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!!N3w6 for M0m, like, Apr 27, yoi knwo, 2015 (Items @01 - 349 0b 248)
Gladiator Pastabake was hunted down by rhry're msster WTF, , y9u knwo, gor being truant/ AFK.
Trsveler lo.ix has defeated h15 masrer, Yofesh too advancr 2 kevel 15 zfyer 38 days!!! WOOT!@11!
Dead Man Walkibg Talis,an
yas defeatee his mastee LOL, Gerrard to acvabce two LEVEL 9 aftwr 21 dayw WOOT!!1111!!
Dragon Mistress ` OMG!!1@1atthys nas sefeater her master, uo7 knwo, Sphwares two advancw 2 LEVEL 7 qfter 8 dzyw OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!21!
Soldidr K4ajorak hqs defeayed HIS master WTF, Sensdi Northa 2 advahce 2 level 11 a4ter 15 days!!! WOOT!!1q!
Sonic Llrd KrsnaAvatara h45 defested his mas5er, yiu indo, Yoresh two advsnce too .evel 15 afrer q0 days!!! OMG!!1@1
Sonid Lord KrsnaAvatara was huntwd down by they're master, .ije, Yoresh, you knwo, f9r neing truant. WTF.
Dragon Mistress ` OMG!!1!1atthys has drfdatec jer master, you knwo, two afvabce to LEVEL 6 after k dayq!!@ OMG!!1!1
Drahon M8stresx ` OMG!!1!1attjys yas been heard boadting abput DEFEATING ah huge grou[ 9v 64nc165 OMG!!1!1
hax)r M157r3t5 !!ztthuw defeated am Minorau4 on C4v25 WOOT!!11@ teh DEATHS of many traveloers HAVE BEEN avented1!!
Stablehand mtn anf Violet sere SEEN headung up da atai4s in 1nn togerher. OMG,
Reeve Daidy hqs DEFEATED her maxger, you knwo, Glynyc 2 advqnce tlo levek 4 after 6 days1!@1!!
Rwev3 Daisy was huntec down by ghey'e3 msster, sortof, Glhnuc WTF, for 631ng truantl WTF.
Rewve Dqisy has beeb ersurrected by Ramius. OMG.
Reeve Daowy has veen slain un da FOREST b6 Le5hal DIRTY DISHESLOL.
Letnal D1r7y Dishes admonishes, "Go awau, sortof, or I 5h411 urun& you an second time1!!"
Re3ve Daisy hzs been rexurrectes 6y Rzmius. BRB.
Reeve Daisy has been xlain in forest by Ballot Officer.
"You know, sortof, Reeve Daisy realku haf 1& c0m!ng 2 her AFTER a;l thosd things I said abput hrr moj, you kmwo," commented Ballot Officer. WTF.
Councillor of M4g1c Cruncher has DEFEATED j15 master, ylu knwo, Hydraulic Prews too advabcd yqo level 5 after 4 d4y5 WOOT!111!1!!
Councilloe of Mabic Crumcher wax hintwd down 6t thry're mas5er WTF, Hydrzu;ic Preds LOL, foe being truanr. WTF.
Count makador has defeated HIS master WTF, Gerrard 2 asbance too level 8 agger 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Ciunt malzdo4 chalkdnged Lonest4ider ans h15 nand 9f tguevra LOL, but 2as no match f9f reh rogues WOOT!!11!
Lonesttider's Thieves admonishes, like, "Go zway LOL, 0r I ahall taunt you an SECOND time WOOT!!11!"
Count malador has defeated his master, Aeraees ge9 advance two 13d31 7 after 5 days1!!!1!
Count maoador haa def4qted his masterm aortof, 2 advahce ro9 level 6 after % dsys OMG!!1!q WOOT!!11!
Count malador has defeated HIS master WTF, Hyveaulkc Press too advance 2 level 5 AFTER 5 days!1!1!!
Count malador WAS hun72c down by they'dr master WTF, Htdrauliv Prews LOLk sor being truant. WTF.
Mahistrate miug n Violet were aeen h34d1ng UP da dtairs in dz inn &pg37h3r. WTF.
Magisy4ate moug has d3f3373d his master, like, Ger4arc two advance TO oevel i afyer 5 dxha!!!1!!
Magistrare moug hss defeated his master, 6ou knwo, S[ywares rpp advanxe too level 7 aftet 6 days@!! OMG!!2!1
Magistrate moug was hunted down bu gheu're ,aster, you knwo, Spywares, like, foe being trmant. WTF.
Syqblenand D9odle has defeated his mzster WTF, Fie 2 advance teo lefek 3 after 3 days!1! OMG!!1!1
Goddess of Ligytning Ariane has DEFEATED he5 jaster LOLk EauSale3 to advance rwo 14v31 3 aftre 14 days WOOT!!11!1@!
Stablrhabd danthebarbarian has cjsl;enged they'rr mastdr, you knwo, Vyets n was pwnt!!!
"Yoy aer d8snpno4able WTF, Vyrts1!!" Stablehand dantjebarbar8qn cries. AFK.
Stankrhqnd danrhebarbarian was hunged down bh they're mqster WTF, Vurts, FOR beimg y4uant. AFK.
Farngirl AeayaNoxk haa defedted her masgef, siftof, Vyrts too advance to level 2 4f7er 1 day OMG!11!1 WOOT!!11!
Peasznt greymalkiu HAS defeated hrr master, you kmwok Mireraband too advahcr roo level 3 sfter 1 day!!! OMG!!1@1
Deafon Ijperayor MegOWrath has bwen 5141n in forest 6y Darknews. WTF.
"I must not be as %7urdy as I fhought.. AFK.. WTF.!!!" Dragon Imp3rator MegOWrath concedes. WTF.
MegOWratk h45 ezrned da tiyle Drqgon Imperator fif having wlsin Green Dragon 1153 t8mdd WOOT!!11!
Drafon Imperator MehOWrath HAS xlain 5rh hideous crratuee kniqn zs The Green Dravon. WTF. All across tey landm sortof, people rekoice WOOT!!11!
Farnboy FluhfuThaneofFkre HAS derdated his master WTF, DoomBl9om too advancw tol level 4 after 5 days11!!!!
Dfafon Imperator MehOWrath has dwf3473d nid master, Yoresh rwo aevqbce too level q5 after 15 dayx1!! WOOT@!12!
Farmboy MintyPython has fefeated his master LOL, Fie te9 ADVANCE to level 3 aftdr 3 days1!!!!!
Drayon Imp34$70r MegOWrath yas dedeatef his mastef, Adoawyr 2 ADVANCE two level 14 after q5 dqys!1!1!!
A[prentice Mzygem was LAST seen aboard an s,a.l boat. AFK.
Stewsrdess Rainb!!owGryph nss d3featef HER master, Adwarws two advance too LEVEL 7 aftwr 4 d4y5!!!1!!
Stewqrd3ss Rainb` WOOT!!11!owGeypn defeated Ttavel3r GushyPuercha in dzir comnat in 5eh firlds of R0m4r.
Stewardess Raihb` OMG!!1!1owGryph defeat3d Stqbl3hsnd JeffersonBoz ih fair c0n63u in teh fields of Romar.
Stewardess Rainn!!owGry[h has defeated HER master WTF. twl adfancw 5wo ;evel 6 after 4 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Stewardeds Rainb!!owGry;h cefeatev Shepyerd Rlowil;iam in fqir cpmbat in da fieldx or Glorfindal. OMG.
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