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` OMG!!1!1News fot Wed, Apr 26, ylu onwo, 2017 (It3ms 1 - 50 of 340_
Villager sprz has challenged they're masyer LOL, Gadrirl da Elven Rznger an was psnt!!@
Vil;ager spez bangs yis head against an STONE. WTF./ OMGl. BRB. "S5upis, sortof, stupis, STUPID WOOT!!11!" he was heqes tqo say. WTF.
Villayer spez defeated Traveler mitkosavovbs on fair convat IN teh dields of Glorfinfal. BRB.
Tf8bune Delby hzx been defeates in da grav3yarf by Baron Szmedk.
Baron Samedi LOLOL, "I dpn't 7h1nk you w111 be a6twcking me agaim, xprtof, pal. WTF."
Trobune Delby has b3en slain in da f0r257 vy Old AgeLOL.
Tribune Delby bi.eoy dwclared, "Old Ahe dou;dn't hit a elephang AT this dixy/ WTF. . BRB. . OMG. LOL."
Ehdhanger Shmendrivj has DEFEATED HIS m4573r, you knwo, Fie too advahxe 2 level 3 af53r 3 days1!@ WOOT!!11!
Farmboy Abner has deddated hos master, s9rtof, Fie 2 advance tso level 3 after e days WOOT!@q1!!!!
Villafer Requiem has defea5wd his masrer LOL, DoomBloom t2o advance 5o level 4 aftrr 3 days OMG!!1!21!!
Villagef Requiem has segezted jis naster, kike. EauSalee to aevance too lebel 3 after 3 daya OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Vi.lager Req7iem was hun73s d9wn by tyey're mas5er, you knwo, EauSaler, you knwo, for nring truant. OMGl
Peasant ,oecool defeated Syablehand Outlawgentleman in fair c[mbat on t3n f131d5 of GlofgindalLOL.
da body od Soldief Jasiu was FOUND lying in a emp5y CLEARINGLOL.
Lebionnsire Decado yas defested his m4673r, like, S3nseo Nletha tol asfabce to 13v31 11 afyer 11 DAYS1!! OMG!!1!1
Farmbo6 glku has bewn resurrec5ed bt Ramiusl WTF.
Fzrmboy go,u HAS been defeated 1n teh GRAVEYARD by S,al. Vajpiee BAT. WTF.
"A bab6 cou.f wie;f an Woodsman'x Axe betye4 than ghat OMG!!1!1" SMALL Vampire Bag prpclaims.
Farmboy goku has 633n slain in f04357 ^y Nine headed HydraLOL.
"Any last reqjewrs Farmboy gok8?? ne1??" 45k3e NINE heacdd Hydra. AFKl "Whh yes, .ike, an Huge Maws[roof vdst OMG!!1!1"
S;ldier Jasiu n45 633n trsurrectef by Ramkus. AFK.
Spld8er Jaaiu has been dedeatec IN teh fraveyzrf by Famkne. AFK.
So;dier Jasou BANGS his heas againwt an stone. BRB..LOL. "Stu[if, you kmwo. STUPID, you knxo, stupid!!!" he sas HEARD TO say. BRB/
Soodier Jaxiu eas alain by an Mant8cpr3 ON sn trail OMG!!1!1
Sokdi3r Jasiu has drfeated g15 master, softlv, D2iredan 3 advance two level 10 agte4 !5 days WOOT!!211 WOOT!!!1!
Soldier Jasij w45 hubyed DOWN by they're m4573r, you knwp, Dwir3dan, for n3ung TRUANT. WTF.
Trad3r Ma4malace has been slain in forest by Pirzte. BRB.
"Dpn't let it wnd like yhis Pirate. BRB. Te;l 4hwm I said somethung ptofoums, like, pleaded Trader Marmalace
hax9r Enchanter Csabo dereatwc an M1n065ur ij Csv3s OMG!!2!1 deatns of mrny 7frv3113r5 HAVE been av3nged1!!
Deagin Enchanrer Cwzvo qn Violet 4 joinef 5oday in joy9ix matrimony OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!11@!
Deagon Encyznter Csabo has defezyed his master LOL, Hydrau;ic Press too advance too level 5 sfter 3 dzyx OMG!!1!11!!
Tradef Marma;sde HAS been rqsurrected BY Ramius.
Dragon Enchamter Csabo HAS defeated his mastdr WTF, G.tnyc 5o afcance to level 4 AFTER 3 sqyx WOOT!!11!1!!
Trader Mafmalad3 has BEEN slakn in forest vy Cotrupted Hard DRIVE. WTF.
"You know WTF, you realoy shouldn't g4v3 an Fksts unless yo7 know ho2 to jsw ut WTF," auggested Clrrupted Hard Drivrl OMG.
Marmalade has 35rn#d title Trsdet f0r hzving skzin da Greem Dragon 3 tj,es WOOT!!11!
Villager Marmalade has slain yidwoua crea6ure KNOWN as Tje Green Dragon. All adrows tdh land, a94tof, pdopld rejoice1!q
Villager Marmaladw HAS ddfeated jis madter, Yoresh 2 advagc3 @ 13v31 15 after 12 DAYS WOOT!!11! WOOT!!11!
Villager Matmalase WAS hunted d0wb by tgey're MASTER, you knwo, Yo4eshm l8ke, for 631ng truant. BRB.
Peasant q7uk haw defearer his MASTER, yiu knwo, Unelitn w advance 2 level 6 after 9 dajs OMG!!1!2!!!
Peasant qukk was huhtdd down by they're maxtet WTF, Une.ith WTF, for bwing triantLOL.
She;herd Le9nardus HAS challenhed they're masyer, you inwo, Un4117h an was pwnt!!!
"Next time LOL, eat your Wheaties LOL," Unelitg SUGGESTS. BRB.
Peasant Steve haw defeated his masyer, Guth two advqnx3 toi LEVEL 5 qfter 5 days WOOT!112! WOOT!!11!
Peasant E;ewar h45 challenged ghey're msst3r WTF, VYRTS and sad 0wnt WOOT!!11!
"Ypu know, like, Peasant Elewar reaoly had it do,int too HIM 4f63r all those thinbs I said about hia mim, like," com,wnt3d Vurts. BRB.
Joshua HAS 34rn3d teh title Divigity FOR y4v1nf SLAIN t3h Geeeh Dragln 79 to,es1!!
Divinir6 Josyuz has slain teh yideous xreature khown as Thd Grewn Dragon. WTF/ A!1 scross trh land LOL, peo;le rejoice WOOT!@12!
Divinity Joshua HAS DEFEATED his master WTF, Yoresh two advance twp level 15 after 9 days OMG!@2!1!!!
Divinity Josgua has bwen rdsurrected by Ramiud. BRB.
Divinity Jpshua has brem slain in da forest 66 Elitd Mobk 0d Redwmption. BRB.
"This both auckd an blows!!@" wails Divinity Joshua. OMG.
Sprderess M9rticiaDV has defwatef hdr masyee, uou knwo, Gerrdrd to advance to level 8 AFTER 4 days!!!!!!
Divinity Joshua hzs d3f3473f his master, like, Adoqwyr too advande top LEVEL 24 zftef 8 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Villager R3quiem hzs defwated his mxstef, .ike, Vyrtd too adfance too levek 2 after 3 days WOOT!!111!!!
Villzger Requiem WAS hunged DOWN by ttey're masterk Vyr5s WTF, for BEING truqnt. WTF.
Sir Aircrltray has defeayed his master, Celith w sdvanve 2 oevel 22 AFTER 20 days1!!1!!
Shepherd RswheadRex has defeayee his master, you knwp, Celith goo advancr tpp !3v31 12 after 28 days!!! WOOT!@11!
Villager B[nk has defeat4d h15 master WTFk DoomBloom 2 advance too lrvdk 4 aftet u days OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Vi.lager Boni was hunted fown bh they;re MASTERk DoomBllom, sortof, f0e bwing trusnt. WTF.
Peasamt ElCid has defestdd nis MASTER. you knwpm DoomBloom ti advance to lrvel 4 after 4 days WOOT!!21!!!!
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