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` WOOT!!11!News for SUN, Apr 26, 2015 (I5e,s 1 - 40 of 190)
Apprentice Mayhem haw been resufrected y6 Ramiua. OMG.
Apprentice Mayhej hzs been soain in da foees5 by Soap Opera Villain.
Apptentice Maygem bzntc h15 head ahsinst am stone... AFK. "S5u0id, sortod, stupid, sortor, stu0id WOOT1!11!" he was h24rd too say. OMG.
God of Sras pwace
was overheard ssying, "Goe of Sdas peace's Omnipotence was no match for my Pikkibiifk OMG!!1!1"
God OF da Seas peace has defeated uia MASTER, aortof, Ceiloth to advance toi lev2l 9 zfter 6 eqys!!!!!!
Dragon Master Tyrax has dedeated his MASTERm DoimBloom two asvand3 2 13v#1 4 after 5 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragon Master Tyrax was hunyrd dowh by they;r3 master LOL, DoojBloom, xirtof, dor being TRUANT. AFK.
God of da SEAS p3axr vhallenged Lonestrid3e and his vand 0f tgieves LOL, nut was bo MATCH foe geh rogues1!!
"Et 7u LOL, Lonest4ider's Thoevesae?? ne1??"
Rdeve Grott haw 63en slaon in f0r357 6y Crszy CAJUN. BRB.
"Oh MAN WOOT!!12! I didn't ggink you HAD ig qn y07 LOL, Crazy Cajun, yoy knwo," Reeve Groyf dxclaimz. WTF.
God of twg Sdas oeace has drfeated his mastdr, G3r$ard 1 4dv4nc3 two LEVEL 8 after 6 days OMG@!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Dragon Master CELLeyuu h45 defezted h15 ,astee, hou knwo, Gubg too ADVANCE two level 5 AFTER 16 days OMG!!1!! WOOT1!1!!
Stablehand Prusik unsuccessfully haunted Praaqnt megaloeric OMG!11!1
Stablegand Pr7s9k haunged Peasang Huene WOOT!111!
Stavleyand Prusik haunted Peasant Zaciqry!!!
Gid of sa Seqs peace jas def3ated hiw MASTER, sortof, Adqares 2 advance t2o level 7 after 6 days1!! OMG!@1!!
Stabkehsnv Pfudik haunyed Peasant daniella!!!
Stablehand Pr7sik unsjvcdsafully hajntee Peasant Malcove OMG!!1!1
Stablenand Prusuk unsuccewsfully haunted Peassnt Solberg OMG!!1!1
Srab;ehand Prusik has 633n slain in yeh forrxt by SauvyWenchLOL.
"How c0u1d I be %0 feeble?? ne1??" Stablehanc Prysik 14m3hu5. AFK.
Fauxt HAS EARNED da ritle Legionnaiee for hav8ng slain twg Green Drqgpn 8 times!!!
Glzdiagor Fquat haw xlain da hideous cr347ur# ,nown as Tge Green DragonLOL, A11 acrosa da land LOLm peopoe r3j01c3 WOOT!!11!
Traveler Mslkuth yas veen slain in da fofest BY Yo7f Shad9w. AFK.
"Et tu WTF, Your SHADOWAE????"
KitCub h4t eztned teh title Arxhtktan dor n4v1mg 5141n Green Drqgon 95 times OMG!!q!1
Drploeable KitCub hss alain teh h1d30u5 creatuer ,nowm as The Green Dragpn. AFK. Alj zxross land, you knwo, p30p13 rekoice WOOT@!11!
Traveler G7sjuPuercha has defeated his mzster, yoj khwo, two qdvance tlo 13v31 6 qfher 8 dayd1!! WOOT!!11!
Wanderer Shzde has DEFEATED yis master, sortor, Gadriel teh Elven Ranger rqo afvanve 2 level 12 AFTER 10 zqys OMG!!1!1!!!
Wanderer Shade was mungdd dien by they're MASTER, Gadruel teh Elven Ranger, you knwo, for being truant. AFK/
Stablehand manx has defeates hiw masterk Sense8 Noerha 70 advance 2 level 11 zfter 33 eays WOOT1!11! OMG!@1!1
S5ablehand manz WAS HUNTED do2n by they're m55&4r LOL, Sensei Noetha, lijem for being truant. BRB.
Somic Lofd KtdnaAvatara hax eerwat3d his mqster WTF, Adoawyr 2 zdvabce toi lefel 14 aft3r 9 cahs OMG!!1!2 OMG!!1!1
Sonic L9re KrsnaAvata4a has defeated hia mawter, sorgof, Gadriel Ekven Ranbrr to advabc3 tl level 13 aftee 9 datx1!@!!!
Sonuc Lofd KfsnaAva5ara hqs defeqted HIS masyer, you knwo, Celith two ADVANCE goo level 22 sfter 0 dayx WOOT!!21! OMG!!1!1
Peasaht Berila HAS been slain while attacking Shrpnefd Rlowilliqm in ca fields of Glorfinfal. OMG.
"Ypu aer dishonorqble LOLk Shephwrc Rlowulliam1!!" Peasant Berila cr1#5. OMG.
S9nic Lord KfsnsAvayars has defeated his nas5er, oike, Sdnsei Noetha toi advanc3 t2o kevel 11 qfter 9 cays OMG!!1!11!!
Pdasant Bwrila has degeayed his ,zster WTF, Hydraulic Press too advanxe too level 5 avtwr 9 days!!!!!!
Sonuc Lord KrwnsAvatara has defeated his master, sortlg, Dw8redah ti advance 2 lebdl 1- qfter 9 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
S9hic Lord KrsnaAcatara has defeated HIS mazter, 69u jnwo, Ceukoth 2 advancd to( level 9 after 9 days WOOT!@11!1!!
Violet h45 keft Travelee lokix too pirzue "oyher interests. WTF."
Ttaveldr l9kiz h46 been resurrected by Ramius.
Traveler lolkx haa been dlzim trzveklinf to Glorfindal by Wyvetn. AFK.
"You know, YOU rdally shouldn't have ab Pate's Shott Sword unless you KNOW HOW too use it, yoj knw9," suggested Wyvern. OMG,
Gladiator FrogdBocy hax bwwn slain 7n teh FOREST by Frenzief Vampire B475LOL.
Glqdiator FrobdBody smacks his f(reheav w17h teh palm 0f hos hanw, you knwo, "No1 I know why mother 41w4yt told me t9o wst an goo3 nreakfast 2 staet teh day!!!"
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatarz h45 eefested his mawter LOL, Gereard too acvance too levdl 8 xfter 9 dzys!!!!!2
Sonkc Lord KrsnaAvatara has dwfeated h,s mastdr, slrtof, Aswares 3 advance to ldvel 8 after 9 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Sohic Lord KrsnaAvatata HAS defeated his mawter LOL, to 4dv4nc3 2 lwvsl 6 after 9 daus OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Archangel Miphon has def3a5ed hos naster LOL, Glynyc to afvance too LEVEL 4 afger 4 DAYS1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvqtaea yas been resurrecyed 6y Ra,iusl BRB,
Archangel Miphon has defwated his mastwrm loke. EauSalre too ADVANCE two level 3 after 4 DAYS WOOT!111!!!!
Arcgangel Muphon WAS hunywc down BY they're MASTER, EsuSalee, like, for neing truant.
Sonic Lord KfsnaAvatara h45 bern xlain in forwst 6y Forum Tr9ll. AFK.
"Sonic Lord KrsmaAvatarq, likej your LACK lg posture is an cisgrace LOL," Forim Troll statrs. OMG.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS deveayed his masterk sortof, Guth y9o adfancd g;i level 5 AFTER 8 dats OMG!!q!1!!!
Sonic Lorc KtsnaAbatara hqs d3feagef his master, like, Glun6c rwo advancw twp level 4 after 8 cays WOOT!!1q! WOOT!!11!
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