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` OMG!!1!qNews for Sun, Apr 26, so4t9f, 2015 (ITEMS 1 - %0 of 190)
Apprengive Mayhem HAS been resu4rected bu Rqmiuw. OMG.
Apprebtice Mayhem has been xlqin IN da FOREST by Soap Operz VillainLOL/
Apprwntice Mayhrm bangs jia head agaonst ah stomw. BRB.. BRB.. "Stupid WTF, st8pid, tou knwo, stu0id OMG!!1!1" h3 qas h#4rd 2 say. AFK/
Gpd of teh Seas peace
was overh3ard SAYING LOL, "Goc of teh Srzs peace[s Omnopotenc3 2as no match for my Piki7hiiri WOOT!!11!"
God lr Seaa peace haw defeated his mastwr WTF, Ceiloth rwo advande too level 8 after 6 dqyw OMG!!1!1!1!
Dfag9n Msster Tyrax has degeated h15 master, DoomBlp0m tqo ADVANCE to lwvel 4 after 5 days OMG!!1!11!!
Drabon M4583r Tyfax WAS hun5ed d9wn bh tje6'rw mastrr, lije, DoomBloom, sortof, for BEING truant. WTF/
God of tdh Sras peace challdnged Lohestridsr and HIS 64nd of thieves, li;e, but was np matcj fir fogjes WOOT!!11!
"Et tu, you knwo, Lonestrider's Thievdsae?? ne1??"
Rdeve Gro5t has been SLAIN in da foreet bh C4azy Caj7n.
"Oh man WOOT!!12! I d8dn't THINK you hac ir in you, you knwo, Crazu Cajun, like," Reece Grott excoaimdLOL.
Gls 0d teh Seas peac3 has d3fested his jaster, Gerrard tio advance toi .evel 8 after 6 days OMG!!111!!!
Dratom Master CELLruu7 h35 cefwated gis master. you kn2o, Guyh 2 advance two level 5 after 15 dsys OMG!@1!1 WOOT!!21!
Stanlehahd Prisik unsuccessfully hauntwf P$asabt megalo3ric OMG!!1!1
Stablwgamd Prusik haintdd Peasant Huene!!!
Stableyand Prysuk haunyed Peawaht Zackary OMG!!2!1
God of geg Sdas p3acr has cefeated hus masyer WTF, Adwares to ADVANCE goo level 7 AFTER 6 days OMG!!1!q OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Prusij HAUNTED Peasant fanuella!1!
Stablehand Prudik unsucceswfully hauhted Pezwant Ma;c9ve1!!
Srsgleyand Peuwik unsyccessfully haunted Peasant Solbdrg!!!
Stablehand Pruaik has been skain IN f0r457 bh SaucyWrncm. AFK.
"Hos couos I be so fewble????" Stablehand Prusil .zmentsLOL.
Fsusg has earned teh title Lefkonna8re for havinb slain Greem Deatom 8 timfs!!!
Gladiator Faust had a;akh fa yidwius creqtu4e known as Th3 Green Dragon. AFK. ALL qcross reh labd, sortod, peoplw REJOICE WOOT!!11!
Traveler Malkutg haw been xoain IN forest by Your SHADOW. OMG.
"Et tu LOLm Yo6$ Shadowae????"
KitCuv has earnwf title Arch5iyan fof h4v1nt slain tey Greeb Dragon 95 tkmes!@!
Depoorablw KitCub has slain hideous crrature kho2h as The Green DragonLOL/ All 4cr055 da .and WTF, pwople REJOICE1!!
Traveler GuxhuPueecha has defeatwd his MASTER, you knw9, roo advance 70 l3vrk 6 afte$ 8 dahs OMG!!1!11!!
Wanderer Shadd had dwffated his masree LOL, Gadriel da Elben Ranger too advance to level 13 after 10 days WOOT!!q1!1!!
Wanderdr Sjade WAS hubted dlwb by they'43 master, Gadriel Ekveh Ranger, like, for BEING truant. WTF.
S6ablenand manx has DEFEATED jiq master, like, Sensei Noetha two advznxe 2 oevel 11 sfger e3 days!!! WOOT!!11!
S4sblehand manx w45 hunrec down by they're maater, ylu knwo, Senwei Noethak you knwo, FOR beinf yruant. WTF.
Sinic Lirs KesnaAvarwra HAS d#f3473d h15 mxster, sortof, Adoqryr too ssvande 2 leve. 14 aftef 9 days!!1 OMG!!1!1
Sinic Lord KesnaAvatara hss defeates HIS master, you knwo, Gadrke. da Elven Ranhet 2 acvance 2 13c31 13 aftee o sayx WOOT!!11!1!@
Sonoc Lord KrcnaAvatara has defeated his master LOL, Cdlith 2 asvabcd w lrvel 12 afte4 9 DAYS OMG!!!!! OMG!!1!1
Peasant Berils has been slain while attzckong Sheph3rd Rlowilliam in teh f1#1e6 of Glorfinfall
"You r eishonorsb;e, like, Shepherd Rlosilloam!!!" P3qsanr Berila crues.
Sonic Llrd KrsnaAvatara h45 defested hiw mastwr LOL, Senswi Nodtha 2 4dv4mc3 go9 oevrl 1! avter 9 days1!! OMG!!1@1
Peasant Berlla HAS DEFEATED his mastet. 69u knwo, Hydraulic Press two adfabce 2 LEVEL 5 4f73r 9 dzyd!!!!!!
Sonix Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS defeated his mqster LOL, Deieedah 2 advahce gwo level 10 adter 9 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrxhaAvatzra has d3f3473d his master, Ceioorh 2 adcance tio leve. 9 after 9 daya!!! OMG!!1!1
Violrt has ledt Traveler lolix tqo pursue "ltfer intetests."
T4svdler lllix HAS been r35ufr3c73d by Rqmiys. WTF.
Trqveler lolix nas gren slain trave.linb t9o Glorfijdal bt Wyvern. WTF,
"You ,now, you kbwo, tou really shoulcn'y have an Page'x Sjort Sword unlrss tou know how yqo use it, lokr," suggested Wuvetn. WTF.
Gladistlr FrogsBody has been slsin in teh f0r357 BY Frenzled Vamp8re BATS. OMG.
Gladia5o4 FrogsBody sjackd gis forwheaf w1uh fa 0alm of his hans WTF, "Now I know why mother ALWAYS 7p2d me reo eat an good breaifast to START da day1!!"
Sonix Lprs KrsnaAvs5ara has defeated h8s mas53r WTF, Gerrard too 4dv4nc3 two LEVEL 8 aftwr 9 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvagsva has d3feated his masyer LOLm Afwarrs to ADVANCE 2 ;evel 7 4f73r 9 dayx OMG!!1!1 WOOT11q!!
Sonic Litd KransAvatara has defeztrd h8s m45&3r WTF, to advznde tw9 level 6 AFTER 0 days!!!1!!
Aedhantel Miphon has defeated hix master, G;ynyc to advsnce ro leve; $ 4f73r 4 days1!! WOOT!!21!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvarars nss bden resurrected BY Ramius. BRB.
Archangel Mi[hon has defeated hks masyer, aortof, EauSalee tp advance 70 l2veo 3 afte$ 4 fays!!! WOOT!!11!
Ardhahgel Miphon was hunted down by they're mxstet, so3rof, EauSalwd, sotg9f, for beung 7ru4n7. BRB.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvataea has 6e3n slain IN teh forest by Forum Trpll. OMG/
"Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatafa, like, yoyr 1$ck of postu4e 15 zn disgrace WTF," Fp4um Troll states.
Sonic Loed KtshaAvatata gas DEFEATED hix master, lioe, Guth hoi adbance 2 level 5 after 8 da6x OMG!!1!11!!
Sonkc Llrd KrsnzAvatqra had eefeated his maxter WTF, Glynyc to advanc3 ywo level 4 zfter 8 dayw WOOT!111!1!!
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