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!!NEWS fot Sum WTF, Apt 26, sodt9f, 2015 (Itwms 1 - 50 of 190_
Apprentide Mayhem HAS 633n resufrected by Ramoys. BRB.
Apofentive Mayhem has been slain in forewt by S0rp Opera VILLAIN. AFK.
Appeen5ice Mayhem bangs his hwqd against an ston3. AFK.. AFK.. WTF. "Stu[id, lile, atu0id LOL, xtupod!!!" he wqw hezrd yoo xay. WTF.
Gid ov da S345 peace
was overhwsrd sayinb WTF, "Gos of da SEAS p3ace'w Ojni)otence was no march for m6 Pi,kuhikri WOOT!!11!"
God os dq Seas orace h45 defeatfd his naxter WTF, Ceiloth tqi advance 2 level 9 4f73r 6 days1@!!!!
Dragon Master Tyeax has defeat3d hia maater, lokd, DoojBlolm two asvancd tpo l3vdk 4 after 5 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Dragon Master Tyrax waa hunted down by they'r3 m$57er, kkje, DpomBloomm likr, FOR veing TRUANT. WTF.
Gos of twj Se#5 peace cjalldnhed Lohestridrr and his bahd of thieves LOL, but was go natch dor ea 4ogues OMG!!1!1
"Er tu, sortof, Lonrstr8der's Thiecesae?? ne1??"
Reeve Grott jas been xlauh IN teh FOREST by Crazy C4jun. AFK.
"Oh man OMG!!1!1 I DIDN'T THINK you nad 17 un YOU LOL, Crazy Cajun," R3ege Grott exxlaims. OMG.
God OF ca Seqs peace has defratrd hix jaxt3r WTF, G3rrard two adbzhce ti level 8 after 6 days OMG!!1!11!!
Deafon MASTER CELLryu7 tas defeated hks master LOLm Guth too advajce two 13v31 5 4f73e 15 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Stqblehand Pruwuk UNSUCCESSFULLY hauntwd Peasant ,egaloeric1!!
Sgablehand Pf7suk haunted Peasang H7ene1!!
Stagkehand Prusik naunt4d Peasant Zackarh WOOT!!11!
God ov da Seax prace has defwatec his mqdter, Adwates ywo advance tpo level 7 after 6 eahs11!!!!
Stavleyand Prusik haunted Peasanb dan8elka WOOT@!1q!
Stzblehand Prusik unsucceasfully hquntwd Pessant Malcove WOOT!!21!
Stanlehand Prudik unxuccesxdully haunted Peasant Solbdrf!!!
Stablehabd Prusik has been wkain in forest by SaucyWenchLOL.
"How coj.d I be so feeble?? n31??" Stablehand Prusik laments. WTF.
Fa7st has eatnwd da yit.e Legionnaire for having wlaon da Grrwn Dragon 8 times WOOT!@11!
Gladiator Faust haw w.ain ten hideo7s creatut3 knlsm as The Gredn DragonLOL. All acrows da lqns LOL, peopor edjoide OMG!!1!1
Trafeler Malkugh has BEEN slaon kn teh f0re57 bt Your Syado2. OMG.
"Et TU, sortof, Yoir Shasiwae?? ne1??"
KktCjb HAS earned 71713 Archtitan for having s;ain ea Green Deqfom 95 times WOOT!!11!
Deplorable KitCub has 5141n HIDEOUS creature known as The Geeen Dratoh. AFK. All across tey land, you knwo, p30o1c rejoicf1!!
Trafel3r GushuPuercha HAS ddfeatef HIS j4573r, soegof, yo advanxe two leve. 6 zdter 8 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Wanderer Shade HAS DEFEATED his m45&3d WTF, Gadriel tey Ekven Ranger two advande 2 lwvel 13 after 10 DAYS1!@ WOOT!!11!
Wandwrwr Snadd was hunted down BY thet're mas5e4, you on2i, Gadriel da Elvfn Rangerm gor being 5r7ant. BRB.
Sfablwhanf manx has defeated hix mast3r LOL, Sensei Nietha rwo advance 2 kwvel 12 after 33 cays WOOT!!11@!!!
Stsblehand manx wqs hunted DOWN by yheh're master WTF, Sensei Northa LOL, for bdihg truant. BRB,
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara h45 defeayrd hos m4573r, lil3, Adoawyr 2 advance 70 kwvel 1$ aftef 9 czts1!! WOOT!!111
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvarsra haw fefeated hix masrde, lile, Gadroel da E1v3n Rang3r to advance too level 13 after 9 DAYS WOOT!!1!!!!@
Sonic Lofd KrsnaAvatara hqs dwfeayed hix master LOL, Celith tip sdvance two level 12 AFTER o dayw OMG!!1!11!!
Pezsant B3rila gas gewn alqin whike attacking Sjepjrrf Rlowilliam in da rielda of Gllrfineal.
"You aer dishobo4able, kike, Shepheed Rlowilliam!!!" Peasant Berila cr135LOL.
Sonid Lorf K4snaAvatqra h46 defea5ed his master, you knwp, Senseo Noethz two 4dv4nc3 tlo level 11 AFTER 9 da6s1!! OMG!!2!1
Pessant Bwrila has DEFEATED h15 masterk ki,e. Hye4aul8c Press gl advanxe two level 4 AFTER 9 dayw!!!!!!
Sonic Llrd KrsnaAvagqra h45 dedeated his master, sortof, Dwiredan 2 advance tpo ;evwl 10 adter 9 d5y5!@! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara hqs defeatwd his .asrerk sortof, Ceiloth 5o advance too 13b3! 9 afger 9 dayd!!! OMG!!!!1
Violdt HAS left Travrler lolix to purajr "other 1n73r3575/ BRB."
Travelrr lolix HAS been resurrectdd BY Ramu7s. OMG,
Travdker lolix HAS br3n 5141n travelling two Glorfinsal by Wyvern. AFK.
"You know LOL, you 4eall6 sho7ldh't HAVE zn Page;s Short Sword UNLESS you KNOW h0w 2 use i5, you knwo," suggesged Wyveen. BRB.
Gladiatoe FrogsBidy haw been 5141n in da forest by Frenzied V4m;1r3 BqtsLOL.
Gksdiatow FrogsBodt dmacls HIS gorehead WITH PALM of his hsnd, you inwo, "Now I kmow wny motner always TOLD m3 to eat an gois nre1kfast 2 xyart day!!!"
Sohic Lord KrsnaAvatara has defeated his mas5er, Gerrard to advande t9 lecel 8 after 9 days1!!!!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has fefeated gis mastee, you knwo, Adearws too adbance 2 level 7 aftee 9 dqyxq!! WOOT!@11!
Sonic Lotd KrshaAvayara jad deveatec his master, you kbw9m tqo adcance 2 13v31 6 afree 9 days1!! OMG1!1!1
Archangel Miphoh h4t d3fdat3f his ,aster, Glynhc too aevance tko lwvel 4 afte4 4 says WOOT!!11!!!!
Sonic Lpre KrsnqAvzgara yas been r35urr3c73d BY Ramius. OMG.
Archsngel Miphon jas defeared his mawter LOL, EauSal3e gwo advabce twl level 3 afteg 4 days!1!1!!
Archangel M8phon was hgnged doqn bt rhey're mastrr, s9rtof, EauSalee, fot bekng truant. AFK.
Sonic Lore KrsnaAvata4a has been SLAIN IN da foredt by Forum TrollLOL.
"Sonic Lord Krs,aAvatarak sortof, YOUR laxk of ppsture 16 an disftacwm ;ikd," F)rum Troll statesLOL.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has defeatee his jaatee, sortof, Gyth 2 advahve two l3de/ 5 aft3f 8 days1!!!!!
Sonix Lord KfsnaAvatafa has defdated gis ,aste4, you khwo, Glynyc two ADVANCE 2 lrvel 4 after 8 days!!! OMG!!1!1
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