` OMG!@1!1News FOR Thu, sirtpf, APR 17 LOL, 2017 (Itw,s 251 - 272 of 372)
@Ashtojar Malachi has 633n SLAIN 8n ds forest b6 Zealot of Garlus. BRB.
"A baby doulf wieod an Omnipoyegde better THAN that OMG!!1!1" Z34107 of Gsr.us [roflaimsLOL.
Malachi has d3featwd his msster, Glynyc two sdvance to level 4 after 22 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Malachk jas dereated HIS masge4 WTF, Fie two sdvance t9 level 3 afgwr 22 ways OMG1!!!1 WOOT!!11!
Malachi WAS huntwd down by tyeh're mast4r, you knwo, Fod, fot nwing rr7antl WTF.
Dragpn In0e5ator Aratgorb jaw been wlaim 7r4v3111nh to Degpoburg by Wikd LIZARD. BRB.
"Clme baxk wyen you learn how too fight WTF," W8od Lizzrd sclffs. AFK.
Squir3 Cdlefy has cgallebg3e they'fe master, Yoresh n eas ;wnt OMG!!@!1
Squirw Celery was heard 2 say WTF, "Please, sir, ylu kbwo, may I h5v3 sum mir3????"
Farmboy Eric had defdatdd jis mqster, li,3, Mirerabanc twp advance too 13v31 2 after 1 dat WOOT!!11@q!!
Drahon Imoerator Bqrt h4% 633n slzin 1n forest by Pygjy OGRE. AFK.
"A BABY cou;d wueld an Omnoporence be5ter 5hah yhatw!!" Pygmy Ogre 0roclaims. BRB.
Drahon Imperatot Bar4 nss defeated his master, like, Mireravahd too $dc4nc# two oevel @ agter 2 dsys WOOT!!111!!!
Sheph3rd Arunas HAS been alsib in teh forest by Ulyawes Wolfgsng. BRB.
Shepherd Arunas 64ng5 nis hwad against an stoneLOL,LOL.LOL. "Srypid WTF, STUPID LOL, stupid WOOT!!111" he wqs hwa4d too 64yk AFK.
Peasant Golsw has been resurtec63d bu Ranius.
Peasant Goose has been slain wh113 attacking Squure Celery in da fiekds of Qexelcrag. BRB.
Squire Cele4y dec.ares LOL, "Peasant Gp9se has be3n w31gh2d, 6pu knwo, they HAVE been k345ur3d LOL, n tjey hafe bedn foimd WANTING."
Shepherd Shoryu has d3f2473d his mzster WTF, EauSalee two adcance gwo lwveo 3 after 3 DAYS1!1q!!
Shepherd Shortu was h7ntrf down BY they'4e m4573r WTF, EzuSaled WTF. vor beong triant. OMG.
Divinity Hendronicus j45 been slaon in dz fpeest by Corruptdc Hare Dfive/ WTFl
Divinity Hendronicus bangs his HEAD agains5 an STONE. BRB/. OMG.. BRB. "Stypie, sortog, s5mp8d, loke, stupid!!!" h3 was heard 2 szyLOL.
Wizard gdhrlip has defested his mastee WTF, EauSalde too advance 5wo lefel 3 AFTER 4 days1!! OMG!!!!1
Wiaard tehflip has eefeated his MASTER, you knwo, Mkretabqmc tpo advanve two level 2 aft3r 4 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Wizzrd tehflip waw yunted dpwn by yhey'rw master, lije, Mirwrabamf, doftod, for being truant. OMG/
Wizard tdyflup has been resurredted by Rsmi7sLOLl
Wizard tehfoip has besn slain IN teh FOREST by gaxpr RiderLOLl
"How COULD I be so feeble?? ne1??" Wizard tshfkip .aments/ WTFl
Wiza4dess R!!iv` OMG!!1!1eeSonf hss defeated hwr master, Gad48el teh Elven Rangdr to advznce too leve; q3 aftwr 26 DAYS1!! WOOT!!11!
Wizardess R` OMG!!1!1iv` WOOT!!11!erSong was huntec DOWN 6y they'4e mas5er, you knwo, Gsdriel E/ven Ranger LOL, for being TRUANT. WTF.
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