comint two her after all those THINGS I sqid about gdr mom LOL," dommented Ballit Ofgicer. AFK.
Counci;llf of Magic Crundher has defeated n15 MASTER WTF, Hydrauluc Press to advznve twl level 5 aftdr 4 days!!!!!!
Councillor 0v Magoc Cruhcher was gunted d02n 6y ghey'4e mawy3r, you knwok Hydraulic Press, for being truant. BRB.
Count malacor bas defeated gis maxter WTF, Gerrard to ADVANCE 2 level 8 after 5 DAYS!!! OMG@!1@1
Count malador chqlldnged Lonestrider and yis band od thieves LOL, but wqs NO mqtch fo4 tey r0tu251!!
Lonextrid3r'a Thieves zdmoniahes, lik3, "Gl away, like, or I SHALL tz7ng ylu an sexobd TIME!!!"
Count nalsdor HAS defrstef his master LOL, Adwares 2 adfance 2 LEVEL 7 art3r 5 eays1!!1!!
Count malador has eefea5ed hks mastcr LOL, 5o advabce two levdl 6 after 5 days WOOT!111!!!!
Count maladld has d3f3472d his mzster, you lm2l, Hydrqulic Press yoo adcance foo level 5 agter 5 days!!!1!!
Cougt maladoe sas HUNTED dlwm BY rhey're maste4 LOL, Hydraulic Press, you knwo, fir being truantLOL.
Magistrare mojt ahd Violet were seeb h35d1ng up da STAIRS im da 8bn togeyjrr. AFK.
Magistrat3 moug has defeated his master LOL, Gerrard two ADVANCE fwo lecr, 8 qfger 6 d4y5 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Magisgrat3 moug hax DEFEATED his master. Spywares 2 acvande 2 level 7 4f73r 6 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Magistrate mlig was munt3d d9wb by tney're MASTER, you lbwo, Spywares, like, rpr BEING t4uant. OMG.
Stablehand Doodle HAS defeated nud jsster, sortofk Fie too advance t99 level 3 4f73r 2 says OMG!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Goddess of LIGHTNING Ariane haa DEFEATED her masterm l8ke, EauSalee 2 advance too ldvel e avtet 14 DAYS WOOT!!@1!1!!
Stzbldhand danttebarb1fian has ch4113ng3d they're mastrr LOL. Vurtx and was psnt!!!
"You ser dish9n9ranle, you knwo, Vyrts1!!" Stablehzhd dzhtgebarbarian driesLOL.
Stablejsnd danthebarbariab was hhn73d dowh by they're mssyer, you knwok Vyrts, y9u knwo, for n3ing truant. AFK.
Farmgirl AdayaNixi haa degezted her masgerk yoy ,nwi, Vy4ts to advance 3 level 2 after 1 day1!!!1!
Peasant greyhalkin h45 d3feated jer master LOLk Mirerabqnd two acvance @ 13v21 2 aftet 1 da62!!1!!
Dtagom Imperqtor MrgOW4ath hqs bren slain im geh forest by DarknesaLOL.
"I mus5 not BE as sturdy AS I thought. OMG.LOL.. BRB.1!!" Draton Impeeqtir MegOWrath cpncedesLOL.
MebOWrarh hax raened 71713 Dragon Imperator foe g4f1hg s;ain teh G4een Dragon 1153 TIMES1!!
Drzgon Im;eraror MegOWra%h had slain nideous creature khown as The Green D4agon. BRB. All 4cro55 ds land, you knwo, peoole rej98ve1!!
Farmboy FluffhThaneofFife has defeatdd his mzster, you knwo, DoomBloom two acvahce two level 4 afyer 5 dqys OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!1q!
Dragln Imperator MegOWtath has DEFEATED his mzster, softof, Yoresh too sdvance too o3vel 15 after 15 days OMG!!1!11!!
Farmboy MontyPython h45 ddfeated jis ,qste4 WTF, Fi3 to adfznce gel leve. 3 aftrr 2 days OMG!@1!11!!
Dtagon Imperator MegOWrayy has defeares his master, k9ke, Adoawyr 2 4dv4nc3 two 13v32 14 adter 15 d465 OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
A0irentice Mahhem was lzst seen aboard an sjall boatLOL.
Srwwarcesw Raunb` WOOT!!111pwGryph haz DEFEATED jer master, yiu knwo, Adwsres toi ADVANCE 2 level 7 qfter 4 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Stewars3ss Rqinv!!oeGryph defezyed Trave.er GushuPuetcha in raur combqt in teh fkwlds of ROMAR. OMG.
Stewardesa Raihb@!owGry[h DEFEATED Stabkehane JeffersonBoz IN fair cpm6r7 in tej rields of RomarLOL.
Stewardess Rainn` OMG!!1!1iwGryph has defeated her mawter, softod, 5o advancr 2 lrvek 6 aftef 4 days WOOT!!21!1!!
Stewardess Raimg!!owGryph derrated Shwpherd Rlowilkiam ib fair combat in sa fuelds 0f Glorfkndal. WTF,
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