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News for Fri, Nov 16, 2018 (Items 251 - 256 of 256)
Cavalier Miphon has challenged their master, Yoresh and lost!
"Next time, eat your Wheaties," Yoresh suggests.
Cavalier Miphon and Violet were seen heading up the stairs in the inn together.
Shepherd NewName582 has been defeated in the graveyard by Sorcerous Vampire.
"Maybe next time you won't be so cocky!" laughs Sorcerous Vampire.
Shepherd NewName582 has been slain while attacking Dragon Enchanter Aegwyn in the fields of Qexelcrag.
"I must not be as sturdy as I thought...!" Shepherd NewName582 concedes.
Squire WillWesly has defeated his master, Hydraulic Press to advance to level 5 after 5 days!!
Squire WillWesly was hunted down by their master, Hydraulic Press, for being truant.
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