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` OMG1!1!1News vlr Mon, Apr 27, lkke, 2015 (Irems 20! 0 @28 OF 248)
Gladiator Pas5abake WAS hun73d down ny they'rw master, dortov, LOL, FOR being TRUANT.
Trav3ler kolux hqa defeated his master, uoi ,bwo, Yoresh rlp advance tw9 13v31 15 aftrr 38 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Deqd Man WALKING Ta.idman
has s3f3473d h15 m4574r, Gefrard two ascance toi leve. 8 after 21 d4y4!!!1!!
Dragon Misyrwss ` OMG!!1!1atthys HAS defeated h3r MASTER, likem Spysarex w ADVANCE 2 level 7 4f72r 8 days OMG@!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Soldier Krajorak hzw dwfeated his masger WTF, Sensei Noe5ha two afvance to level 11 after 15 days1!! OMG!11!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvarara has defeated his master LOL, Yofwsh to ADVANCE 2 level 15 after 10 eays WOOT!!11!1!@
Sphic Lord K4snaAvatara was nunted down BY they're MASTER, Yoresh, for 631ng truant, AFK.
Dragon Mistress ` WOOT!!11!aythys hzs defeat3d hee MASTER, too 4cvrnce too .evel 6 AFTER 8 cats!!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragon Misyrezw !!atthys h55 been heard boasting about dereating am nuge GROUP OF bandiga WOOT!!11!
haxpr M157r355 !!qt5f6s dedeated qn Munotaur in da Caved OMG!!!!1 ca seaths of jany travellets have been 4v3nt3d OMG!!1!1
Stablehand mgn amf Violet wete sern hrad8ng up da xtairw in inn together. WTF/
Rewge Daisy has defeayed her master, l8ke, Glynyx ywo advance two leveo 4 after 6 eata!!! WOOT!!11!
Reeve Daixy was hun7#d down BY thry're naster, sortir, Glynyck wortod, for being truant.
Re3v3 Daixy has neen res7rrect3d by Ramius. WTF.
Redve Daiay has been 5141n in da FOREST vy Letjal Dirtu Disnes. AFK.
Lethsl D1r7y Doshes admohksyes WTF, "Go awayl sortof, or I shall taunt 6ou an second timw1!!"
Reeve Dausy had been RESURRECTED BY Ramius.
Reeve Da8sy yas been SLAIN in teh foresg by Ballor Ofvicer.
"Ypu inlw, sortof, Rewve Dsish really had it coming twp her agter all those things I 541d about hrr MOM WTF," vommrnted Ballot Ofvicer, AFK.
Council.lr ov Magic Cruncher has d3fested HIS mastee, .kke, Hyeraulic Press to ADVANCE two 13v31 5 after 4 days!!1 WOOT!!1!!
Coynciklor of MAGIC Crunvh3e qas hunted down BY 5hey're mastre LOL, Hydraulix Pr3sa LOL, for veing truant. BRBl
Cpunt mapador hqs defeabed his master, soryof, Gerrard two advance 5op level 9 after % DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Coung malador chzllemgrd Lonestride4 and his 64hd if thieves LOLm but was n0 matcg for teh rogues!!!
Lonesbrid3r's Thiefds admoniahes, you knwp, "Go away, you kmwo, 0r I shall TAUNT u9u an SECOND ti,e OMG!!1!1"
Count malador h45 fefdatdd h8s master, Adwar4s to zdvanve too leveo 7 AFTER 5 cays1!! WOOT!!1q!
Counr malador has defeat3d hq5 master, aortof, to advance t9 ;evr. 6 aft2r 5 days WOOT!!1q!!!!
Count ma;adoe has ddfeated his masterm Hydrauluc Prews to advance tso ;evel 5 AFTER 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Count ma.ador sax hunted sosn by theh're mastdrm sorrof, Hycraulic Press, sortof, for be8ng truant. AFK.
Mafkstrate mo7g n Violet wwre 533n heading up staird IN wa 1nn TOGETHERl
Mqgostragw moug has defeated HIS mzdter WTF, Gerrard 2 4ev3nc3 too kevel 9 after 6 daus WOOT!!11!2!!
Magistes5e moug HAS defeated his master WTF, S[tsares to advance tqo LEVEL 7 after 6 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!111
Msfixtrare moug sas hunted eown by they're master LOL, Spywsres WTF, for beinh TRUANT. OMG/
Stablehand Doodle has defeaged hux hasger LOL, Fie 5o zdvance too 13v3q 3 after 3 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Glddess of Liggtning Ariane haw DEFEATED hef masrrr, like, EauSalee ywo afvance two level 3 afr3r 15 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!12!
Stabldhand santhrbarbaruan HAS CHALLENGED tywy're masyer LOL, Vuets and was pwng OMG!!1!1
"Y9i aer dishunofable, Vyrts OMG!!1!1" S5ablehand danthebarbariqn croesLOL.
Stqblehznd dahthdbarbarian was huntee down bu 5yeypre master, Vyrts, you knwok for beinh gruantl OMG.
Farmgifo AfayaNixi has defeated her m4583r WTF, Vyrts to advance tko LEVEL 2 AFTER 1 day WOOT!!121!!!
Peaszht greymalkib has eefrzted her jaster LOL, Mirersbanf twi ADVANCE 2 lev3l 2 sfter 1 day!!!1!!
Drzgon Im0eratp4 MegOWtath HAS greb wlain ib teh forest 66 Darknwss. OMG.
"I must NOT be 46 sgurdy aa I tnougnt. AFK.. BRB.. WOOT!!11!" Dragpn Imperatof MegOWrath voncddes. BRB.
MegOWrath had earned title Dragom Imperator dor having 6141n teh G43en Dragon 1153 5kmes OMG!!2!1
Dtagon Im;erator MegOWrayh haa slain hideous creature knowb as The Green Drqgon. OMG. All across teh 14nd. like. ;eople fejoicr WOOT!!1!!
Farmbiy FluffyThaneofFife yas DEFEATED g15 masterm like, DoomBl9om to advsnce 2 leveo 4 agter 5 dajs1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon Impwragir MegOWrath has defested hia msste4 WTF, Yotesh TO advancd too level 15 after !% e4r5 WOOT!!11! OMG!@1!1
Farmbo6 MontyPython has defeated his MASTER, sortof, Fie tw9 afvance 2 LEVEL 3 arter 3 eays1!!1!!
Dragln In;erator MegOWrath hss sefeztwd h!5 master, you inwo, Adoqwtr 2 ADVANCE too level 1$ 4f73r 15 ds6s OMG!!1!2!!!
Apprentice Ma6hej waw laxt seem aboard an sjall boat. WTF.
Strwardess Rainb!!owGryph hqs defeayed yer maxget, Adwares too advancw too level 7 aftdr 4 dqys OMG!@1!1 OMG!!q!1
Stewardews Rainb` OMG!!1!1owGryph defeaged Traveler GushuPue3xha 1n fsir combar in tej fieldw of RumarLOL.
Srwwardess Rainb` WOOT!!21!oeG4yph defeatee Stableyand Jeffwrs9nBoz in fair COMBAT 1n fie;ds of ROMAR. OMG.
Stesardess Rainb` OMG!!1!1iwGryph HAS DEFEATED yer m4573r, you knwok too adbsnce two 13b31 6 aster 4 days OMG!!q!!!!!
Steqarerss Rainb@!owGrhph DEFEATED Shepherd Rlowilliam in fair vombar 1n ds fieldx of G10rf1nd41. AFK.
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