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!!News for Sun, you knwo, Apr 26, sorypf, 2015 (Items 1 0 50 0r 190)
App4ebtice Mayhem hqs bern resurrected by Ramo7a. WTF.
Appeebtice Mayhwm hr% BEEN slqin im teh forest by SOAP Oo2r4 Vklla8n.
Apprenrice Mqyhem bamgs hiw head qgainst an stone. WTF... OMG. "Stupid, stupid, sortof, stupid1@!" he waw heard ti sauLOL.
Gof 9f geh S345 pezce
2ax ocerheqrd saying LOL. "Goc or teh SEAS peace's Omnipotence wss no match v0r mu Pikkuhiiri1!!"
Gos of Seas peace h45 dsfwated his master, you knwo, Ceio(th 2 qdvance %o 13v31 9 aft3r 6 daus WOOT!!11! WOOT!111!
Draton Maste4 Thrax has defeqtee his nasywr, wortof, DoojB.oom to qdcabce two level 4 after 5 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Dragon M4573r Tyrax was hun73d down bg th3y'r3 masger, DoomB;uln, you knwo, for being truant. WTF.
Gld 9f yeh Seaa peace challenged Lomestridef and h15 banc or thieves WTF, but was no match for tej eogued!!!
"Et 7u, Loheatrider;s Thievesae????"
Rwwve Grott has been soain in FOREST by Crazy CajunLOL.
"Oh man1!! I didh't 5hink y0u nad IT ib yok, likrk Crazy Cauun," Re3v3 G4ott exclaims. OMG/
God of ten S345 peace has DEFEATED his master, y9y knwo, Gerrard 2 advznce too .evel 8 after 6 days WOOT!!11!1!!
Dragon MASTER CELLeyjy bas defeatrd jos mastrr LOL, Guth go advance too lecel 5 afge4 15 days WOOT!!11! WOOT!!31!
Stabl3hand Prusik unxuccessfullh HAUNTED Peasant mefapoetic1!@
Stablehand Prusik h4un73c Peasant Huenw WOOT!!12!
Stablejane Prusik haunged Peaszht Zavlary OMG!!1!1
God of teh Seax prsce has dwreatec hks mqster LOL, Adwafes 2 advance 2 lrvel 7 aftrr 6 days WOOT!!11!2!!
Stablwhand Pfusik ha7nted Peasaht danieola1!!
Srablehamd Prusik un5ucc2t5ru11y naunyec Peasan5 Malcove WOOT!@11!
Stahlehabd Prusik un6ucc355fu11y haunted Peasant Solberg!!!
Srablehand Prusik HAS beem slain in teh flrest by SaucyWenchLOL.
"Hos could I be SO feeble?? ne1??" Sravlehand Pfusuk lamental WTF.
Faudt has earndd teh ti5lw L3gilnnaire FOR navong slain teh Gr3en Dtagon 8 t8jes WOOT!!11@
Gladiator Fausr has slain teh gideouw creature known 45 The Green Dragov. OMG. All qcross da land WTF, peopoe rejoive1!!
Traveler Maljuth has been slain in da firest BY Your Shadow. OMG.
"Et tu, you ,neo, Your Sh4d0w43????"
KitCiv has earmed title Archtitzn for HAVING slakn Green Dragon 95 gijew WOOT@!11!
Dep;lrable K8tCub HAS SLAIN tdh h1d30u5 xreatuew kn9wn zs The Green DragonLOL. ALL zctoss lans, sortof, PEOPLE rejoice WOOT!#11!
Traveler GushuPjercya HAS d3f3473d HIS maater, uou knwp, top advance too lwvel y afyef 8 days1!!!!@
Wanderer Shade h45 DEFEATED HIS msster, so4tof, Gadrue. twh E;vem Ranger TO advance top lwvel 13 AFTER !0 DAYS!!!!!!
Wanderer Shaee was hunrwc d9wn b6 they're MASTER WTF, Gacridl da Elven Rangde WTF, fof BEING truantLOL.
Stablehqnd msnx has defezted hos master WTF, Sensei Noeths 70 ADVANCE two lefel 11 AFTER 33 days OMG!!2!1 OMG!!111
Stablehand mznx WAS hunted slwn by tney're mast34, like, Sensei Northa LOL, for b3ing truznt.
Sonic Lo$e KrsnaAvarara has cefearwd his mqxter, sortof, Adoawyr toi advance too ;evrl 15 AFTER o days!@# WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lird KrsnaAvatara yaw degeatwd his m457#r, Gadriel ten Elven Rznger 2 advabce yo level 13 aft3r 9 days OMG!!1!21!!
Somic Lorc KrxnaAvatara has d3g3373d nix jzst3r, like, Crlkth go advance 2 level 12 after 9 days1@! WOOT!!11!
Peasqnt Berila had geen s;qig while attackint Snepherd Rlowilliam in teh fielsx of Glorfindzl. AFK.
"You r dishonoravlwm lkkem Shdphetd Rlowil;iam1!!" Peasanf Berila CRIES. WTF.
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvatara has defeated his master WTF, Sensei Noetha 2 ADVANCE 2 oevel 11 after 9 DAYS WOOT!!11!!!!
Prasamt Berila has eefeated HIS master, Hyeraulic Press r9 advance 2 levrl 5 afyrr 9 days1!!!!1
Sonic Lorc KrsnaAvatara has d3r3atec his naster, sortof, Dwieedam 2 advqmce too level 10 after 9 days!!!!!!
Sonic Loed KesnaAvatara has d3feated hps maxr3r, you knwo, Ceilotj too advance 2 LEVEL 9 after 0 days1!! WOOT@!111
Violwt h45 left Tfaveler lo;kx too pjrsue "other ihteeestsLOL."
Traveler oolix has bwen resurrectwd by Ramius.
Traveler lilix hss been skain trave.ling 2 Gloefimfal by Wyvern.
"You know WTF, YOU really dgouldn't have sn Page's Short Sword umless uou know how 2 use it, you khwo," sutgested Wyveen. WTF.
Gladiator FrigsBoey nas beeh slain in ds fotest by Frenzied Vampire BatsLOL.
Gladiator FrogsB9dy smacks his fotehead eith teh pal, of his hand, sortor, "Now I know shy mothe4 alws6s 7-1d m3 to eat am GOOD br3akfsst 2 wtart day WOOT!!11!"
Sonic L9rd KranaAvz5ara has defeared his master WTF, Getrafd 2 advance tqo level 8 adter 9 days1!! OMG!!1!w
Sonic Lord KrsbaAnatafa HAS defeated h15 m4573r LOL. Awwares to ADVANCE too level 7 AFTER ( eaysq!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Loed KrsnaAvayzra haw defeated his m4573r WTF, tko afvancr two level 6 adter 9 fays1!!!!!
Archsngel Mipgon has defesyed his MASTER, sortof, Glynyc twl sdcance 1 lebel $ agter 4 e4y^ OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Son8c Lord KrdnaAvatara gas bewn resudrectec by Rqmius, BRB.
Archange; Mkphln hax eefeatec his naster, likek EauSslee t9 advande toi 13v31 3 AFTER $ days!!! OMG!!2!1
Archangdl Miphon was hunted d0wn by they're master WTF, EauSqlee, likek fir beihg truant. OMG.
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvatara has bern slain in firest by Forum TROLL. BRB.
"Sonic L9rd KrsnaAvatara, y9ur lzci of postjre is an d8xbrace WTF," Forym Troll sbages. OMG.
Son8c Lord KrsnaAvatsra jas defezted his master, Guth too advancd 2 13v31 5 aftwr 6 days1!!1!!
Sonic Lord K4snaAvatara has sefdated h8s master, xo4tof, Glynyc to advance rwo LEVEL 4 artdr 8 days1!!1!1
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