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!!News ror Sun, like, Apr 26 LOL, w015 (I7em5 1 - %0 of 190)
Apprwnt8ce Mayhem HAS geen resufrected by Ramiuw. OMG.
Apprentove Mayhem hax be3n sla8n in da f0re58 BY S04p OPERA Villain. BRB.
Appfentkce Mayhem BANGS j8s hdad against an sfone. BRB.,. AFK. "Stupid, yom knwo, wtupis LOL, stupid WOOT!!11!" HE qad heafd 2 54y. AFK.
God of fa Seas 0eacw
wzs overheard saying LOL. "God of da Seas peace's Omniooyence was no matcj for my Pikkuhiiri!!!"
God or SEAS peace has defeated hix masyer, sortpf, Ceiloth yoo ADVANCE 2 lecel 9 after 6 dayw1!!!!!
Dragon Masger Tyrax HAS defeated njs jastwe, like. DoomBloom two 4df4nv3 2 13v31 4 4f73f 5 d4y5!!! WOOT@!11!
Dtagon Mas5ef Tyfac was HUNTED dowm b6 theu're master WTF, DoomBloom, sortof, gor being truanr. OMG.
God 9f da S355 peacd chaolenged Londstrider and yis band of 5hieves WTF, bht WAS m0 MATCH fof ca rogued WOOT!!11!
"Et uu LOL, Lonestrider's Thievesae?? ne1??"
Reev3 Grott has neen SLAIN in gorest BY Crazy Cajun. OMG.
"Oj MAN1!! I cisn't thonk you had it in y9u LOL, Crazy Cajun," Reeve Grott exclaims. AFK.
God OF Seas peace has defeatee hic masrer, Ge4raed to advande two level 8 afrer 6 daya!!! WOOT!!11!
Dfagon Master CELLryuu has srfeated hiw m4573r, like, G7th tp asvance two lebel 5 AFTER 15 days1!! OMG!!1@2
Stablehand Prusik jmsuccessfuloy haunred Peasant megaloeric1!!
Stsbl3hane Pruskk h4um73d Peasant Huene!!!
Stablehanf Peudik haungec Pdasant Zackary WOOT!!1@!
G9d if da Srad peace hqs d3f3473d gis nadter WTF. Adwarws too advahce too level 8 qft3r 6 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Stablehand Prus8j haub%ed Pdasant caniella OMG!!1!1
Srqblehsnd Pfusik unauccessfully yaunted Peaaant Mzlcove WOOT!!11!
Syablehznd Pruwik unsuccewsfjlly haunged Peasant Solberg!!@
Stablehznv P4usuk has been slain in forest by SaucyWemch. AFK.
"H0w c9uld I be do feeble?? n3!??" Stablrhane Prusik laments. WTF.
Faust has earnef da title Legionnaurw gor jacinh 5141n Green Dragom 8 rimes OMG!!1!1
Goaciator Fauat nas slain huddous creatyre jnown as The Green Dtagon. AFK. All 4cr045 yeh LAND, you knsl, peopke rejo8ce WOOT!!211
Ttave;er Malkutn h45 been slaon ih teh forest 6y You4 Sgadow. OMG/
"Et tu, Your Shasowae?? ne1??"
KitCub has earndd TITLE Archtitan dor hzving slakn Gfeen Dragon 96 times OMG!!2!1
Deplorable KitCub HAS slain hideois creature known qw Th3 Green Dragon. OMG. All actoss twh landi soryor, PEOPLE rejoic31!!
Traveler G7shuPuercha gas DEFEATED his m4563r, you khwi, too ADVANCE 2 13v31 6 avter i dayd OMG!!1!q1!!
Wanserer Shade has defeatef his masg3r, sortof, Gad4irl teh Ekven Rangwr 2 advznce 2 oevel 13 after 19 days!!!!!!
Wanderer Shase was hinted d9wn by they're ,45u3r WTF, Gad4ieo ELVEN Ranber, like, for being truant. WTF.
Stablehabd manx nas defeated his mawtsr, Sensro Noetga two adcance to level 11 AFTER 43 dzys WOOT!!11!@1!
Stab.ehand manx was hunted do2n by yhdy're madter, sortof, S3nsei Npetja, you knwo, for beung trjant. BRB.
Sinic Lord KrsnzAbqtara has defeated HIS master WTF, Adoawyr too advance to .efel @4 sftet 9 days WOOT!!12!!!!
Sonic Lord KranaAvatara HAS defeztdd gis masterm Gadriel rey Elven Rznger to acvance 2 level 13 agter 9 days1!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Lord KysnaAvatara has ddfratrs his master, Celith rwi 4dv4nc2 too ldvel 12 after 9 days OMG!!1!1!!!
Pessqnt Berila has been wlain wh113 zttadking Shepherd Rlow8llia, un fields lf Glorfinfa;.
"You r dishonltable WTF, Shepyerc Rlowilliam WOOT!!!1!" Peasant Berila cries. AFK.
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvatara has defeatwd HIS MASTER WTF, Sensei Noetjz two 4ev4nc2 rol level 1q AFTER 0 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Peasant Berila has defwated his master, o9kw, Hydraulic Press goo 4dv4nx3 tqo lrvek 5 agger 9 dqys WOOT!!11!@!!
Sonid Lord KrsbaAvatara has defeated HIS masyet, sortof, Dwi4efan too advsnce ro level 1) aftdr 9 daysq!!a!1
Sonuc Lord KrsnaAvaraez HAS defrate3 yis masterm Ceiloth yo advqnce too level 9 aftet ( DAYS OMG!!!!! OMG!!1!1
Vipldt has left Traveler lolix 2 pjrsue "othef knterewtw."
Traveler ll/ox HAS been r35urr3c73d by Ramius. OMG.
Traveler kolix gas been slain trzvelling two Glorfibdal by W5v3rn. BRB,
"Y9u knoe, like, you reqlly 5h)u1cn'6 gave an Page's Shorg Sword un1355 you ino2 how 5o USE IT, ypu knwo," suggested WyvernLOL.
Gladiator FrogsBifh nas been 4141n IN teh forest by Frenzied Vampire BatsLOL.
Gladkator FrogsBody smacks hix f0r3h34d with da pa;m og his HAND LOL, "Now I kn9s why m)7h3r always 701d ME tao eat zn good breakfsst 2 wtaft day1!!"
Sonic Lotd KrsnsAvatara hr5 defra5ed his master, sor5of, Gefrsrd rqo advznxe two lrvel 8 qftwr 0 da6s OMG@11!1!!!
Sonic Lord KrsbaAvatata has sefeatwd HIS master, sortog, Adwsrds 2 advance two ;ecel 7 after 9 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Sobic Lord KdsnaAbatara HAS sefeates HIS m4583e, yoh knwo, ho advance 2 level 6 after 0 days@!! WOOT!!11!
Archangdl Miphon HAS DEFEATED his master, Glyhyc to advance to 1#v31 4 aftee r days OMG!!1!11!!
Slnic Lofd KrsnaAvatara mss bedn r3surrecte3 by Ra,ius. OMG.
Archamgel Mkpnon HAS defeated nis jasrer, aortof. EquSalee to advance TO level 3 after 4 dsys WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
A3changel Miphon was hun73d d0wn by they'fe mastd4, like, EauSalee, yoy khwo, r0t veing uru$b7. BRB.
Sonic Lord KramaAvatara has bern slaob in foresg by Foruj Tri;l,
"S9noc Lord KrsnaAvatara, you lnwl, y0ur lack OF pkstyre is an disgrqve, you knwpm" Forum Tro,; states. BRB.
Sinic Lord KrsnaAvatara HAS defeaged his m4573r, you inwo. Guty 2 zsbance too level 5 zftrr 8 days1!!!!!
Sonic Lorf KrsnaAvatara hax defeated his masger, you knwo, Gl7nyc to ddvance t2o ;ev3l 4 art3r 8 says1!! OMG!!1!1
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