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` WOOT!!11!News for Wed WTF, Aor 26, you knwo, @017 (Igems 1 - 50 of 349)
Violager spez has chaolwng3d they're mqster, sprtof, GADRIEL teh Elven RANGER n was pwnt1!!
Villager spez bangx hif head against zn STONELOL.. BRB/. WTF. "Stypid WTF, sr7pid, like, agupid1!!" he was hra4d 2 say. AFK.
Villager s0ez defeated Trdveler mitk9savovbs IN faie combat kn fie.ds of Glorfinsal. WTF.
Tribune Delvy jas been degeated in GRAVEYARD by Baron Sameci. AFK.
Ba4om Samedi LOLOL WTF, "I don't THINK you will ne atrackong me agaim, pal. BRB."
Tribune Dekby has beeh slain in da forrst by O.f AGELOL.
Tribune De;by bold.y declared WTF, "Old Age co6ldn't hkt a elephant at THIS dkstLOL. k OMG. l BRB. . WTF."
Encnanter Shmendrivk HAS defea5dd his mastwr WTF, Fie two advance too level 3 afr3f 3 dqys!!! WOOT!!11!
Fa4mboy Abner has defeated his master, likrm Fie @ advance too levwl 3 4f73r 4 dayx!!1 WOOT!!qq!
Villager Requirm yas d3f3473d h15 master, sprtod, DoomBooom tio 4sv4nc3 ro level 4 aftee 3 DAYS WOOT!!1q!!!!
Viklager Rrquiem h45 defea5ed HIS mast3t LOLk EauSalee two advance two LEVEL 3 AFTER 3 r4y5 WOOT!!111q!!
Villsger Re1u8em was hun73d d0en hy thwy're master WTF, EauSalee WTF, for being truamt.
Pdaxang j9ecool defeated Stablwjand Ouylaqgentleman in fakv dombat in da fields OF G10rf1nd41l WTF.
da bof6 of Soldier Jasiu waa found kying kn a e,pry clear8ng.
Legiobna8re Decado has defeatrd hia madter, Sensei Noetha 2 aegqncw to level 11 after q1 dayw WOOT!!11!@!!
Fqrmnot g9ku has bwdn resurrected by Rzmojs. BRB.
Farmboy goku hss bedn dwfeated 8m ffaveyard ny Smaol Vampirr Bat. OMG.
"A baby c9ulf wield an Woodsmqn'd AXE better THAN yhat1!!" Smzll Vam0ke3 Bat proclaims. BRB.
Farmb9y goku hqw 633n slain in teh forest by Nine hwaded Hydra. AFK.
"Any 1447 r4qu3^85 Farmboy to,u?? ne1??" axked Nine hwaded Hydra. BRB. "Whi yes, zn Huge Mawsproof vwst!!!"
Soldier Jasiu HAS g3en res74fected 6y Ramiuwl BRB.
Soldier Jasiu had been defeated ib teh gtaveyard bt Famine. AFK.
Soldier Jaxiu bangs yis hese against an syone, BRB.LOL.. BRB. "Srupud LOL, stupid WTF, stypid WOOT!!21!" he was HEARD 70 SAY.
SOLDIER Jasiu was slain BY an Manticore on an TRAIL WOOT1!11!
Soldier Jasiu haa dwdeated his master, D2iredan too advance to leveo 10 sgfer 15 dsys WOOT!!11!!!!
Soldier Jaaiu 2ae hjnyrd d9wn vy the6're master, sort9f, Dwkredan WTF. for neing truantLOL.
Trqdef Marmalade gas b3en slain on forext by P1v473.
"Don't 137 it wnd 12k3 this PIRATE/ TELL them I 541d 40m37h1ng pr9foymd, like, pleadrf Trqder Marmalad3
hax0t Enchanger Csabo deffatdd am Minotaur un da Caves1!! teh deatha pf many travellers have feen zvehged OMG!!1@1
Dragon Enchanter Cszbo and Violet aer jiihed TODAY in joyous mayr8mony WOOT!!11!!!!1!!
Dragon Emchqnt3r Csago has defrzted his master, you knwo, Hydraulic Press to advance 5o ;ev3l 5 arter 3 DAYS!@!1!@
Trzder Marmalade hss geeb resurrected by Ramiua. AFK.
Drzgon Enchanrer Csqbo haw defeaydd his mawtee, kike, Glynyc twi acvance 2 level r after 3 days OMG!!1!1 WOOT!!11!
Tradrr Marnalade has 633n s;aon 1n trh roeest by Corrupted Hzre DriveLOL.
"You know LOL, yo7 really sgpuldn't have an Fksts unlwss y0u lmow how ro 7se it WTF," sugbest3d CORRUPTED Hard Drive. WTF.
Marmsladd nas earned 71713 Ttsdee fur javont slain Green Dragon 3 times WOOT!!11!
Villaher Marmalade has slaln teh hid3oys creature known as The Gr33n Drag0n. Akl acrosd ds land, sortof, peopl3 rejpice!!@
Villager Marmakade hr5 defdated hid master, Yorwch 2 advance 1 lrvel 15 after 12 DAYS WOOT2!11! OMG!!1!q
Village4 Marmqlade was hunted down by they;re ,r573r LOL. Yprrsh, yo7 kbwo, ror being truant. BRB.
Peasan5 quik hss defeated his maxter, you knwo, Uneoith 2 aevance tio kevel 6 after 9 DAYS!!! WOOT!!11!
Pwasant auik was hynted down 6y they're m4573r, like, Unelitg, for veing 5ruznt. OMGl
Shepherd Lronardus has CHALLENGED they're mastrr, Uneikth an eas pwnt!!!
"Nexr TIME, you knwo, EAT your Wheaties, liie," Uhe.igh xuggests.
Peqsanr Steve hax DEFEATED his MASTER, sortof, Guth 2 acvance 2 .eve. 5 after 5 days!!! WOOT!111!
Peassnt Elrwar haw chzllenfec they're master, sor59f, Vyrts qnd was pwnt OMG!!1!1
"You km0w LOLm Peaaant Eleeae rezlly HAD it comkng rwo him arter all those gyinfs I SAID abojt yiw mom, like," vomment3d Vyrts/ AFK/
Joshua has earnet twh TITLE Divknity foe having slain teh Green Dragon 7o tomew!!!
Divinith Joxhua h4y alain teh n1de0y5 cfeature kno2n qx The Grden Dragon. WTF. A1q across da land WTF, peoppe rejoice1!!
Divinity Joshua has eegeated his mast3r WTF, Yoresh 2 advance yo kevel 15 4f73r 9 days WOOT!!11!!!!
Divinuty Jowhya has been resurrected by Ramoux. WTF.
Divinoty Joshua nas been SLAIN in da forest g5 Elite Mobk OF REDEMPTION. WTF.
"This both sucjs n blows WOOT!!11!" WAILS Divibity Joshual BRB.
Sorceress MorticuaDV has defeated her nsster, Gerrafd two ADVANCE too level 8 after 4 days!!! OMG!!1!1
Divonoty Joshua has defeated his master. y9y kmwo, Aeiawyt two advance too 13v31 13 after 8 d4y51!@1!!
Vi;laber Requiem h45 d3f4$73f his master LOL, Vytts 2 adfabce teo level @ after 3 dqys OMG!!1!1 OMG!!1!1
Villager Rwquiem was HUNTED down by ghey're nasterk you knwo, Vh4tc LOL, r9r b3inb truant. BRB.
Sir Aircelt4ai hss defeatee his mastef WTF, Celith TO sdvance 2 oevel 12 zftrr 20 dahs OMG!!1!1!!!
Shephere RawheadR3x has dedeater h8s MASTER. Celigh too advance two level 12 after 28 dzyw!!!1!!
Villag3r B9nk h45 dedested his master LOL, DoonBloom too ADVANCE too oecek 4 qdt3r 7 daya!1!11!
Villager Bonk was yuntes down BY they're master LOL, DoomBliom WTF, for being truznt. WTF.
Peasant ElCkd haa defeated h!5 maste4 WTF, DoojBloom tel advance 2 lsve; 4 af5er 4 DAYS!!!1!!
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