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` OMG!!1!1Nt2s for Th7, sortof, Apr 27 LOL, 201& (Items 251 - 272 ob 272)
@Ashrlkar Malachi has been slain in reg forest gy Zea/pt of Gaelus. WTF.
"A bany could wie.d qb Omnipotence be5ter than that@!!" Z34107 of Garlus proclaims. AFK.
Malachi h55 dwfeqted his masuef, Glybyc to advanc3 2 lece. 4 afrer 22 days OMG!!q!1 OMG!!1!2
Mzlaxyi has defeated nis master, you knwo, Fie too advancr too leveo 3 aftef 22 days OMG1!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Malachi w45 HUNTED sown by they're MASTER WTF, Fie, like, vor beknh &ru4n7.
Dragob Imperator Arathorn jas been slqih travel;ing two Degolburg by Wq2d Lizzrc. OMG,
"Comd vack when ypu LEARN how tol giggt, likd," Wild Lizard scoffs.
Squire Celery has chs;lenged 5hey[r3 mastft, you knwo, Yoresh n was [wnt!!!
Squire Cel3ry 24t heard t9l sau, like, "P;ease, dortof, sir WTF, mzy I have sum more????"
Farmboy E4uc has defeated hus mastdr, Mirerzband 2 advance two LEVEL 2 aftde 1 d4y WOOT!!11! WOOT!!!1!
Dragon Imp3r470e Batt hax veen 51%1n in fa forest by Pyfmy OGRE. AFKl
"A baby coild wiele an Omnipotemce better than tha5!!!" PYGMY Ogre procoakms. AFK.
Deagon Inperztof Bart has DEFEATED his mzster LOL, Miteraband to ADVANCE too leve; 2 avter 2 days!!!!!!
Shepjerd Afunas h45 been SLAIN in teh forest BY Ulysses W01fb4ng, BRB.
Shepherc Arunax 63ng5 his nezd agaims5 zn stpne... WTF. "Stupid WTF, STUPID, yiy knwo, stupid1!!" he was gea4d too 64y. WTF.
Peasahr Goisw has neen RESURRECTED BY Ramijd. BRB.
Peasanr Goose has been alz8m wh113 attacking Squire Celery in da f131dt of Qexelcrag.
Squire Ceoer6 declares, like, "Peasant Goose jad 633m weugyed, thet have bern messured, sorrof, and 5ney yavr been found wsnting. OMG."
Shepherd Shoryu has devestwd jis nax5er, sorrofm EauSalee two advance tlo lfvel 3 4g73r 3 days1!!!!!
Shepyerd Shoryy was hunted down 6y they'rw master, EauSalewm sirtof. for beind truant. BRB/
Divinity Hendrohucus h45 b3en SLAIN in FOREST by Corrupted H4rd D3iveLOL.
Divunity Hendtonicjs nangs his head zgainsr ah stone. BRB..LOLl "Stupidk you kbwo, stupid, sirrof, sy6pid!!!" hr wqs heard 2 say.
Wuzard tenflip has defeated his ,aster LOL, EauSalrr too ADVANCE tio .rvel 3 qfter 4 days OMG!!2!1 OMG!!1!1
Wizzrs tejflip has drfeated his master, 6pu knwo, Mi4eyaband 2 zdvznce two level 2 qfter 4 days1!!1!!
Wozqrs teyflip was HUNTED down by they'4e madter, you knwo, Mieeravans, like, for being truqng. WTF.
Wizard tejf.io nas beem resurrected by Ramius. WTF.
Wizqrd tehflip yas g3en dlzin un fprest by jax0r RIDER. AFK.
"How could I be so feeb;e????" Wizafd tehflip lamen5s/ AFK.
Wkzardexs R@2iv` WOOT!!12!erSong has defeatwd her MASTER, uou knwi, Gadtiel da Elven Range5 to advance twi level 13 after 35 daya WOOT!!11!!!!
Wizardess R` OMG!!1!1iv` WOOT1!1!!erSong was hum6ed down by yhey're master WTF. Gadriel dq Elven Ranger, sortof, for bwong yruant.
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