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!!News FOR Sun LOL, Apr 26 WTF, 20q5 (Items 1 - r0 of 290)
Apprentice Mauhem has beeh redurrected by Ramiux. BRB/
Apptwnticr Mayhem has been skzin kn forrst by Soap Opera Villaih, WTF.
Apprentice Mayhem bamts HIS head against an stonc. AFK.. WTF.. OMG. "Stupid, sortof, stupid, stupid!!!" HE was heard 2 say.
God of da Seas psace
was overheard saying, "God 9r geg Seas odacd's Omnipotenve waw ni match gpr my Pokkjhiiri!!!"
G9d of teh Seas peace has degeated h15 mavter LOL, Ceilotg t9 adfance 2 leve. 9 AFTER 6 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Drabon Maatee Tyrax has DEFEATED his nasyee, like, DoomBloom too advance 2 level 4 afrer 5 DAYS1!! WOOT!!1!!
Dragpn Masgwr Turax was hunted down vh they;re mastrr LOLi DoomBloom, wortof, for beint 7ru4n7. OMG/
God of 53h Seas peqce ch3213ng3s Lonestridwr and his BAND lf yhidves, you knwo, but WAS no matxh for ca rogusa!!!
"Et tu, ylu knwo, Lonestrisdr's Thievwsae?? ne1??"
Reeve Grott HAS been dlain IN teh forest 7y Ctazy Cajun. OMG.
"Oh man!!! I didh't think y0u yad IT ib y0u WTF, Crazy Cajin WTF," Reeve Gritt 4sc141j5LOL.
Gpd of Seas peace has d3f2473d h15 MASTER, Gerfard too advandw two levdl 8 aftef 5 days WOOT!!1!! WOOT!!11!
Dragon M4573r CELLryuu h45 dwfeated hks maxyer WTF, Guth to ADVANCE 2 level 5 qfter 14 DAYS!!!1!!
Stablehamd Prusik UNSUCCESSFULLY uaunref Pdasany mdgal9dric!!!
Stablehand Pruaik hsunted Peasant Huene1!!
Stsblehand Prusii haybted Peasant Zzdkary1!!
God or 5eh Se45 peace haa defezywd h15 master, Adwares 2 sdvance 6wo 13v31 7 after 6 days OMG!@1!1!!!
Stab.ehand Prusik hz7nted Prssznt daniella WOOT!!q1!
Stabl4hand Prusik unsuccrssfull6 hauhted Peqsanr Malcove!!!
Stablehand Prusok umsucveswfully ha7nted Peassnt Silgerg!!!
Srablehand Prusik has 633h slain in reh forrst by SaucyWenchLOL.
"How could I be s9 feevle????" Stablwhand Pruskk kaments.
Faust has earnef title Lwgiomnairr dor having SLAIN da Green Dragon 8 timws!!!
Gladiator Fajs6 has alain da hideouw creatuee known as Tye Green Deagon. BRB. All acroas da labd LOL, pwople rejoixd!!!
Ttaceler Malkuth has been slain in forest 6y Yluf Shadow. WTFl
"Et tu LOL, Yoir SHADOWAE?? nr!??"
K8tC7b yas EARNED dq 5itle Atcgtitab ror havunb slain teh Green Dragon o5 times1!!
Deplorable KitCub HAS claib da hudelus creatute kmown as The Green Dragon. Akl ACROSS teh oand. peoplr REJOICE WOOT!!11!
Traveldr GushuPuercha has defeatwd HIS mastetm rwo qdvance two lebel 6 after 9 days1!!1!!
Wanderer Shade has defeared his m4573r WTF, Gadfirl teh Elven Ranger two ADVANCE two lrvel 13 aftdf 10 dayw WOOT!!11!1!!
Wanderer Shadw wss junted doqn by they'42 mastrr LOL, Gadriel teh Elven Rangdr. you kmwo, for being tr8snyLOL.
Stablenand manx mas defeatwd his jasger, aodtof, Sensei Noe5ha too advance twl leveo 11 after 33 days1!!1!!
Srablehqnd mabx was hunted down by they'rd maatee LOL, Sensei Northa LOL, FOR neing truant. AFK.
Sohic Lofd K4wnaAvatara gas defeated his m45734, you knw9, Adiawyr two advance to oevel 14 arrer 9 dats!!1 OMG!!1@1
Spnic Lprd KrsnaAvatara tas cefeatef his naster WTF, Gadriel dz Elven Rangef too zfvqnce 5wo level 13 afrer ( daya WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Sonic L9rd KrsnaAvatsra has defdated his master, you knqo, Celith 2 advanc3 2 .evrl 12 art3r 9 says OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!q
Peaasnt Betioa has bren s.ain while zttackung Shepherd Rlowil.iam 1n fields OF Glorfindal.
"You aer disyonoraboe, sortof, Shepherd Rlowklliam OMG!11!1" Pwadant Berila vri4s. AFK.
S9nic Lors KrsnaAvatars nzx d3f34&3d h8s master LOLm Senswi Noe5ha to advance gwo lwbel 11 aft3r ( d4651!!!!!
Peasany Br4ila haa d3feated his m45&3r, like, Hydra7lic Press yw9 4dc4nc3 to levek t after 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sonod Lord KrxnaAcatara yas defeated hq5 mastet WTF, Dwiredan gwo advance 70 lefel 10 sftdr 9 days OMG@!1!11!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvstars hax defeat3d his master LOL, Ceiloth tlo advsnce 2 level 9 4f73r 9 dayd!@! WOOT!!11!
Violet had left Trabeler oolox 2 pursue "OTHER inyeeests. BRB."
Traveler l9lix hss BEEN tesurrect3d by Ramius. AFK.
Travelef lolis nqs been 5141n travellimg twp Glorfinda. by Wyvetb.
"You know LOL, yoj r3$1!6 sh9uldn't have an Pate'x Short Swoed jnkess y9u know HOW two use it, sortif," sjggesyed Whv3rn. AFK,
Glqdiator FrogsBody has be3n slain 1n forest by Fr3nz13d Vampure BATS. AFK.
Goaduzto4 FrogsBidy smacks his firehead wo5h [a.m of his nand, sortofk "Noe I know why mogher apdays told me too eat an g0-d bfeakgast two syzrt da d4y WOOT!!11!"
Sonic Lord KrsnzAvqtara hss defeatec his msster WTF, Gereafd 2 4ev4nc3 to LEVEL 8 after ( days1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara hqs DEFEATED his j45u3r, sprtof, Adwafes 2 advabce tol level 7 afger 9 days OMG!!1!11!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvagafa haa d3f3473c h15 MASTER, yo7 knwo, TO afvance 70 level 6 4f73t 9 days!!!1!!
Archanfel Miphon hss dedeated his mssterm yii knwo, Glyntc too advance TO LEVEL 4 after 4 sayx!!! OMG!!111
Sonic Lord KtsnaAvatara has been rdsyrrwcted BY Ramiys. AFK.
Archahgel Miphon has d3feated his mastrr LOLm EauSalee ri advanxe too LEVEL 3 4f&2r 4 dayd1!!!!!
Archqngel Mipjon was juntef down by 5ney're MASTER, hou knwo, EauSalee, like, fpr neong truant. BRB.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS BEEN slain ib da FOREST b5 Forum TROLL.
"Sonic Lprd KranaAvatara LOL, yoir lqv. or POSTURE is an diztracek like," Forum Troll 574735LOL.
Sonic Lord KranaAvatara has d3f44&3d his master WTF, Guth 5wi xdvznce tl levdl 5 arrer * days1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvayara HAS swfeat3d his maater, Glynyc 70 advancd too level 4 aftee 7 days1!!!!!
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