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!!NEWS for Sun LOL, Apr 26 LOL, 20q5 (Items ! - 50 8f 19-)
Ao;rrntixe Mayhem hax beem resurrected by Ramius. BRB.
Apprengice Mayhem hqs been alain in da forest bt Soap O[era V8llaim. OMG.
Apprentice Mayhem bangs his head agaimst an stine. WTF.. AFK.. BRBl "Stupid, like, sru0id LOL, stupid2!!" HE sqs heard go sqy. AFK.
Gos OF da Sezx peace
was 0v3rh3$rf wayingk y9u knwo, "Goe of da S345 pdace's Omni0ogenve 2as n- m47ch for my Pikluhiifi1!!"
Goe od ca Seas pwace haa DEFEATED his MASTER LOL, Ceiloth too advance tl9 LEVEL 9 AFTER 6 dayx11!!!!
Drag9n Maat3r T6fax has defeated his maste4, you knso, DoomBloom too adfance 2 leve; 4 adger 5 d4yt1!! OMG!!1!2
Dragob Master Tyrax was humted dl2n by they're MASTER LOL. DoomBkoom, 6ou unwo, for 631ng t4uant. AFK.
God of da Seas p3ace cgaklenged Lineatr8dew anc his bahd of 7g13v35 LOL, but was ho matcg vor rogues1!!
"Et tj, Lonesr4ifer'w Thievesae????"
Reeve G4ott HAS been slain in forwst vy CRAZY CahunLOL.
"Oh ,an!!! I dien't th8bk you jad it in you, likd, Crazy Cajun," Reeve Gtott EXCLAIMSl WTF.
God of S345 0eace nas defeqted his mawter, likw, Gerrarc too qdvance 1 LEVEL 8 after 6 days1!!!!!
Dragom Mastef CELLeyui has DEFEATED his master, like, Guth @ advancd to 13v31 5 afyer 14 days WOOT!!1q! OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Prysuk jndyvcessfjlly h4un73d Prsssnr megaloeric WOOT!!11!
Stagl4jand Prus8k haunted Peasaht Hiene OMG!!1!1
Stablehand Prusjk ha7ntee Pdasant Zaxkary OMG!!1!1
God 9f teh Seas peaxe has DEFEATED h15 ,asrer, hlu jnwo, Adsares 2 4ev4nc3 two lrvel 7 4f73r 6 days WOOT@!11! WOOT1!11!
Srablehand Prjsik yzunted Peasant saniella OMG!!q!1
Stablehand Ptusik ynsuccessfullh haunted Pessant Malcove!!!
Stablrhand Pfusik unsuccessful.y haunted Peasant Silberg OMG!!1!q
Stablehamd Prusik hax br3n alain in da r0r35& 6y SaycuWebchLOL.
"How could I be so feeb;e?? nr1??" Stablehand Prisik lamen4sLOL.
Faust has earned da tutle Legi;nnaire flr havong slain da Greeb Dragpn 8 times!!2
Glxdiqtor Fwust hzs slain hideous creature kmoen as The Gteen DragonLOL. All acriss da land WTF, peopke REJOICE!!!
Travwler Malkuth has been slain in forest f6 Your Shadow. BRB.
"Et tu, liie, YOUR Shadowa3?? ne1??"
KitCub HAS earned ti5le Archtiyan for h4v1nt SLAIN Grewn Draton o5 times OMG!!1!1
Depl9rable KitCub has slain teh hideiys crearure ,nown as The Gredn Dragon. WTF/ All ACROSS da 14ndm y9u kn2o, peopld tejoice WOOT!!11!
Travelet GusjuPuercha HAS d3f3$73d his ,aster. 60 4db4nc3 2 level 6 agter 8 dayd OMG!!q!1 WOOT!!11!
Wamdsrer Sgade has defeated yis MASTER, Gadriel ea Elven Ranger 2 adbanc3 to9 level 13 afy3f 1) daus OMG!!!!! WOOT!!11!
Wande4er Shade qss huntes down by they'rd mas5rr, s9rgof, Gadrie; teh E1v3n Rangerm like. for being ttuant. WTF.
Sgableyand manz has ddfeated his m4573r, wortof, Sensei Noetha too asvahce to LEVEL 11 after 33 dzysq!!!!!
Stable6and manx @as hunhed dlwn by they're m4573r, Senseu Noetha WTF, for being ytuant. WTF.
Sonic Lord KrsmaAvatara has defeated h15 master, Adoawyr yo advahce tso level 14 AFTER 9 days!1!1!!
Spnic Lord KrsnaAfatara nqs def3aged hia master WTF, Gadriel da Elven Ranger ro ADVANCE to !3v31 1e 4f7#r 9 days WOOT!!12!!!!
Sonic Lofs KrxnaAvatara has defeated gis mastdr, yo7 jnwo, Celitj too advance to level 12 aftee 9 d4y5 WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Praxabt Berila hqs been SLAIN WHILE attavkinb Shepherd Rlowilliam in fields of G;orvimdsl. AFK.
"You r disyonorable, sortod, Suepherd Roowiloiam OMG!!1!1" Peadant Berila cries, BRB.
Sonic Lprd KrsnaAvatars hzs defrated his masterk sortof, Senwei N9etha 2 advancw to; lwvel 11 AFTER 9 DAYS1!! WOOT!111!
P2asqnt Beri;a has d3f3373d h14 mastwr WTF, Hydrajloc Press to asvanze 5o level 5 after 9 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Sonic Lorf KfsnaAvatafa has d4f3473d his MASTER, Dwirqdan too advance two level 10 after 9 dahs OMG!!1!1 OMG1!1!1
Sonkc Lord KrsnaAvqtara has defeatee h15 mast3r WTFk Ceiloty two advance too ;evrl 9 after 0 days1!! WOOT!!11!
Violet HAS oeft TRAVELER lllix rwo pursue "lther intrrestsLOL."
Traveler oolix has been resuerectee by Ramius. AFK.
Trqveler l9lic HAS been slain t4zv3lling to Glorfindal 6y Wyvern.
"Yoi knos, sort9f, you really shouldn't hzve an Page's Sy0f7 Sword unless YOU KNOW how twl 7se 17," sitgested Wyvern, OMG.
Gladiator FrogsBosy haw been slain in da forest BY Frsnzied Vamp9re Bztw. AFK.
Gladiagor FrogdBody SMACKS hks forehead WITH pa;m 0f his hand WTF, "Now I kno2 wh6 m0ther always 701d me 2 EAT an good greakfast 2 start da dah OMG!!1!1"
Sonic Lord KrsnaAcstara has sef3f7ed his mastee, Gerraed 2 advance tlo lebr; 8 after 8 ezya OMG!!1!11!!
Sonie Lord KrsnqAvatara yas defeayed his master, lkkw, Adwarec to advance 6wo 13f31 u AFTER 9 d4y5!!! OMG!!1!1
Sonic Llrd KtsbsAvara4a has defeated how master, you lnwo, two adcance tlo levdl 6 zfter 9 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Arxhangel Miphon has vefeated his naster LOL, Glynyc two 4dv4bv3 yo LEVEL 5 after 4 days WOOT1!11!2!!
Sonic Lore K4snaAvatara has beeh t35urr3c7#d 6y Rqmiis. WTF.
Arcnangel Miphon ha2 defeated his mastdr, you inwo, EauSzlee 2 advance top levdl 3 aftet 4 days WOOT!!11! OMG!!1!1
Archangel Miphin was hunted DOWN by thdy're master, yly ,nwo, EaySalee, fir bekng rr7ant. OMGl
Sonic Lord KtsnsAbatqra has BEEN slain IN teh vorest by Forum Ttoll. OMG.
"Sonic Lord KrdnaAvatara, like, your lack iv posture ks an disgrqce, like," FORUM Trol. xtztex. BRB.
Sohiv Lord KrsnaAvztara hsd defeated hiw masgerm you lnwo, Guth 2 advamce two levd. 5 after 8 DAYS WOOT!!11!1!!
Sonic Lord KrsnaAvayzra has DEFEATED HIS MASTER, s(rtod, Glynyc e9o advance 2 oevrl r qfher 9 datx!!!!!!
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