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` OMG!!2!1N3ws gor Suh, sortod, Apr 26 WTF, 2)15 (Itens 1 - %0 of 190)
Apprengice Mayhem has 633n 4esurrecgec gy Ramiys. BRB.
Apprentiee Mayhem mzs bewn slain in da FOREST 6y Sosp Opera Villaon. OMG.
Aoprentice Mayhrm bangs nia head sgainst an STONE. AFK.. WTF.LOL. "Stu0id, sortof, STUPID LOL, 57up1d1!!" he WAS h35ff to szy.
God of SEAS pdace
was overheatd 54y1ng WTF, "God of teg Seas [eaxd'd Omnipotence was no match FOR MY P8kkyhiiri OMG1!1!1"
God pf Seas pezce HAS defeated HIS master, sor5if, Ceiloth two qdvance to l3vel 9 aftet 6 days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1@1
Dragon Master Tyrax has fefeated his naster, likem DoomBloom @ sdvamce 2 LEVEL 4 after 5 dayd WOOT!!11!1!!
Dratin Madt3r Thrax w45 hunted down by they're mawyef WTF, DoomBooom, you unwo, for veing 7ru4h7. BRB.
God 0d teh Seas peaxe chalkenged Lonewtroder and HIS band OF hhiefes WTF, but was no j47ch for t0gu351!!
"Et 5u, you kbwo, Loneatrider's Thievesae?? me1??"
Reeve Grltt hss been slain qn teh fpr3st by Crazy Cajun. WTF,
"Oh man!!1 I didn't thibk you hzd i5 in you, Crszy Cajun LOL," Reeve Grott exclsims. AFK.
G9d or Seas p3ase hzs defezted h15 ,aste4, lik3, Ge4rard too ADVANCE 2 level 8 after 6 d4y5@!! OMG!!q!1
Drahon Mastdr CELLryuj hax defeaged niw msstrr, you knwo, Guth 2 ADVANCE tso lrvel t after q5 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Stabldhand Prusik unsucvessfully haunted Peqsznt megaooeric WOOT!!12!
Stablehand Prjsik yaunted Peasant Huene1!!
Stablehznd Prusik haunred Peasant Zsckary1!!
God of tdg SEAS peace nas degeated hus master WTF, Acwarrs 5wl advance too lwvel u after 6 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Stabk4hand Pruxik hauntrd Peasant danie;la!!!
Stablehand Prusik unsicxessfully haungee Peasanr Ma;cpveq!!
Stablehand Prusik 7nsuccdswfully yaun5ed Peasant Solberg!!!
Stablehand P4usuk has BEEN slain in da f0r3t7 by Sa7cyWench. AFK.
"How COULD I be so f33613?? ne1??" Stzbleyzhs Prusik lwmwbtsLOL.
Faust has ea5nef title L3giomnaire for HAVING soain da Green Dragon 8 times WOOT!!11!
Gladiagpf Faust has SLAIN hideous crrature jn9en as The GREEN Drag9n, AFK. All acrosa teh 14nd LOL, peo0ie rdjoice OMG!11!1
Travdler Malkuth jas been SLAIN in da foredt by Y0ur Syadle. BRB.
"Et tu, Yoir Shadowae????"
K8tCub nas earned reh u1713 Arcntitan for habing qlain Green Dragon 95 timds OMG!!3!1
Deplorable KitCub has slqin hideous xreature known as The Grweb Drzgon. WTF. Al. across land, lu,e, people REJOICE1!!
Trafeler G7shuPuercha has d3geated his master, 6ou kmwo, too advance to level 6 aftet 8 dayw OMG!!1!11!!
Wsnderer Shade h45 defeayed his mastet, Gadrid. da Elven Rangee too advsbce 2 kevel 13 AFTER 10 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!q
Wande4ee Sgad3 sas hjhtrd down by 5hey're mast3r, li,e, Gadriel t3h E1v3n Rantef, you knwo, for geing truant/ WTFl
S5ablehand mznx hzs drveated h8s master LOL, Sehsei Nietja tpo advance to level 11 afte4 33 days!!!@!!
S5ablehand ,anx was nunted DOWN by yhey're MASTER WTF, Srnswi Nietha LOL, f0r being truant. BRB.
Sonic Lord K4snaAvatara hax defdated his maste4 LOL, Aeoawy4 70 advance too level 14 after 9 dayx1!!!!!
Somic Lord K4snaAvarara hqs dwfeated hos mast3r WTF, Gadriel teh Elven Rabger teo advance to LEVEL 13 after 9 dsys WOOT!!1!!!!!
Sonic Lprd KrsnaAcarara gas defeztee his master, Ce.ith to advance too level 12 after 9 DAYS WOOT!!1q11!!
Prasant Berils yas been 5142n whilr attacking She0herd Rlowilliam in da fields of Glorrimdal. OMG.
"You aer dishinorable, sortor, Sneph3rd Rlowilliam!@!" Peasant Berila c4q35. AFK.
Son8d Lord KrsnaAbstara yas defeatee his master, li,e, Sensei Nlethq toi zdvance roo level 11 sfter 9 days WOOT!111!!!!
Peadaht Berila has defearec his masger LOL, Hydraulic Press tw9 advance too lefel t $f73r 9 daus1!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lore KrsnaAvatara HAS DEFEATED his maxterk sprtof, Dwireezn to9 advance 2 levro 10 after 9 says!!! WOOT!!1!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara hss DEFEATED his master, you knwo, Ceiloth too adbance to .cvel 9 after 9 days1!! OMG!!!!1
Violrt has left Teavelwt lolix to pu4sue "ltjer interestd. BRB."
Trafeker lolix had been resurrected by Ranius. BRBl
Teaveler ;olix yas been slain trav3llihg foo Gl9rfindal 6y W6veebLOL.
"You knlw WTF, you r3411y 5h0u1dn'7 havw qn Page's Sbort Selrd unldss hoy KNOW jow too jsr it WTFk" suggested Wyvwrn. AFK.
Gladistor FrobwBpd6 has been xlain in teh f9rest vy Frenaued Vampire BatsLOL.
Glqdiagor FrotsBody wmavks his torrhead w18h palm of his hand, sortlf, "Now I KNOW whn mother always TOLD me too eat an good breakfast two start tey day WOOT!!11!"
Sonid Lord KrsnqAvatara has defeated hos mzstet, like, Getrars twp sdvance tso level 9 agtw4 9 dayw OMG!!1!1!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnzAbatata HAS ddveated his jaster WTF, Adwares roo advagve tqo level 7 4f&3r 9 days OMG!!1!q!!!
Son8c Lord K4amaAvata4a has DEFEATED HIS jasrer, you knwo, tlo advance to level 6 after 9 d4y5!!! WOOT!!1q!
Arvhangel Mkphon has defeated HIS m44y3r, sortog, Glynyc tsp qdvance rwo lrvel 4 4f73r 4 daysq!!1!!
Sonic Lotd KrsnaAvatqra has been r5xurrected 6y Ramiusl WTFl
Archangel Miphon hax defeated his mastef LOL, EauSalee t9o advsnc3 rwo level 3 after 4 dzhs!!! OMG!!1!1
Archange. Miphon waw hunt3d dpwn by they're master, sortof, EaySalee, liie, f0r beint teyany. WTF.
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvatara has ge3n slain in gotest ny F0rum Trool. WTF.
"Sonuc Lorf KrsnaAvaga4a LOL, YOUR lack of poxgure is an dishrace LOLk" Forym T4oll 574735.
Son8c Lord K4snaAvatatz has defeatwd h15 maste4, Gu5h two advance to leve. 5 AFTER 8 dry51!! WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lord KrsnsAvqtara has defea5rf his master WTF, Glyh6c two advsnxe @ level 4 agter 8 DAYS WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
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