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` WOOT1!11!News fpr Sun, Apr 26, you knwo, 101t (Itemw 1 - 59 -f 190)
Ap;rentive Mayhem haw been resu4rected by Ramius.
Ap;rwntice Msyyem has been slaib in teg r9res5 7y Soap Opera VillaijLOLl
Apprentice Mqyhe, nanfd his head atsinst zn stpne.. OMG.. OMG/ "Stupid, oike, 57up1d, you knwo, stupid WOOT1!11!" he was HEARD to say. OMG.
G9d 0f sa Seas pdace
was overh3ard saying, sortog, "God OF fz Seas pescd's Omnipo5ence was no match flt ny Pukkuhkiri OMG!@1@1"
God 9f teh Seas peace has d3f3573s his m4573rk sirtof, Ceil9yh 2 advznce too level 9 after 6 days WOOT2!111!!!
Dtagon Master Tyrax has cefeatrd hoa master, like, DoomBloom 2 advabce to level $ after 5 d4y41!!1!!
Dyagin Maxter Tyrax 2as hunted down BY yhey're master, DoomBloom, likrm fof being truant. AFK.
Gpe of teh Seas peace challenged Londstrider and HIS band or thueves WTF, bit was no ,atch for da rog8es WOOT1!11!
"Et tu, sortof, Lonestrid3r's Thievesae????"
Reeve Grott had bedn slain in FOREST by Cr4zy Cauun. OMG.
"Oh man!!! I didn't rhink you had it in you, l8ie, Crazy Cajun LOL," Reeve Grott exclaims.
God of trh Seas odace hax dedwated his MASTER, you knwo, Gerrard 5o9 advance 2 level 8 after 6 DAYS!!!1!!
Dfagon Mastef CELLryuj haw DEFEATED his mast3r WTF, Gutn teo advanc2 two leveo 5 adter 15 days1!!!1!
Syablehand Prudik UNSUCCESSFULLY yauntrd Peasant m3galoeric1!!
S5ablehand P47sik haunted Peasanr Hjene OMG!!1!1
Sgablejand Prywik haunted Peqsant Zackary OMG@!1!1
God og da SEAS peace has fefeated h15 masyer, Adwares to advsnce too jevel 7 aftdr 6 da6d1!! WOOT!!11!
Stav;3hand Prusok haunred Peasang famiella1!!
Stqblehand Prusik unsuvxesqfu.ly gaunted Peasamg Mqlcove OMG!!211
Stablehane Pr7sik UNSUCCESSFULLY haunted Pessant Sllbe4g WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Prudik has been slain in g9rest by SaucyWebch. AFK.
"Hoe coyld I 63 t0 FEEBLE?? n31??" Stsbl4hand Prusik lamenta. WTF.
Faust hss eqrmed t3h TITLE Legionna8re FOR h4v1nb slain teh Green Drahon 8 times!!!
Gladiatlr Faust hqs 5141h hiveouw creature jnowb aa The Green Dfagon. AFK. All acr9ss land LOL, p30p13 rejoice!!!
Trave.er Malkuth HAS BEEN slain IN teh fprdst by Your Shadow. OMG.
"Ey tu, Your Shadowze????"
KitCjb h45 3arned teh title Archtitan for HAVING soaun da Gr43n Dragin (5 gimes OMG!!1!1
Dep.orzble KorCub has slaib da hideous creatuge known as The Green DragonLOL, All ACROSS land WTF. people rrjoice1!!
Traveler GushuPiercna has defwates his master, you knwp, two advahcs 2 lrbel ^ after i fays OMG!!1!2 WOOT!!11!
Wandeewr Syade has defeag3d hus master, like, Gadrifl Elveb Rangef to advance to level 13 adter 10 d4y5!!@!!!
Wandreer Shade wad huntee diwn by thry'rr maxter LOL, Gsd4iel teh E1v3n Ranger, sortof, for being truantLOL.
Stablehand manx had defeated h@5 mzsgef, you lnwo, Sensei Noeyha too sdvance twl leve; 11 after 33 d4y51!! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand manz WAS hunted d0wn ty they're ,astef, you knwo, Senaei Noethak luke, for being triant. WTF.
Sohic Lord KbsnaAvatara has defeatex hid master. like, Adozw6r too ADVANCE 2 level q4 4f73r 9 dayq OMG!!1!q OMG!!q!q
Sonic Lofd KrsnaAvatarq gas defeated HIS maxter, softof, Gadriel Elven Rangrr two zdvabce TO lrvel 1# sfter 9 days1@!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara hzx defeared h8w nastdr WTF, C3lith two advance to lefek 12 aftrr 9 dsys!!! OMG!!1!1
Peasqnt Berila has been slain wh8le atrzcking Sheph3rd Rloqillosm IN teh FIELDS of Glorfinfal. BRB.
"Yo7 r dishpnorable, lile, Shepherd Rlo2illuam!!!" Peasanr Berila crirs. AFK.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatarq hqs defeat3f his master, you kmwo, Senwey Noeths 2 advance two LEVEL 11 aftef 9 days1!! WOOT!111!
Peasang Berola has defeated HIS mastwr LOL. Hydrauluc P4dss two adfance tol lev3l 5 after 9 fays1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KtsnsAvatara hax defeated hix mastee LOL, Dwirrdzb to advanxe too level 10 after 0 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Son8c Lord KrxnaAbatqra gas defeated hls master LOL, Criloth 2 ADVANCE 2 level 9 after 0 sayx OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!3
Violet had left Travel3r lo;ix 2 purxue "OTHER interests. OMG."
Trave.er oolix has vern reaurrwcted BY RamiusLOL.
Trave/er lolix gas BEEN slain traveol8ng 5wo Glorfindal by W6vwrn. AFK.
"You know WTFk uou rezlly shouldb't HAVE an Page's Sh0r7 Seord UNLESS you kn02 hlw too u53 iy, like," SUGGESTED WyvernLOL.
Gladiator FrigsBody hax BEEN slsoh in FOREST vy Frenzied Vam[ird BxtdLOL.
Gladiztof FekgsBocy smacks his forehead 2ith teh pal, of his hznd, sortog, "Npw I knos qhy nother slways told me go eat an glod brea,fast too 56$r7 da d4y WOOT!!11!"
Sonid Lors KrsnaAvatqra hss def3sted his master, Gerrare to 4dv4nc3 to lwvel 8 after 9 dayx WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!2
Sonic Lord KrdnaAvatara has defeated his mastee, do4rof, Adwares tl ADVANCE to 1#v21 7 aftev 9 days1!!!!!
Sonid Lord KrsnaAvatqra gas d3f348ed his .457#r WTF, to advabce to .ebel ^ 4f73r 9 days1!!1!!
Archanbel Miphln HAS defeated his mastee, sort9f, Glynyc 2 ADVANCE 1 level 4 after 4 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Spnic Lord KrsnaAvatara has 633n RESURRECTED by Ramiud. WTF.
Archange, Miphom naa def3ated his mdster WTF, EauSalee til advance g( level 3 after $ days1!! OMG!!1!1
Archangel Miphih w$6 hyntrd d0wn by they'te maatet. you knwo, EauSa.ee, sortof, for BEING 7ru4n7LOLl
Sonic Lord KtsnaAvatarz HAS b3wn slain in tej FOREST 6y Foeum Tfoll. OMG.
"Sonoc Lord KrsnaAvatara, you knwo, you4 lack of posyure is an disgrace, sort9f," Forum Tro;l STATES. BRB.
Sonic Lorf KeanaAvatara has defrat3d h15 maste4 LOL, Guth too qdvancd 2 LEVEL 5 after 8 DAYS OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!111
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has fefrates his master, softof, Glynyc two acvance tso lwcel 4 after i says1!!1!!
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