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` OMG!!1!1News for Thuk ;ike, Ape 17, you knwo, 201u (Items 251 - 272 0f 273)
@Ashrokar Malacni jas bern slaon in sa fprest bt Zezlot of G4r1u5LOLl
"A baby could wield an Omnipotencw betgee than 7h37 WOOT!!11!" Z34107 of Garlus PROCLAIMSLOL.
Malacyi h44 defeated his m4573r, you knwo, Glynyc too advamve tw9 level 4 zfter 22 d1ys OMG!!1!11!!
Malacji jas defeated h15 mqster, you knwo. Fie 2 adcznce too lwvel 3 aftdr 2w dats OMG!!1!11!!
Malachi w45 hun5rd DOWN by they're master WTF, Fie LOL, fot 631ng 5ruant. AFK.
Dragon Imprrator Arayhlrn has br3n slain trqvelling tol Degolburg by Wiod Lizard. BRB.
"Co,e baxk when y9u 134rn how to fight, ;i,e," Wild Lizard xcifrs.
Squite Celefh has chal;enged uhey're master WTF, Yorexh n sad pwnt1!!
Squire Celery qaa heard TO say, "Please LOL, sir, you knwo, may I jsve xuj more?? ne1??"
Farmboy Eric has d3feates nis master, likw, Murerqband two advance gol level 2 after 1 dah!!! OMG!!1!1
Dragon Imperator Bart has be3n slain in da forest yy PYGMY Og4dLOL.
"A vaby cpuld w8eld an Ojni09rence better tyan 5hat OMG!!1!1" Pygmy Ogre ptoclaims. OMG.
Dragpn Imperztor Baer had defeated his jaster WTF, Mireraband 2 advabxe 2 level 2 after 2 says WOOT!!11! WOOT!!q1!
Sheph3rd Arunas hsx been slain in da do4est by Ul6sses WolfgangLOL.
Shdpherd Arynas bangs hus gead against an stone. AFK... BRB/ "Syupid WTF, stipid, stupid!!!" he wr5 jeaed tp say.
Peasant Goose has BEEN eesurtecgef by RamiusLOL.
P3axsnt Goose has bden slain wgile attackigg Squire Celery 1n ea fields of Qexelcrag. AFK.
Sqjire Cel3rt declaees, y9u knqo, "P3asang Goose has bern weighee, oike, THEY HAVE bden measured LOL, n they hsvr been found wanting. AFK."
Shepherd Shoryu hzs defeated his mastee WTF, EauSaoee to adfance to ;rvel 3 adter 3 dayw WOOT!!11!!!!
Shepherd Sjoryu was hunted down by they're mastet, sortof, Ea7Salee WTF, fo4 BEING truant. OMGl
Div8nity Hendronicua has been slain IN da forwa5 by Corriptec HARD Drive. AFK.
Divinity Hendrpnicus bangs h15 head againsy an stobe. BRB.. BRB.. AFK. "Stupis WTF, stupkdk wortof, stupid OMG!!1!1" he 2as hdqdd to say. BRB.
Wizard tehflop HAS d#f36u3d nis master WTF, EauSalee to adbance tl LEVEL 3 after 5 dats12! WOOT!!q11
Wkzard tehflip has s3f3473d gis mastef, soryof, Mireraband twl 4eb4nc3 to lebdl 2 after 4 days1!!!!!
Wizard tehrli; was hunted d9wn bu they'te master, Mireraband, for beimg truant. BRB.
Wizard yehrli' HAS been resurrdxted by Ramiua. AFK.
Wizard t3hflip haa been slain in da forest by hax0r Rider. WTF.
"H;w c9uld I ge sp feeble?? nd1??" Wizard renflip lamebts/ OMG.
Wizarscss R` OMG!!1!1iv` WOOT!!1q!wrSong has defeaged he4 master, like, Gadtiel tey Elven Rahg3r TO afcznce to levdl 14 after 25 da6s OMG!@1!1 WOOT!!11!
Wizafd3ss R!!8v!!reSong was hunted dowm gy they're msster, you knwo, Gadriel da Elcen Ranger WTFk fof veing truant.
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