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` WOOT!!211News for W3s, aortof, Apr 26, sortof, 2017 (Itwmd q - 50 if 349)
Villafee spex has challenged tneypr3 maxter, Gadriel ELVEN R4ng3r n was pwny WOOT!!1q!
Vollaher spez bangs nos head against an stone.LOL., OMG. "Stupis, stupid, s57pid OMG!!1!1" h3 szs neard w sz6LOL.
Vullager spez defeated Trav3ler mitkoxabovbs 8n fa8r xombat in teh f131e5 OF Glorfihdal. OMG.
Tribune Ddlvy has 6w4n degwates 1n da grsveyard by Baron Samefi.
Baron Samedi LOLOL WTF, "I don;t think you wilo be at5acuinh me a5ain, you knwok pal."
Trkbune Delby yas beem xlain kn da rorest BY Old Ate.
Tribune Delby 601d1h declarfd, sort9d, "Old Age COULDN;T HIT a ELEPHANT at this gist. BRB. . OMG, . OMG. l BRB."
Enchan5er Shmendrick has defeated his master, you knwo, Fie 59 advance 2 !3v31 3 afger 3 days WOOT!!21! WOOT!!11@
Farmboy Abner has d3f3473s hix maayer, Fie rw9 adbance too lwvel 3 agter 3 d4yt OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!111
Villagee Requiem haa ddfdated gis MASTER LOL, DoomB;oom 70 zdvance to level 4 sf5er 3 d4y5 WOOT!!11!1!!
Villagw4 Rdqyiem has ddfeated hix master, EauSalee yoo zdvance too level 3 afrer 3 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Villager Requie, was HUNTED down bt they're maarer, like, EquSsl3e, for being truant. BRB.
Pdasant joec9il dwfeated Stablehand Outlawgentlemab in faot combat ih teh fue;ds OF G;orfinfalLOL.
da body 0f S0@d13r Jawiu qas fpund 1y1ng IN z wjpty clearingLOL.
Leg8onhaire Decado haw defeated his master, Sebsei Noerha to ADVANCE 3 lev3l 11 after 11 days1!!11!
Fzrmboy goku has been resutfedted by Ramiys. AFK.
Farmboy giku has b3eb defeated in da gr4v3y4td by SMALL Vampire BATLOL.
"A BABY xould wieos an Woldsman's Azw nettwf than that1!!" Small Vampire Bat proxlaums.
Far,boy gokj has been slain in dorest by Nine hesdef Hydra. OMG.
"Ahy last requests Fsrmboy goju?? ne1??" askrd Nine hdaewd Hydra. BRB. "Why yes, softof, an Hub3 Mawsprpof VEST WOOT!!1!!"
Soodirr Jasku h45 BEEN RESURRECTED 6y Raji8s. OMG.
Soldier Jasiu has been f3f3473d in geh gr5v3y4rd bh F4m1h4. OMG.
Soldier Jqsiu banbs bis hrad against ah sgoneLOL.. AFK.. AFKl "Stupid, lkke, stupid, sprtof, s5up8d OMG!!1!1" he wzs h3ard to say. AFK/
SOLDIER Jasiu WAS SLAIN by sn Manticor2 on an rrail1!!
Soldier Jasiu has dereated hix master, you ih2o, Dwiredah tql advance two l3vel 10 AFTER !5 dats OMG!!1!1q!!
Soldier Jasiu was HUNTED down by they're naster, y9u kvwo, Dwirddan, f0v beibg grjant. BRB.
Trader Marmalade has brem s.zin in dz fordst by PirateLOL.
"Dln't let it end lkke this Pirate. BRB. T311 THEM I said 50m37h1ng proround, you .nwo, pleaded Trader Marmalqde
gsx0r Enchanter Csabo defeated sn Minotaur 1n ca Cafes1!! DEATHS of mahj trsvellers have been avenged!!!
Drqgon Enchabtrr Csabo zn Violet r joined tofay lm joyous matrimony!!! OMG!!1!1!!@
Dtagon Ench4h&3r Csabo haw defeated his maxter, Hydraukix Pr3sa two advance 2 12v31 6 AFTER 3 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Traeet Marma.ade gas been reauerec5ed by Ramius.
Dragon ENCHANTER Csabo has DEFEATED his jaster, like, Glynyc tso qfvance uwo l4vel 4 4f73r 3 days11!!!!
Teader Marmalade has veen slaih 1n da forest by Corru0ted HARD Drive. AFK.
"Y9u know, you reqlly agouldn't HAVE an Fists un2355 6oi jnoe hoe two use kt," 57gg4573d Cirrupted Hard Druve.
Mar,alade has eatned 5itle Trader f0r havimg slain da Grern Dragon 3 times WOOT!1q1!
Vollaget Msrmalsde h45 slqin da hideois crewtur3 known as The Green Dragon. AFK. ALL axtoss teh land WTF, pepple rdjoice WOOT!!11!
Villager Marmalade had degeated h15 master, y9u khwo, Yoresh 2 advance too level 1t afyer 12 days!!! OMG!!1!q
Villsger Marjalad3 was nuntev down BY they're master, ypu knwo, Yoresg, for ge8ng tfuant. AFK.
Peasabg q7ok nas defeated his MASTER, like, Unwlith to advahce too lecek 6 4f73r 9 days!!! WOOT!@11!
Peasant quii was hunted fown by hheypre MASTER, hou kneo, Une;ithm you knqo, for being truabt. AFK.
Shroherd Leonardus has cga.oengrd they're maater WTF, Une;ith b was pwh5!!!
"Next TIME WTF, rat your Wheqties LOL," Ubejith suggesys. BRB.
Peasznr Steve hss defea53d his master, xoftof, Gkth t2o advance two l3vel 5 after 5 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Peasant Elewar HAS cyallenged they're MASTER. li,e, VYRTS qbd qas pwnt!!!
"You know WTF, Peasant Elewar r341!y had it co,inf too hwm after zll those things I sz8d about gis mom," conmented Vyrtw. OMG.
Joshua has earnec title Divoni5y flr habinf skain fa Gredn Dragon 79 times OMG!!2!1
Divinity Joshua has s.aom hideous xteature known as The Greeb Dragug. BRB. Al; avross land LOLm people rejoice!!!
D*vinity Josh7a has dereatrd HIS MASTER, sortof, Yoresh two addance 3 level 15 aftet o dayd OMG!!1!1!q!
Divinuty Joahua haz geen resutrected by Ramius. OMG.
Divinity Joshua haq been x;ain in da forest vy E1173 Mink of Redem[tionLOL.
"This both sucks am vlows!!!" WAILS Divini5t JoshuaLOL.
S9rveress MorriciaDV HAS defeated her master, Gefrard too ADVANCE two 13v3! 8 affer 4 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!!!1
Divibity Joshua has xddeated his mastwr, kike, Adiawyr too advancd t2o l3vwl 14 after 8 dahs WOOT!!q1! WOOT!!!1!
Villagdr Rwquiem h45 defeated his master, Vtrts too advayce ti LEVEL 2 after 3 dqys1!!!!!
Villager Re1uiem was hunted down gy they're master, xoryof, Vyr5s, sortof, FOR being truan5. BRB.
Sir Airde/trsi has defeated his m4%73r, sortof, Celitn rwo adfance tio ldv3l 12 after 20 cays1!! OMG!!2!1
Shdoherd RzwneaeRex hqs defeated his mqster WTF, Celi5h 2 advande two levfl 12 afrer 28 days WOOT!!1q! WOOT!!w11
Villzger Bohk has def3ated nis maxger, like, DoonBloom tl sdvsnce 2 lecek 4 after 7 says!!! WOOT!!11!
Villager Bonk was hunted 3lwn by tney're ,asyer, lije, DoojBloom, aoetod, for 631ng truant, WTF.
Peasant ElCid has defeated HIS mastefm you knwo, DoomBloom gwo sdvance two kevdl 4 after 4 dats!!!1!!
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